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Thread: Thanks

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    I find myself back on the TTLG forum, re-read some of the bigger, analytical threads on here and find myself...

    i) grinning
    ii) Staying up until 6am.

    Just wanted to make a formal thanks to anyone who posted here, and that people were willing to take Cassandra as seriously as we did made it all worthwhile. Cheers.

    Yeah, I'm a dirty hippy. You can all mock now.


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    Ahh Mr. KG, the man who claims to know everything about games! We all know how much you love Thief, and who can blame you?

    I'd love to waffle on about a certain magazine but this isn't the place.

    All the best to ye.

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    Just in case you ever come by here again, thanks to all the TCP team for trying to do something different. Most games I've subsequently played have fared just that bit poorer in my eyes.

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    I have just played the Cassandra project today and I feel like having to post something.

    This is absolutly brilliant. The architecture is great, the dialogues are cool, and ofcourse the weapons are awsome. Only downside is, some of the characters are bit too whacky for my taste, aside from the fact that you managed to really give them a personality. But the best thing of all is the story, or lets say, could have been if you would ever would have finished this mod. As the outro was going, my version of the future story automaticly startet to unfold in my mind. Means, you really had my imagination going, which I would say is a mark of good storytelling. You set everything very well up and the player gets ready to explore a world of mystery. By then I was so eager to play the next level and see what happens. The whole thing was going towards 'what is really going on in the world, the group ive joined and what is reality?'.

    Damn you for not finishing this mod. You made all this wonderfull content and one never gets to really use it. It would have been great, sigh.

    I hope you guys still check this forum sometimes.


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