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Thread: Guide to Custom Resources for DromEd

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    Cool. Nice link there, sterlino. I can get some good model ideas from that site, whether it be objects or AIs.

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    I didn't find a link here to Shadowspawn's TIMtoE converter, though there is a link to his site which has it. Should it be mentioned independently?

    Also, has anyone made a converter for TDS Meshes to e format? Or is that not even possible?
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    From beyond the grave: The Nameless Tower

    I notice that every so often someone asks where The Nameless Tower has gone to, or laments its passing. So, with NV's permission, I'm hosting a fully- or mostly-functional version of his old Nameless Tower site, including all the files for models and tutorials etc., here:

    Please let me know if you find any issues with it (aside from the obvious ones, like the link to contact NV to request a model being outdated), meaning broken stuff, missing files, i.e. stuff that used to work and doesn't in the new location. Also, please don't ask me or NV to add new content; this is intended as an historical archive of the site as it was when Geocities went down, and is there is no plan to add new content or otherwise update it.

    Phantom, I leave it up to you how best to modify the top post and the linked sister threads with this URL. This site has both tutorials and objects/other resources.

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    Wow. Thank you, Yandros!

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    book Video Game Level Editors
    Pub. Date: May 2010
    Publisher: General Books LLC
    Format: Paperback , 96pp


    Purchase includes free access to book updates online and a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Chapters: List of Level Editors, Quake Army Knife, Online Creation, Unrealed, Gtkradiant, Visual Pinball, Valve Hammer Editor, Moo Mapper, Pinball Construction Set, Warcraft Iii World Editor, Visual3d Game Engine, Sandbox, Irredit, Tume, Tile Studio, Level Editor, Simpe, 3d World Studio, Dromed, Sourena 3d World Editor, Mapster, Tomb Raider Level Editor, Lunar Magic. Excerpt: Developer(s) : Leadwerks Software 3D World Studio is a map/level editor for use with Torque Game Engine , DarkBasic Pro , Leadwerks Engine and Blitz3D . The program is developed by Leadwerks Software and is distributed by both Leadwerks Software and The Game Creators in a Standard Edition and a Builder Edition. Both editions include the basic 3D World Studio Editor. The only difference between the two editions is that Builder Edition includes a large asset library including many models, textures, sprites, and example 3D World Studio maps. The library of assets is mailed via CD, but the editor comes in an electronic download. Video Tutorials Websites (URLs online) References (URLs online) A hyperlinked version of this chapter is at DromEd is the level editor for Looking Glass Studios ' proprietary Dark engine , which was used to power the computer games Thief , Thief II , and System Shock 2 . It was originally used in the design of Thief I , but after a petition from the fan community it was released to the public, as were later versions. The program itself is very buggy and unpredictable, as virtually no improvements were made prior to public release. There are four different versions of DromEd: for Thief I , for Thief Gold , for Thief II , and lastly for System Shock 2 , commonly called "ShockEd." DromEd for Thief I and Thief Gold use the same version of the Dark Engine and therefore can open levels created for eac...

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    Quote Originally Posted by clearing View Post
    Video Game Level Editors
    That book is, it appears, simply a list of editors with some blurb about each. From what I've been able to determine, there's nothing of any real use in there.

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    Ah, but some of us like to see even mere blurbs about LGS, DromEd, Thief, etc.

    Thanks clearing!

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    Just found another texture site:

    Hopefully someone can make a few nice textures from it.

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    While working on some new plants for SS2 i also created some trees, they're not that useful for SS2 maybe, but the .bins should work for Thief1-2 too since its the same engine. I could release the plants too if there's any interest..


    water/lily pads & reeds model:

    some of the plants: , ,

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    Very nice looking plants, but where is the download link?

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    like i wrote, "if there's any interest", but it seems like this community is still quite active. I'll go through all the textures and models tomorrow then..

    Edit: ok, here are the files, comes with screens of most plants (except 1 which i couldt summon to take a screen of):;attach=4479 (file is called "vurt flora resource".)


    Here's another resource i have, for Morrowind, but it can be used for the Thief games too ofcourse if you just resize the textures, most are in .TGA format, some in .dds, and most are seamless.
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    Can someone save me reading through all the pages in this thread? Is there and HTM of the old textures comparing the enhanced textures, similar to the stock textures HTM compiled by Jesse Adams?

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    Sorry for offtopic: Anyone accept a request to make AI model for Thief 2 or where I can ask about it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoro View Post
    Sorry for offtopic: Anyone accept a request to make AI model for Thief 2 or where I can ask about it?
    Hi Zoro, best place is in T1/T2 editors guild. You can also pm, OttoJ55, as last time he posted he was making or going to make some objects.
    Cheers !

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    Another high-res texture site, various categories. Some things are quite modern looking but there are plenty that are suitable for Thief:

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    This site has some nice rugs, and with the advent of NewDark, we can keep the details:
    edit: watermarked
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    Quote Originally Posted by R Soul View Post
    This site has some nice rugs
    ...with watermarks all over them.

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    Not sure if this would be helpful or not, but this is a site with lots of things on it: 3d models of buildings caught my eye. Mostly just pics, so visual inspiration maybe? Just thought I'd share. Not sure if this would help anyone else or not, just happened across it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZylonBane View Post
    ...with watermarks all over them.
    Ah yes, so they do. The watermarks were hard to see on the examples that caught my eye. Oh woe is me.

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    Cure Souvenirs IV

    Here are those new objects I used in my last FM campaign "Reunion With Basso" and some new stuff. It is easy to put them in another FM, because most of them use Thief standard textures. So the only thing you would have to do is ...

    • download the BIN file in your ..\obj folder
    • place a similar object in your FM
    • give it the shape of the downloaded BIN
    • adapt the object's dimensions and material if necessary

    For those few other objects: There will be a ZIP file including the object, all required textures and a short description .

    Part IV: Objects converted from courtesy of Terry Casper, please include credits and a link to the website.

    An aesculap (uses T1 standard textures):

    A table lamp (uses T2 standard textures):

    A ceiling light (uses T2 standard textures):

    Three different-textured fireplaces with animated flames:
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    My FM campaigns Garrett's Young Years XTra, Reunion With Basso
    Want your upcoming FM translated in foreign languages?

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    Lazarus is offering to do videos for mission authors in this thread. Perhaps you could include a link to that thread here.

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    Christine's website no longer available

    I get a 404 error when trying to access Christine's website.

    Edit:July 24th 2013- Timon's website is no longer available.
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    Found in my archive (I don't know author): skins, skins.

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