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Thread: Oblivion Mods

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    Check TESNexus as well.

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    Yes, is a new version of with, I believe, all the mod database the previously had. I made a test search by the file name downloaded agas ago from tessource and it was there.

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    more like Marilyn Manson to me.

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    I always thought he was bald. That eye is freaking me out.

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    I have the D2D version. Are there any mods that I can use that will take care of the leveling issue? I only recently re-installed and it's getting very annoying. I've googled this but most don't seem to support D2D's version. Kind of sucks because I'd love to use the Thief mod.

    As it is, the stealth in the game is ridiculously overpowered and very unrealistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgeorge View Post
    I have the D2D version. Are there any mods that I can use that will take care of the leveling issue?
    Francesco's levelled creatures and items
    Just addresses the levelling issue, as far as I can tell. No new content, by the looks of it.

    Adds loads of new content, but apparently there's A LOT of high level areas where the monsters can kill a low level character just by blinking.

    A marriage of the above, plus other major overhaul mods like Martigen's mutant mod.
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    [RELZ]Return Of Shadows!

    An Immense, Intense, Action Packed Dark
    Themed Quest and Guild Mod. Armor, Quest, Spells, Items, NPCs, Music and more.
    The Most Immense Guild Base you will ever see.
    Realistic and Lore correct Story!
    Over 20 New Dark Themed Spells
    Over 50 New Npcs added to the game.
    Over 20 New useful and Unique items added.
    Custom Armors, clothing for good and evil.
    Plot twist you won't see coming.
    Deep and Powerful.
    Fight real fights, Face powerful enemies.
    Your Enemies will pull no punches, and use whatever they can to defeat you!
    Shadowknights are as equipped as batman, How else could you kill a hero?
    Return of Shadows brings it and we bring it hard.

    If you find error or fault in our Mod, please tell us so we may fix it as soon as possible!


    I. Lore
    II. Theme
    III. Added Abilities
    IV. Armor
    V. Quest
    VI. NPC Interaction
    VII. Interior Designs
    VIII. Advanced Scripts

    I. LORE

    "Many have forgotten the tales of long ago, the vile stories that would send chills up the spine of any hero... Many have forgotten what was never proven to really exist... Long ago Namira used the powers of Ancient Darkness to destroy her foes; to eradicate those who crossed her path. Books say she was weakened. That she could no longer directly influence the world of tamriel. Stories say her reign of fear ended then... Stories say all was well once again... Yes, the stories say this... because she wrote them.
    However in the shadows, Namira's true followers continued her will. Gifted with the ancient skill of death and darkness they now shape Tamriel to the will of Namira. The ShadowKnights are out there and one thing is very clear... Join them, or Perish."


    Return Of Shadows revolves around you being everything that represents the opposite of a Paladin. If you thirst for power and the destination is what matters, then you must do many things to gain the favor of Namira. Your task will include but is not limited to killing innocents, killing heroes, killing without reason, Lying, Cheating, Using others, Sadness, Anger, Betrayal, revenge and heartless acts.

    The quest style is that of a complete force of destruction, or a blade of the night. Your charges are absolute, to disobey is to die. The quest have a variety of elements of life. You will come across passion, pain, love, loyalty and many other emotions. We have done our best to lure you deep into the path of the Shadowknights.


    When you accept the gift of Darkness from Namira, When you realize that You've lost it... that you can kill. You will be given the powers only those of the night know of.

    The Shadowstep: The ability to step through the space between light and darkness and cross a small distance in an instant, pitting you behind your target. The Shadowstep will also be used in quest to position you in key places.

    Shadow Clone: The ability to summon three shadow souls to attack your foe. They will do whatever they can until they come in contact with blade or blunt weaponry. Then they fade back into the domain of Namira.

    Many Other Spells of Darkness. (Dying Will, Last Breath, Into Darkness, Etc)


    Shadowknight Armor

    Specialized armor for the Shadowknights represent all that is dark and of the night. The armor is balanced with Vanilla Oblivion armor and is not overpowered.

    Shadowknights are not tanks, they are strong but stealthy, and the armor reflects these qualities. A full suit of armor is given to members of the Shadowknights by Namira herself.

    I have done my best to ensure that nothing in this mod is what I would call "broken" as in giving you a bonus over the game. The armor while very unique and cool looking, will not have stats far above other armor.

    Order Of The Dragon Armor

    An Complete redesign of the Dragon Armor of the Elite knights of Tamriel. Blue and Gold to represent goodness and Prosperity. This set is complete with the Dragon Symbol molded into the chest, the back and the gauntlets of the suit.

    There are also a few special pieces of armor and clothing created by Claci for various other factions in this mod.

    All Credit goes to my Armor modder CLACI. Though he is completely new to modding, his work so far has been above average and amazing.

    Vice Scythes

    Namira will ask each new knight what their sin, their downfall, their vice is. When you answer this question, whether it is the sin of Pride or the desire of Gluttony, She will make your downfall your weapon. Granting you with a Scythe that represents your sin.


    The Quests in this mod will all center around dark themes, The Main Quest follows your entry into the Order of the Shadowknights. From here you will learn of the war between them and the forces of Good upon Tamriel.

    These quest usually involve the player having to be heartless or as cold as possible. we have done our best to keep each quest interesting and fun, while also meaningful.

    The Main quest line will usually involve you facing heroes (who are justified in their name). The quest will also utilize custom effects such as the ability to Shadow Step.

    There are also a few side quest in this mod that will give you interesting rewards.


    We have endured many hours of testing, trial and error, and programming to give each NPC added by this quest a life of their own. Complex personalities and Style were of major importance to me and I promise you will find both in all of our NPCs.

    From Mirage, the death hungry commander, To Silvonous, the Wisecracking vampire with a sick sense of humor. From the very first interaction with a npc of this mod I hope you will notice the difference, and be absorbed into the plot.

    The goal was to make the players feel like they weren't just "playing through a mod", but actually a PART of a family of Shadowknights.

    While I do not have any voice actors available to me for this project, we are taking every step to ensure the immersion will be of top level.

    NOTE: Voice acting is being planned for later releases of this mod, though it will not be included in this release... SO DON'T BEG FOR IT!!!


    The Haven [Lore/Somewhat-Technical]: A massive underground... haven; occupied by several NPCs and filled with ever fascinating gadgets as well as combat supplies. The Haven serves as a home for all who serve Namira. It includes areas to keep your skills honed (such as the training room) as well as areas to satisfy needs and create supplies (gardens, potion sorter, alchemical apperati, spellmaking and enchanment areas, forges, mines, and specialized equipment for use of Namira's favored subjects. The haven is an entire city of sorts, it is a self-sustaining wonder!

    The Common Room:

    The meeting place of most shadowknights, here they eat and speak of their days and charges. It is also here that the Mirage Ranked Shadowknights meet to discuss the potential of their family.

    The Sleeping Quarters:

    Located in the middle of the haven, These areas allow the Shadowknights to gain rest and relaxation in order to be prepared for when Namira may call upon them again. Here you will find gifts from other shadowknights, food, and beds for each.

    The Great Hall:

    The Largest and most actively used location within the base. It is here that rituals take place, to summon Namira, or to make sacrifices. The Great Hall is also used by many Shadowknights as a place to train their skills and worship their god Namira.

    Anthrop Gald's Goods:

    The marketing base for Namira's Minions, and the Person shop of Anthrop Gald. Located on the western side of the haven, Gald's goods deals in many wares. However becareful, he has a watchful eye and will cut your throat if he catches you attempting to use the five finger discount!

    Most credit for the haven goes to Gamerdude (a.k.a. Dwayne); the rest goes to Tc2r (we would of course, not have a haven without him adding all the NPCs).

    Other Locations:

    Other Locations created for this mod include areas for Enjoyable combat.

    ~ The Arena:

    Strongwolf doesn't take kindly to challengers, If you truely wish to defeat him, you will find yourself flying into a pit you never expected. Tread safely or become prey.

    ~ Cave Of Shallow Nights

    It is huge and It is fun. I will not reveal more.


    Advanced Scripts were added to create a more immerse and more entertaining as well as useful mod.

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    Whoa. I just started playing Oblivion again (2nd time around) after having become satiated with it over a year ago. I've been looking for new mods that don't cost an arm & a leg and was excited to read about Tc2r's Return of Shadows! Looks like I'm not going to be putting the game away anytime soon afterall.

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    Why would a mod cost an arm and a leg?

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    I had to pay (online) a couple years ago for a couple of the 'official' Oblivion mods. I can't remember which ones they were (not Shivering Isles or Knights of the Nine since they came with the Oblivion G.O.T.Y.), but I'm thinking maybe 'The Orrery' & 'Den of Thieves' were 2 of them. I could be wrong since it's been awhile, but I remember being a little hissy about it at the time.

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    Typically mods are created by the community and are free, and anything officially released by the developer (which usually costs money) is considered DLC, or plug-ins.

    (But yeah, we know what ya meant).

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    I stand corrected.

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    Horse Armor!

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    Pimp my mare.

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    Those were 'Official add-ons/plug-ins' created by Bethesda themselves. This was before DLC really took off and became a 'term'. A true mod will never cost a cent, as it is illegal as Hell to directly profit from them.

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    no joy

    What's going on? I can't download any of the TES mods. Is it me?

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    Nehrim - At Fate's Edge is finally out:
    A total conversion was developed by Germans and they finally got the English subtitles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clearing View Post
    Nehrim - At Fate's Edge is finally out:
    A total conversion was developed by Germans and they finally got the English subtitles.
    Mod of the year material right there. Only few hours in and everything so far beats vanilla Oblivion by miles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dickivy View Post
    What's going on? I can't download any of the TES mods. Is it me?
    Me neither. "An error occured while the page is loading." or something like that.

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    I'm thinking of returining to Oblivion - what are people's opinions on the various "overhaul" type mods these days?

    Mostly of course I'd like to lose the stupid "bandits in daedric armour" scaling stuff. OOO fixes that and adds a lot of content, but I hear it's fairly brutal in the early stages? What about francescos or warcry? Or there's something called FCOM which merges them all together, altho it looks like there's a whole lot of faffing just to get it installed.

    So, anyone care to tell of their experiences with OOO or anything similar?

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