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Thread: Guide to Custom Resources for DromEd

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    Guide to Custom Resources for DromEd

    Quicklinks to the following resources:
    Offerings by artists‏ (New!)
    Custom Materials (Objects, Textures, Skins, Brushes) (outdated)
    Custom resources list!
    Voice Actors


    These days there are many websites and forum threads/posts available where resources for Dromed can be downloaded.
    However, the (new) dromeders among us may not know where to find them, or worse, don’t even know that these exist.

    When playing a fanmission I sometimes think: “Why didn’t the author used a different texture? It would have suited a lot better with the environment!”
    Of course I understand that it’s also a matter of taste, and that the author has it’s own ideas what to use in his mission. But does the author know that there are some beautiful textures available on THIS website, and some others can be found in THAT thread on the forums?

    Lots of new textures, objects, ai skins and other resources are available that I’ve never seen in a FM, and it’s possible they will never be used just because people don’t know where to find them.
    This is a waste of time for the people who created them, as well as the ones who made the website to store them. Both deserve more recognition.

    I know that members often use their signature to post the link to their websites, but if you ask me that’s not enough.
    DromEders should have no problem finding every available website and thread for there resources. It gives them more choice about what to use, and their fanmission can become more varied and maybe even more enjoyable and realistic when using the best thing at the right place.

    If I’m not mistaken there is no thread available on the Editor’s Guild Forum with a list of all the sources so here it is. Some of them may be well-known.

    If you're going to use any custom resources in your fm, please contact the author and let him know about it. They like to hear when someone is going to use their creations.
    Also, don't forget to credit the maker, as well as the website you got it from, in the readme of your fanmission.[/I]

    Other threads worth mentioning

    Lightcone model made by Eshaktaar
    <s></s> (dead)
    Alternative source:


    When you find a website or thread that is not in the list, start a new website/thread with resources yourself, notice any dead links, or have any questions/suggestions concerning this thread and it’s contents, feel free to post them in this thread or send me a pm/email.
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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
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    Hey that's a veeery good idea, Phantom
    I'm even discovering a few websites here ! Thanks
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    Excellent list Phantom. I know most of these but I'm checking out one or two I'm not sure of.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    You forgot Targa's old site, hosted at thiefmissions:

    It has all his old objects which aren't at the new site.

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    Flecha des sombras´s site
    For some object´s (mine among others) and I-FM´s
    The Thieves´Warehouse

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    'tis a very good idea. I'm sick of having to visit other sites to get links to other sites that i'm looking for. I'll be updating mine in the future and i'll be getting rid of that silly Java menu that only works with IE! Thanks for including it.

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    Thanks Phantom.

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    Yes Sluggs. I can't look at your site at all!

    Thief Underground media section

    - Textures -
    The Nameless Tower's Texture Vault textures

    <s>MoG's Texture Site</s>

    Balatro's Texture Pack

    Lemog textures
    This site does not not have Thief format textures - you'll need to convert them to families yourself - but the number and quality of the textures is unsurpassed.

    Olga's Gallery
    A vast art gallery where you can find paintings by many famous artists throughout real-life history.
    I would assume that anything painted by someone who died 400 years ago is out of copyright, and can be freely used in a Fan Mission.

    - Other -
    Vertex Lighting Tutorial
    Some useful information about vertex lighting, which the Dark Engine uses to light its objects.
    Although this tutorial is written primarily for the Unreal Engine, most of the information applies to Thief too.
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    I've moved the bulk of my post to the Dromed FAQ thread, since it seems more appropriately placed there.

    I'm reserving the right to add links here for textures, objects, etc, from other places, not specifically made for Thief but could be used anyway. (& I'll be careful that the material is really freely available for Thief FM uses, so I'll do that. But I don't have time to add stuff now ... maybe later.)
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    Thanks everyone for the comments!
    I’m happy to see that this thread is now pinned to the top of the forum.

    I’ll make some more updates the coming days.

    Also thanks to everyone who posted new links. I’ve added some of them in my main list.
    Not all, because some links, or download pages on websites, no longer work.

    And to prevent any misunderstandings, this thread is only meant to store all the websites that contain objects, textures, models, AI meshes etc, everything that can be used in Dromed.
    Websites with tools, tips, tutorials, scripts, belong in the Dromed FAQ!

    I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm, but websites with only forums, fanmission downloads, screenshots, reviews, stories, anything that doesn’t fit with the description of this thread, really don't belong here!
    Please keep that in mind when you want to post new links!

    We should keep this thread as synoptic as possible!
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    Location: Museum of the Ancients

    Changelog 1

    It’s now a month since the start of this thread. To show what changes have been made since then, you can read the Thread Updates here:

    Thread Update March 17
    - Added 11 New Websites:
    Targa’s House ‘O Thief Stuff, The Nameless Texture Vault, DromEd Textures, The Watcher’s site, Ben Hur’s Site, The Thieves’ Warehouse,,, Timon’s Pages, Olga’s Gallery and Lemog 3dtextures

    Thread Update March 27
    - Changed the names of two websites: to JasonOtto.Net and
    The Watcher's Site to Starforge - Thief 2
    - Changed description for other websites with resources not specifically made for use in DromEd.

    Thread Update April 2
    - Added Website update:
    Moon Textures added to Nameless Tower'sTexture Vault
    - Moved 'Latest Thread Update' sentence to the top of the thread.

    Thread Upate April 17
    - Added 3 New Websites:
    The House of Dhin, Thief II: FlatStory and Thief & DromEd Tools
    - Arranged the list of websites in alphabetical order
    - Added ‘And’ as author
    - Added direct link to NV’s moon textures
    - Added ‘Currently Down’ message behind link to Christine’s Fanmissions
    - Added alternative link to Christine’s Fanmissions until is back online
    - Changed the names of 4 websites:
    Targa’s House ‘O Thief Stuff (old) to Targa’s House ‘O Thief Stuff,
    Targa’s House ‘O Thief Stuff to Targa’s House ‘O more Thief Stuff,
    Ben Hur’s Site to Thief 2 Dromed V 1.18 and
    The Nameless Texture Vault to The Nameless Tower’s Texture Vault
    - Changed some texts
    - Added a line below every websites that shows what is available (Textures, objects, AI’s, models, items, multibrushes, voice recordings)

    I believe that most of the websites with Thief resources can now be found in this list.

    When I notice dead links, new websites, website updates, etc I'll update the thread, so remember to check it regulary
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    Please remove the link to my site now, as it's gone!

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    Hiya All. Just checking in

    Well The Phantom contacted me a few days ago about my site. I'm sorry to say I've done nothing with for a very long time. There are some texture family packs there and a single object DL. I have a few AI's I can throw on, as well as a few of the objects shown, but most are unfinished or untested. I'll do an update for all interested though. IF anyone is interested in completing some of them, it is mostly just texture work needed.

    Fell free to PM or E-mail me about what you see there.

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    Location: Münster
    Hi there!

    Like to give you my url with some objects and textures.

    The HiPoly objects can be used instead of the normal ones (dishes, bottles, etc). Just copy them to your "obj" folder in your Thief 2 instalation. But be aware: they are realy HI poly with a alot (some tenths up to hundrets of polygons) a fast PC is recommendet.

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    Location: Museum of the Ancients
    For now I have drawn a line through your old website sluggs.
    Do you still intend to update it, and bring it back up eventually, like you wrote earlier?

    That's pity to hear. I hope that someone who would like to use them, or anyone else who wants to help, can complete and test them.

    Thanks for letting us know! Your website is now added to the list.
    I've seen that it's not visible in your TTLG profile. Would you like to post it there as well?
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    Ok, I do

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phantom
    Do you still intend to update it, and bring it back up eventually, like you wrote earlier?
    I really can't answer that one at this time, I have no idea. I removed everything for a reason, which i won't go into here.

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    I'm not sure but I may post at some textures, already palletized for Thief 2.

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    Warning: Do not host this user's FMs - Digi
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    Where could I get some good custom doors? I need quite ruined ones, not that victorian stuff what Yandros got!

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    William the Taffer made a few ruined doors for DP2, but I can't give them out them until the mission is released (or until he pops in here and gives permission). Sorry...

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    This site could be of use:

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    Registered: Sep 2002
    Location: Museum of the Ancients
    Nice find
    This can certainly be of use. Much inspirational art as well as images to be used in dromEd.
    I'll add it to the main list.

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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
    Registered: Nov 2005
    Location: Narbonne, France
    Sweet R Soul, nice find indeed, I'll be able to create several textures with it

    Same idea :

    It's french only (I think) But there are several pictures about old french architecture and patrimony in general, mainly in the country (wells, fountains, windmills,...). Don't expect to do textures from it, but this is one of my inspiration sources
    There's a construction types list, just scroll down and click one to have pictures about it.
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    Registered: Sep 2002
    Location: Museum of the Ancients
    Looks good Drk. But I'm not going to add website with inspirational architecture only. This thread is not meant for those.
    There has to be something available that can be used in DromEd.

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