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Thread: Thieves Guild: Arrow of Extrication - HELP!

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    Thieves Guild: Arrow of Extrication - HELP!

    My newest quest from the Gray Fox, is to steal an item called "The Arrow of Extrication" from a wizard who lives in Bravil, called Fathis Aren.

    Ive managed to get through to his secret passage way and right at the end is an old wooden door that needs a key, problem is, I don't know where the key is.

    If anybody is doing / has done this quest, then could you please help?


    ps. Ive been looking for the wizard everywhere all over Bravil and in the castle just incase he has the key, but I cannot find him.

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    Is that the quest where you go see the wizard that summons daedra in his fort area?

    IF so, there's a few locked doors you do not need to open, try searching more of the dungeon.

    Don't forget to visit the giant fish in the water...

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    I've now searched the entie dungeon, and only see one locked door, which needs a key.
    Ive been into the water with the two fish, but found nothing down there.

    Hmm, this quest is becoming a hard chore!

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    I seem to remember having to jump into the water and then go through a secret underwater passageway. The one near the surface, not the deep one.

    Can also kill the mages around there, he don't care. But do beware when you find the mage - he's a member of the mages guild, and if you kill him or take anything but the arrow, you'll get suspended from the mages guild.

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    I don't really know how I managed to overlook that passage. From all my years playing Thief and finding all the secrets, I managed to miss a little thing like this.

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    What do you mean by underwater passageway... is it the same water as where the Slaughterfish is? This is borin the crap outta me

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    Yes, it's where the slaughterfish are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phatose
    and if you kill him or take anything but the arrow, you'll get suspended from the mages guild.
    Only if you're seen. I nicked most (all) of the interesting items near and on him, I guess it did help that I had hit 99 Sneak during the quest. All my characters become members of the Mages Guild asap.

    My Blade skill wasn't high enough for me to one-shot people so I didn't attack him, but if you can do that then you should not be kicked from the guild either.

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    where is the key to the door?
    i tried to picklock it but you cant you can only use a key.
    is the key in the slaughterfish or somewhere else?
    please can you reply as fast as you can.


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    In the water pit near the surface there is a tunnel entry way, look around you don't have to go deep, just in a shallow water level.

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    help with passageway to arrow of extrication

    Please don't laugh, this old woman needs some help. I've been in and out of the water, where the floor drops off and still can't find the passageway. I don't know how I'm missing it, but I sure need some help. Any answers would be appreciated.

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    It's quite near the surface, on one side of the pit.
    Use either Night Eye or Light to get a better view of the area so you'll have an easier time finding the passage.
    IIRC, it goes north.

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