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Thread: Morrowind Guides, Mods & Spell/Ingredient List

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    Morrowind Guides, Mods & Spell/Ingredient List

    Morrowind Guides
    Destination: Morrowind - A site created and maintained by Striker and Forsythe. It has a complete walkthrough of the main quest and complete walk throughs of the Three Great houses (Telvanni, Redoran and Hlaalu). - A very popular site for all Elder Scroll games. Contains solutions and walkthroughs to all quests in the Elder Scrolls series.

    Morrowind Spell/Alchemical List
    Where to Learn Spells and Buy Ingredients - A list compiled by munky99999. A true fan of TES, unless he copied it from someone else

    Morrowind Mods
    For those looking for tested, quality mods, I've provided a list (helped unwittingly by cyrano) of some decent sites. I'd undoubtedly missed a few, so go ahead and PM me with any good links. Sorry for having to close the thread guys, I want it kept clean!

    Telesphoros' List o' Mods: A very famous, and very extensive, list of hundreds of top-quality mods. If you're up to all the searching, you can find some really nice stuff here.

    Morrowind Mythic Mods: A list of mod lists. It's actually where Telesphoros' list can be found, along with a list of beginner's mods, modding tools, realism mods, and themed mods.

    Thelys' Morrowind Mods: A much shorter list of mods, all of which are nice. Thelys also hosts them his/herself, so all links are nearly guaranteed to work, or your money back.

    Emma's Morrowind Site: With mods from Grumpy, Vorwoda, Edwardsmd, and Robert too. For whatever reason, the site vaguely reminds me of Thelys'. Also, you can find some good companion mods on Emma's site.
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