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Thread: Heretics and Pagans Feb/06

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    Okay I should point out, this mission does NOT push you into an unwinnable situation, so I retract that comment. Once again it's me not being damned observant enough. But still, mission authors take note!

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    OK, I went down a really long winding tunnel and I'm in the pool with the waterfall, with the body of a dead hammer with a purse on his belt. Where do I go from here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UliB
    Im stuck at the broken bridge. too. The haunt with the speed potion is on the other side . How can i cross this gap ?

    Edit: Replayed and tried a different branch in the (first) cave. Now i got the speed potion.
    I just walked across.

    I'm stuck
    at the castle. I see a wood beam crossing over the wall, but I don't have a rope arrow.

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    Go back up from the caves to the stronghold. Find the big door and go that way out.

    I really liked this mission.
    It's so easy, but I can't do it.
    So risky - but I gotta chance it.
    It's so funny, there's nothing to laugh about

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    Quote Originally Posted by john9818a
    I just walked across.
    I'm stuck
    at the castle. I see a wood beam crossing over the wall, but I don't have a rope arrow.
    I think, you mixed the threads here. Your answer and also your question fit to the other new FM "Love Thief".
    Look here :

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    This is a good one, Spoonman. These are my favorite types of missions -- where you explore caves, mountain passes, abandoned towns, etc.

    A great sense of adventure and a feeling of comraderie (sp?) with the Hammers too.

    Those boys had my back and I was greatful for it!

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    Awesome mission! I loved it.

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    Great work, Spoonman. Great exteriors (caves, abyss, village...).

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    Just finished this one last night, and must say that IMO these are the BEST caves ever created for ANY FM, EVER! Most impressive and fun, and I didn't need any hints to finish, which is always a big plus too! Thanks Spoonman!

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    Oh these missions to play, I can't, if only I could get the child to sit and watch telly for the afternoon...

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    Very nice, indeed! I like the fact that it isn't overdone with a million ai, that does take away from atmosphere. (and this fm is full of it!) Very nice job, keep it up ye taffer. I'm gonna have to play Broken Hammers now...
    I frob on the first date!

    My youtube channel. Songs and such.

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    I love the new screams the non-pagan haunts make when they die, very neat!

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    Veru nice

    I must say I did enjoy this FM. I'm not sure what the purpose of the caves and giant waterfall was for besides a nice bit of exploration. Some decent cave-work too. Geesh, I meant to say Very nice in my title.................
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    Veery good fm, I enjoyed Broken hammers, and I loved to come back in that universe, trying to survive with the hammerites left Freakin' good idea.
    And I agree, the caves are fantastic. I understood the way you built them, and I imagine the troubles and errors DromEd gave you... Good job !

    Now I'm waiting for a third part

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    Beautiful! Gorgeous! I have never seen a better outdoor foresty setting in any FM. And outdoor foresty settings are my favorite. The terrain, the tree placement, the lighting... perfect! And the last area with the huge wide open canyony area, again, nobody has ever done it better. And that's a tough illusion to pull off in the Dark engine. You are a true Dromed master.

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    Oh yeah. A couple of tips of my own (one can't help thinking about these sorts of things when playing any FM):

    You can set lights to negative values. They don't look any different but they affect your light gem. If you want true shadows beneath the trees you can have them.

    You can make your AI walk across bridges. While you're creating your level, put in a brush instead of the bridge. Make it about the same width, etc. When you are completely done with the level, you've built the pathfinding database for the last time, it's all optimized, ready to distribute, etc., remove the brush and replace it with your bridge. Re-optimize the level but DON'T build the pathfinding database again. Voila! Your AI will think they can walk across the bridge, and they can!

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    I must be missing something bad, cause I cant get up to the broken bridge.
    I'm stuck on the floor with the bed and crates, so I go out the window but the balcony just circles around. How does I get up to the top level?

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    There is a ladder inside a room that takes you up to the top level.

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    Its in a dark corner in the room with crates

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    Awesome mission, I played it twice, beautiful work, both the caves and the black haunt=like guys are real works of art , great gameplay not too easy and not too hard, everything was just right in this one.

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    having issues

    after the beginning I go to the little villiage with the 3 haunts and have them chase me to the hammers, who dispose of them. I cannot pickup the key in the watch tower or the arrows. I also cannot pickup any arrows in the
    "dining hall" looking building. I get wounded when I get too close. Am I missing certain scripts to run this fm properly?

    there is a cave with a wooden door that does not frob and the two big wooden doors near the watch tower that don't frob, and have a pagan on the other side.

    "To live in the light is to see everything, to live in the dark is to see everthing you missed in the light."

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    Quirk, thank you for this very nice FM! The location in the end was really beautiful.

    safriend, you should be able to pick up the key in the watch tower, but I'm not sure what causes your problem. Maybe reinstalling/restarting this FM helps?

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    Clever and interesting fan mission. I think there's an alternative route to get back to the city ?
    On the ground floor of the stronghold there's a wooden door which leads to a room with a frobbable ladder and from up there you get through another door to the other side of the pagan village where it's up to you to witness or not a fight between the hammerers and the pagans. I've also found two wine arrows in a chest in one of the houses but I don't know where to use them. Once you've arrived in that spot there's not going back through the door at the end of the tunnel. Does anybody know where to use the vine arrows ?
    Thanks for your help

    Fist and sword

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    I just spent a very enjoyable couple of hours playing this mission! Very nicely done, especially the cave sections. Good work!

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    Good Work!

    I like pagans and hate hammerites, but it's one of my favorite missions


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