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Thread: Werewolves

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    Anyone know a console command to switch the changes off. Or a quick way just to stop the quests? Short of going back too far to an earlier save, I'd like to carry on the game, but I've had more than enough of being a werewolf.

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    Well if you talk some people around solesthiem (mead hall guys work, fort guys maybe) about latest rumours you will hear of a raven at whoever's throne. If you talk to that raven you can cure yourself as long as long as you haven't recieved a quest at that point or have finished it before recieving another. It is a good idea to do the whole curing thing in one day so you don't get another quest before you've finished.

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    wasn't there a letter on the docks with information about the raven?
    but if i remember correctly you only see it when you completed the main quest

    btw at a time doing the main quest you will find a ring that can make you werewolf when you want to

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    Found the answer with a console code. I know the quests themselves aren't too long, but I found the whole werewolf thing really quite irritating.

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