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Thread: Is it just me, or...

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    Is it just me, or...

    ...are birds by default invisible?

    ...does the amount of availible money of a storekeeper not change if you sell/buy stuff?

    ...does opening the location map sometimes take up to 2 minutes (especially inside cities)?

    ...does combat AI really cause the framerate to drop by 70% in a grassy area?

    I'm just asking because I'm unsure if these are "features" or related to my rig/install...

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    1] no
    2] remains the same. It is just the most they will pay for an item. They all have limitless cash.
    3] 2 minutes? How about 2 seconds.
    4] if its's a group, yes
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    2) isn't supposed to be the amount they've got, it's the most they'll pay for an item.

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    I've had the game take upwards of 10 seconds to pull up the local map, especially in the Imperial City. Not quite 2 minutes but still much longer than any other menu.

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    i doubt it's the AI that slows the fps down, it's the extra polys of rendering their bodies. pop the game into 3rd person mode and watch the fps drop about 5fps just from rendering your character

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