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Thread: Elevator Mission T1 V2 (Released Dec 25 2005)

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    Hm. Blocked again.

    All right, in the Haunts section, I have:

    1. Killed the three haunts in the foyer (one female and two males).

    2. Pushed the button in the male haunt's guard post.

    3. Noticed a picture had slid open in the female haunt's guard post, exposing a lock; cannot unlock lock with keys or picks.

    4. Killed the strolling haunt from the garden party (the one with the burning hand).

    5. Went downstairs, killed everyone (except I left one human unconscious in his jail cell).

    6. In cell where the ghost was, pushed button.

    7. In cell across from there, noticed picture had slid back, revealing switch; pulled switch.

    8. Poked the button in the central room that opens the floor hatch to the Hand.

    9. Used the Seal Key to open the spider cell; killed spiders; can't find anything inside (except spider bodies).

    10. Found a locked sewer grating in the floor of the third cell. Can't open it.

    So I have a Seal Key that appears to do nothing but open a cell to nowhere. I see a lock that I can't open in the female haunt's guard post (it probably opens the double doors in the middle). I see a sewer that I can't open.

    So what next? Do I have to crash the garden party? I didn't see anything there offhand, either in the pavillion or on the two haunts upstairs in that area. I see a gate, but I would have to carve my way through the two upstairs haunts to get at it... and I'm reluctant to do so unless that's the only place I can go.

    Hm... blocked again.

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    @ Dafydd: check 9. again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dafydd
    flashbomb and KO him
    I would not recommended this. I suggest that you save your flashbombs until you really need them (at the end). Another approach is run, hide, and ambush. Not so noble, but it works.

    If you do run out of weapons, however, there is another way: some work arounds are described above, so there is no need to replay it unless you want to be victorious in the fight.

    Yes, sword and BJ are all you really need until you reach the end.
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    All right, at the endgame of the mission.

    I'm faced with a longish, well-lit corridor with three haunts: one to either side and one at the end. There is a doorway, and above it are a pair of crossed swords. This is all very well lit, even after taking out the two torches on either side. I know there used to be a thin thread of shadow somewhere... but I recall it going from one of the side areas -- the left, I think -- to behind the main haunt in front of the door; but now, I can't get anywhere near that without alerting one of the two side haunts, who alerts the other two... and I'm faced with three furious haunts who swiftly slay me.

    Is there any way to turn off these lights? Is there any way to sneak through here to get behind haunts? Will backstabbing a haunt on the side -- even if I could do that -- alert the other two haunts? Because as it stands, I don't see how anyone can kill all three. Yet people have finished, so there must be a way.

    By the way, I never found any mines... where were they? I sure hope you're not going to say "back before you take the big swim...!"

    If the only solution here is "slug it out and try to defeat them all with your sword," then I'm just going to bag it. This is simple suicide.


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    Dafydd, there is a better solution:

    Before you enter the area with the 3 haunts, knock out the "unarmed citizens" and throw 2 of them on the floor switch to hold the gate open. Then run into the area with the 3 haunts and get them to chase you. Run past the 2 guards and jump to the rope arrow hanging over the pit (put one in the closest beam if you haven't already) then watch the guards kill the haunts for you.

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    Jprobs, that's clever! I'm going to try that right now....

    Well, I'm back. That was quick! I had to do it twice, though: the first time, only one haunt followed me back.

    As soon as I read your post, I remembered from last time that the guards were immortal... and that one of them (at least) was immune to knockouts, too. I don't know if the latter is still true, but obviously they still have a million hit points, or whatever the max in DromEd is (something like death stage 12? I don't know DromEd.)

    The game ended as soon as I moved the corpse of the Keeper and picked up the Sage Key.

    I still think the mission is very, very un-Thief-like, though that didn't bother me as much this time... probably because I already knew going in. I took only four points of damage this time... all from jumping down from high places (a point here, a point there).

    I'm pleased that I was able to KO everyone in the courtyard with the two mages; I didn't bother the haunt garden party.

    Ended with 1032 or something out of 1300-somesuch loot.

    Thanks, Jprobs, for a brilliant solution to an otherwise intractable problem!

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    Your welcome

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    Folks were asking why I would bother with a rerelease of an old mission. Well, any time an author wants to send me updates they are welcome to. It doesn't matter how old the mission is or how highly regarded by the community, and it's trivial for me to push an update.

    It may surprise you, but the original Elevator Mission is one of my favorites. Incredibly bizarre, incredibly difficult and just plain fun. This in spite of the fact that I never finished it. (I only played on expert, and there's that unpickable chest under the water....) Your options are extremely limited in the beginning due to lack of equipment, so you have to do some masterful sneaking until you can get some tools and weapons which let you get further in the mission. Sort of like Tears of Blood, another of my favorite Thief Gold missions. It's been years since I played either, but I can still remember the mission layouts. I can't say that much about many missions.

    My thanks to Mr. Smith for continuing to work to bring JIS missions to the community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epithumia
    I only played on expert, and there's that unpickable chest under the water....
    I believe that this issue has been put to rest by Vlad Midnight, who says that V1 is possisble to complete in Expert. The problem is that there is something you need in order to proceed that is hard to see. Check this spoiler only if you have become frustrated by the swimming puzzle.
    There are two chests in the water in both V1 and V2. A blue chest in the light that may be unpickable, and an unlocked wood chest in the dark that cannot be seen unless you are right on it. In V2 the wood one is more easily seen. In both V1 and V2, the wood one has the breath potions. I failed to find the wood chest in my first playing of V1 on Expert, found it on my second playing on Normal, and never went back to try it again on Expert. BTW, the blue chest can now be opened with the JIS key, which was absent from V1.
    Vlad is no-doubt right.

    My thanks to Mr. Smith for continuing to work to bring JIS missions to the community.
    You are welcome. You should try playing V2.
    save weapons until the end if you want to have a good fight.
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    About the ending

    Quote Originally Posted by Dafydd
    Thanks, Jprobs, for a brilliant solution to an otherwise intractable problem!
    Yes, the solution is brilliant, but, actually, the problem is tractable if you find the weapons you need, save them until you need them, and fight well. I hope that some players will be motivated to play it the hard way.
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    Attributes of the guards

    Quote Originally Posted by Dafydd
    As soon as I read your post, I remembered from last time that the guards were immortal... and that one of them (at least) was immune to knockouts, too. I don't know if the latter is still true....
    The guards aren't quite immortal. I just checked.
    They can both be BJ'ed if not alerted. When unconscious, they can be killed by > 50 sword swipes. When alerted, they are extremely difficlult to kill. I gave up trying. They are, however, completely oblivious to Garrett. I have always sneaked around them and BJ'ed them both, so I never discovered the guards' kindly attributes.

    As for the three mines, I found the first one way early in the mission, I don't remember where. The last two are
    in the wood chest in the room to the left of the guards at the end. A health potion pops up when the chest is opened, but two additional mines are also added to inventory.

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    After completing V1 in September, I now completed V2 as well: Finished on Normal in 2 hours and 19 minutes with 1223 of 1390 total loot. Despite previous experience with this mission, I missed the location of the Sword key and played until the final area without the sword. I confirm it is possible to survive the final area without the sword if you collect enough flashbombs, fire arrows and mines – at least on Normal difficulty.

    V2 is a big improvement over V1: With proper ambient light, the whole mission looks a lot better. The texture work in many rooms is also improved. The bizarre „training area“ of V1 was scrapped entirely and is replaced with a more believable environment. Some other areas received a slight overhaul as well, like the garden in the „Haunt‘s place“.

    One smaller change I did not like was the removal of the opening elevator ride: V1 begins inside of an elevator that is going up to the top of a building. In V2, you just start on the rooftop. I thought the starting location inside an elevator fit the mission‘s title and I do not understand why this was changed.

    All changes in V2 I noticed:
    • The compass was removed.
    • Readables were removed entirely.
    • The mission objectives are the same as in V1, but their descriptions are much shorter.
    • Whereas V1 has the difficulty levels Sushi, Ninja and Sumurai, there is only one difficulty level.
    • There is much less loot to find compared to V1.
    • Ambient light is set to reasonable levels. No more pitch black areas.
    • New wall textures in many areas.
    • The Opening elevator ride was removed.
    • A woman sleeping on a bed in a room below the kitchen was removed.
    • The elevator panel on ground floor below the kitchen now has floor numbers on it. But only this elevator panel.
    • The kitchen key is found in the same room, but in a slightly different location.
    • You can now extend a ladder from the metal crawlspace next to the kitchen down to the room below.
    • A Hammerite Priest was removed in the room where you can climb down to the basement where the first lockpick is. Only one Hammerite remains and he is in a position in which you have a chance to knock him out now.
    • The double doors just a few steps inside the Haunt's place are now less glitchy. In V1, I had problems getting them to open again when I wanted to leave the place.
    • The teleporter behind the large double doors that open after you pull the alarm switch in the Haunt's place is now activated by stepping through it, rather than by stepping onto a pressure plate in front of it.
    • The location of the JIS key was changed and you now have a chance to find it.
    • There are more AIs near Gilmo's place, which makes the area more difficult to navigate.
    • If you go down the well near Gilmo's and end up in the room with the two frogbeasts, you now need the End of the Key to get out of the room. Previously, the door could be opened without this key.
    • In the final area, there are now three Haunts instead of one: two weaker ones and one really hard one.

    Locations of all keys and their purpose:
    • Kitchen key: In the throne room next to the noisy machine room with giant giant gears on the walls. Opens a door in the kitchen.
    • Sword key: There is a bald swordsman guarding a single door in a narrow, brightly lit corridor with flame decals on the walls. Behind that door is a room with an easy puzzle with a timed door. The key is in a water basin guarded by a bugbeast. It unlocks a door on the lower part of the area with the two floating clouds.
    • Chapel key: In a chest on the upper floor of the area with the two floating clouds. Opens the door in the room next to where the slot machines are.
    • Training place key: On the belt of a purple guard a bit further down where the caged bugbeast is. Opens a lock on the left of a set of double doors near the two floating clouds.
    • Haunt's key: On the belt of a Hammerite in a basement of the training place. Opens the double doors behind the Hammerite acolyte in the training place.
    • Seal key: On the belt of an undead Hammerite priest in the torture chamber of the Haunt's place. Opens the middle cell in the Haunt's place, the one with the spiders in it.
    • Demon's key: At the end of a corridor on the upper floor of a chapel guarded by two Hammerites and one woman. Opens a lock behind a painting in the Haunt‘s place, in a room guarded by a woman in the central entrance area.
    • Lost article key: Next to a dead Burrick in pit with two undead. Opens a lock on the left of a set of double doors, in a brick building connected to the pit with a tunnel. Also open a closet in a basement hidden beneath a mattress in the same building.
    • JIS key: In the area unlocked by the lost article key, in a small well with a Keeper statue in the middle. Unlocks two blue chests: one down the well near Gilmo's, one behind a door to the right behind the double doors across the pit with a dead Burrick and two undead.
    • End of the key: Down the well near Gilmo's where you find the scepter on the floor, at the end of a dead end, on the belt of the corpse with flies hovering above it.

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    just replayed this master piece 1245/1390,,,8/9 pockets picked 1 hour 33 min to complete,also i did not even get sword till later in mission

    its kinda weird to play a thief gold version that is more up to date then a thief 2 version of same mission

    i like the gold version better,as i was not a fan of the camera's,and those mages are cool

    mission is for the most skilled players,well worth it

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    I have a problem. I need End of key and it should be on body in pit with flies. I'm there, but there is no body anywhere. I noticed that sometimes some AI after loading doesn't appear. Maybe they clip through floor, I don't know. And I'm worrying that something like this could happen here.

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    Got a save? I’ll check for you.

    You maybe correct, sometimes AI’s fall into the void, this can happen if just one part of their body gets misplaced and breaks through the wall of a room, the whole AI then appears to disappear from the map and so you cant see them, frob them or any key they are carrying.

    Usually we don’t make dml’s for most of these ‘fallen into the void ‘ issues as it is Thief engine bug and they are random occurrences, also as long as the AI is correctly placed in Dromed by the author moving the body with a dml will often make the AI look like it’s in an unrealistic position for all other players.

    IIRC You don’t play with T2Fix, what set up are you playing with? Are you still using Tafferpatch and or Darkloader?
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    I'm playing through TFix 1.27 (unlike T2Fix this one works without any problems for me) and it's version 2 of this mission. Here is a save. I'm playing version 1 right now, so I'm going to check if I have the same problem.

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    That save is crashing my Dromed, can you post a quicksave rather than one from a save slot.

    PS. My bad, forgot this was a T1 mission, which FM loader are yo using?

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    I'm using FMSel. Also I finally found this key. It was on body, but body was somehow teleported together with bunch of other bodies on circular elevator in area of town with clouds. It's really weird. In 1st version I seen so far a dead body getting catapulted on this circular platform from above tavern and zombie showing out of nowhere near door leading to training area. So I don't think it's just clipping through floor, but somehow AI teleports to different places usually to this part of town. It's really weird.

    All right, I managed to finish this mission (version 2 only though).

    And here is a quicksave from version 2 of this mission.
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    There is no teleport command attached to that servant, he should be in the pit from the beginning of the mission, sounds like to me you’ve got gremlins in your TG install, might be an idea to re-install a fresh TG.

    PS. That quicksave is also crashing Dromed, so yes something weird is happening in your TG install if is also corrupting saves.
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    The thing is this only happens in this mission. And I also tried this mission couple of years ago when for the first time I managed to launch Thief 1 FMs and the same thing was happening. I had different laptop back then. So I don't think it's bad install. No idea if it's matter, but both versions I downloaded from Thief Cheap Missions site.

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    The problem with looking further into this issue is the corrupted save, if we can’t load your save we can’t investigate further, what’s causing Dromed to crash would be interesting to discover (it’s not causing the game to crash) whether it’s related to your teleporting servant I haven’t a clue, but suspect it is. So on this occasion we’re just going to have to put it down to a weird localised bug most likely at your end as no one else has reported this problem.

    At least you’ve now got the key and can finish the mission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    So on this occasion we’re just going to have to put it down to a weird localised bug most likely at your end as no one else has reported this problem..
    That's not exactly true, Username also encountered this problem 3 years ago and mentioned it in this post.

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    Ok but that thread is for v_1 version of game, I didn’t check that thread as your playing v_2 version.

    Still we need a save to look into it and yours seem to be corrupted, so I may get around to replaying both missions sometime but not now in this hot weather.

    I've just booted up v_1.0 and am trying to work out where these bodies are piling up, you mentioned as does Username floating round platforms as well as clouds, but the only clouds I remember are in this area, and there are no round platforms nearby, if you can't post a save what about a screenshot.

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    Yes, this is the area. I summon circle elevator to me and after saving and loading it's possible for AI to appear in this elevator. This happens to me in both versions (no idea if it matters, but my 1st version is 1.01, not 1.0). In 1st version is also happens with vertical elevator leading to training area and with 1st elevator in training area. Nothing else. Also teleporting body with End of key only happened to me in Version 2. And unlike Username some of teleported AIs were alive. Also the round platform is visible on your screenshot right in front of upper entrance to tavern.

    Edit: I did ghost run of Version 2 and this time I avoided using circle elevator, tavern elevator and elevator leading to training area and this teleporting bug didn't happen. So I think using switches controlling these elevators can corrupt saves. Next I'm going check it in Version 1.

    Edit 2: I did ghost run of Version 1 and avoided using mentioned elevators plus 1st elevator from training area. Teleporting bug didn't happen.
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