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Thread: Oblivion Mods

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    Oblivion Mods

    Oblivion Mod Wiki
    I like that site more than TESsource and Planet Elderscrolls. It's like this list, but better. Check it out.

    Some of the better mods from different sources are listed below, as recommended by forum members. It's a work in progress. Basically, I'm too lazy to make new sections for everything under 'Tweaks - Other.' I'll do that some other time.

    Post quality mods and I'll add them to the list. Here you go:

    Companions, Pets, and Horses
    Saddle Bags - Enables horses to carry items.

    FastHorse - Your horse will run faster the longer you ride it.

    Cats & Rats - Adds cats and rats to the game. If I install this, I'll just kill every cat I see.

    Mercenaries - Adds a wide variety of mercenaries at differing prices.

    Cheydinhal Petshop - Adds a petshop offering wolves, bears, and lions.

    City Changes
    Open Cities - Morrowind style cities. No longer must you enter a city through the door!

    Life 1.2f - Adds more NPCs to towns.

    NeoPendragon's Better Alchemy Shops - Alchemy shops offer a wider variety of alchemical ingredients, with a slight decrease of Deadric ingredients as balance.

    Top of the Tower - A transporter in the Mage's guild will take you to the very top of White Gold Tower in the Imperial City.

    Housing Mods and Accessories
    Reznod's Mannequins - Adds mannequins to the game.

    Dimensional Pocket - A 'portable house' of sorts with a guard Flame Atronach.

    Magic Oriented Mods
    Easy Spell Removal - I've been wanting this for a while.

    Spell Removal Potions - This one not so much, but it's still handy.

    Bigger Dremora - Makes Dremoras 1.5 times bigger. Pretty intimidating.

    The Weather Wizard - Quests built around changing the weather.

    Ranger Oriented Mods
    The Complete Ranger - A mod all about being a Ranger. Pzew pzew! Shootin' my [ss]crossbow[/ss] bow!

    Qarl's Oblivion Visual Pack - Makes many textures more photorealistic. Updates can be found here (1024v) or here (2048v).

    Jarrod's Oblivion New Texture Mod - Another mod that retextures much of Cyrodiil.

    Better Grass Textures - Makes the grass textures have less patterns on them.

    Better LOD Landscape Textures - Makes the landscape in the distance look better.

    Better LOD Landscape Textures II - Companion to the above mod. This replaces textures along the borders.

    Better LOD Landscape Shadows - Works well with the above two mods (supposedly). Unfortunately, this thing is more than 100MB in size.


    Cid's Multitude of Magecraft - A collection of very, very cool and creative spells. Fairy Fire sets things alight for 10 seconds, Life Other throws someone up into the air, Warp acts like Line-of-Sight teleportation, and more.

    More Spells - Adds spells such as Enlarge Self/Other, Wall of Fire, Hop, and so on.

    Eccentric Spells - Yet more creative spells such as lulling an NPC to sleep and weather control.

    Mighty Magick - An overhaul of the magick system in Oblivion. I think it sounds crazy.

    MultiSummons - Allows you to summon multiple... summonees. Self explanatory.

    Necromancy Spells - Adds a Revive spell of vary degrees of magnitude.

    Reanimation - Reanimates dead things. Isn't this like the last one?

    Ressurect Spell - Apparently different than the Reanimation Spell, but I don't think so.

    Frenzy Spell - Unlike the original frenzy, this adds a new spell that makes NPCs go crazy and kill everyone in town.

    Thief Targeted Mods
    Turn Off Lights - Allows lights to be turned off via manual activation, as well as water arrows.

    Blackjack Mod - Adds a blackjack to the game, allowing players to knock NPCs out. They will only be knocked out if hit from behind, and from there you can pick pocket their body. Combine with the above mod and you practically have Thief: DS.

    Blackjack Mod - An alternative blackjack mod to the one above. This one is available only to Thief Guild members and knocks an enemy out for 10 minutes, real time. The usual pickpocketing of the body can be done. (Oh, they wake up if you attack them while they're unconscious.)

    Artful Thievery - Adds much more loot to the game, as well as an additional spell (based on Security and Luck) which removes the 'stolen' flag from items. Has some grammar mistakes.

    Thief Mod - Similar to above, it adds more loot. Seems pretty cool too. They most likely conflict with eachother.

    No Psychic Guards - Decreases 'alarm' distance. Killing people out of sight while you are hidden will greatly reduce risk of attracting the guards.

    Darker Nights - Makes nights darker. Obviously.

    Attack n Hide - Assumedly it will allow you to attack creatures and then hide like a girly-man more easily.

    Hide & Sneak Mod - Affects hiding and sneaking. I don't know how.

    Movable Bodies - Self explanatory.

    No Essential NPCs - Allows essential NPCs to be killed, not just knocked out.

    Bounty Reduction over Time - Reduces bounty over time.

    Orcasm's Shadow Targe - This is a shield directed towards Dark Brotherhood members. It's very dark and mysterious.

    Nexus Mod - Adds teleportation as an alternate means of fast travel.

    Landmarks - Adds landmarks to the map for Doomstones, Wayshrines, and Runestones for fast traveling.

    Tweaks - .ini
    Tweaking 101 - Ok, so I made up the title. Anyway, this runs you through the entire .ini file for Oblivion, telling you exactly what does what. Very, very handy.

    Tweaks - AI

    Lyrondor's Combat Behavior Mod
    - Reworks AI combat behavior to fight more realistically.

    No Psychic Guards - 'Reduces crime sound alarm distances.'

    Tweaks - Framerate
    Decreasing Grass Density - A guide on altering grass density in your .ini file.

    Shorter Grass - Helps with frame rate.

    Tweaks - Leveled Lists
    Rare Items - Rare items less common, smoother transition in item quality.

    Level Scaling MOD - Creates static levels for unique NPCs and creates level caps for NPCs.

    No Obsolete Loot and Enemies - Spawns loot and enemies up to 30 level higher or lower than you, making some encounters more challenging and others easier.

    Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul - Sets level caps for NPCs and creates more realism in the game. Actually seems pretty good.

    Tweaks - UI/Camera
    Colored Map - Replaces the ingame map with a colored version.

    BT Mod - Makes inventory font smaller, making it much easier to scroll through items.

    Third Person Crosshair Fix - This changes every NPC in the world into a small, furry bunny. It also possibly adds a crosshair to 3rd person view.

    Chase Camera Mod - Removes camera swing delay, 'elastic camera' when moving forward and back, and camera movement during walking.

    No More Annoying Messages - Removes messages such as 'Your horse is stabled..." and "Loading Area...'

    Armor Degradation Alerter - An armor that alerts you once armor 'health' has reached zero. I don't know. I think it's fairly pointless.

    WZ Inventory - makes the inventory screen into a grid, much like Morrowind. Even better, there's a button to change it back to the original list view in game. So no reason not to get this one, really.

    Tweaks - Other
    Arcane Velocity - Increases speed of spells once fired.

    Marksman Velocity - Increases speed of arrows once fired.

    Axebane's Hunters Mod - Increases Pelt values for profitable hunting.

    Gem Price Fix - Increases the worth of gems tenfold for more realistic prices.

    Lighter Alchemy Ingredients - Self explanatory.

    Sparring Mod - Adds an NPC to spar with.

    Brighter Torches - Just incase you need to see what's about to kick your ass.

    Droppable Lit Torches - Dropped torches stay lit, like in Morrowind. (The Author is our very own PeeperStorm.)

    Unofficial Fixes
    Skill Reward Fix - Temporary fix for skills getting stuck after you recieve them as quest rewards.

    Unoffical Patch - A pretty extensive patch.

    Saved Game Manager - Manages saved games.

    Kyorisu's Saved Game Manager - No one's tried this. It might turn your game orange (or not.) Looks pretty good though.

    Mod Manager - "This is a utility for managing plugins, and also for packing them for distribution."

    Oblivion Content Validator- Validates textures, soundfiles, and other stuff.

    Mod Conflict Detector - Does just what it says it does.

    Texture Replacer - A command-line tool to replace .NIF textures in Oblivion and Morrowind.

    Vampire Mods
    Drokk's Vampire Mod - Balances vampires and makes them more 'traditional.'

    Weapon/Item Packs
    Deadly Clutter - Ever wanted to kill someone with a spoon? Maybe shove a rake in their face? Now you can! Now if only they had a spork.

    Art of War Weapon Pack 1 - Adds a small collection of weapons such as a kukri, templar longsword, and so on.

    Hope's Edge - If any of you remember the Almalexia Thread over in Morrowind Hints & Spoilers, I would often talk about having a gigantic sword. There was a mod in Morrowind to give my character such a weapon, but this is far better. And yes. It's a massive, massive sword.

    Pokeballs! - Ok, so this sounded really stupid at first. But honestly, the concept seems fun. You can use the pokeballs (or a set of 'dwemer pokeballs' that have been reskinned accordingly) to capture NPCs or creatures. I assume when you release them, they act like summoned creatures.

    Robe Pack - Adds something like 8 reskinned robes to the game. Pretty cool.

    Daggerfall Books - Adds all the books from Daggerfall to Oblivion.

    All Armors - Can't remember if I added this already. It unlocks all the armor types in the game, such as that pretty white armor from the Captain of the Guard.

    Defensive Staves - Adds a lot of new staffs to the game. They're used defensively though.

    Alternative Light Armor - Accomplishes some of what All Armors does--this makes some light armors available (such as Pit), but will also make some sets of clothing count as armor. Personally, I like the hunter. The amazon-bra thing going on is a good choice.

    More Shields - Adds some more shields to the game. What more to say? Not terribly creative, but it gives the player more choice.

    Orcasm's Shadow Targe - Also located up in the thief section, this is a shield directed towards Dark Brotherhood members. It's very dark and mysterious.

    Wilderness Changes
    Wilderness Creature Lists - Spawns more creatures away from roads. Randomized creature lists add more variety to encounters.

    TRCs Encounters - Spawns more creatures in the world, including many passive ones. Adds more life to Tamriel.

    Blue Lagoon Water- Water no longer murky when diving.

    Less Fog Underwater - Like the previous mod, but less drastic.

    Sky Climates Mod - Adds a wide variety of climates.

    Natural Environments - "Natural Environments is an attempt to enhance the original appearance of Oblivion's weather and water components."

    Louder Nirnroot Sound - Those things make noises. Now you can hear them all the more... better... for... hearing. With.
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    Are links to nudie mods allowed here?

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    We allowed links to the Better Bodies mod, so I would say yes. That decision may change though.

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    i can't verify this right now since it appears that the elder scrolls mods download site is down, but the "hide and sneak" is the same thing as "attack and hide"... i just named it the wrong thing in my post!! there are several different versions of attack & hide though, there is a 2.0 now with selectable difficulties, so make sure you link to it

    p.s. great list!! keep em coming people! i will probably continue to look at all the newly released mods every day and keep posting interesting ones

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    This summer I'm thinking about making a mod that merely copies a current dungeon that I like, and puts mobs in it.

    What's special is that the mobs will be static, and will be balanced around what I am capable of killing. You'll see a variety of mobs(melee/magic/ranged/thief), all of which are a challenge for me to kill.

    Most of them will have special abilities that will be unnegatable(The mage will ignore magicka resistance, and the warrior damage resistance. Hopefully the CS supports this).

    And I'll, of course, include a character that is equivalent to Tuco.

    Yes, I'm spamming your thread, Ryushi, delete this post if you want it cleaner.

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    Oh, no, feel free. All posts below the first are inconsequential. I'll copy any links provided into my first post, making everything accessable.

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    You dare call my post inconsequential?

    You have drawn a line this day; I shall return the favor by drawing lettuce.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RarRar
    Are links to nudie mods allowed here?
    Yeah where is our Oblivion Sex mod?

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    I'd be all flattered and stuff if you added my modest first contribution to your list. It lets you use dropped torches as permanent light sources, in much the same way as torches and lanterns and candles (oh my!) in Morrowind:

    And remember, Tuco, when drawing lettuce use the green crayon.
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    Blood? I thought he said he was drawing lettuce.

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    You win this round, rogue. But you shall rue the day you crossed me, Ryushi!

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    I think you should add the "Compass Marker Reducer" there as well, for those of us who prefer exploring and finding things for ourselves instead of having a radar telling us where everything is from five kilometers away... I don't have a link for it, but I'm sure somebody has.
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    Here's another saved game manager. I haven't tried it.

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    Put these on your list too,

    Bloom HDR, for older video cards

    Grass Density, for more fps

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    Peeperstorm: Does your mod make ALL torches lit (ala ones lieing around in NPC's houses) or just the ones the player drops?

    Can things catch on fire in this game?

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    Hello, Thiefy chaps. I found a blackjack mod

    Thread here


    - The Blackjack doesn't do any damage
    - You have to sneak behind the NPC for the Blackjack to be effective
    - Instead of paralyzing the NPC he'll be knocked down in my mod (with ragdoll and all)
    - You can pickpocket everything from the unconscious NPC by just "using" him.
    - The NPC is unconscious for only 1 minute in my mod

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    When he wakes up does he aggro on you?

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    Note: When posting new mods, please please save me a few precious seconds by linking directly to the mod host (TESsource or Planet Elder Scrolls) instead of linking to the TES Forums. The posts on the forums will likely become dated and broken sooner.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tuco
    When he wakes up does he aggro on you?
    If not, it probably wouldn't be hard to make him... not aggressive. Each hit can set his 'fight' (not sure what the values are called in Oblivion) to 0, or cast some sort of silent (and unseen) calming spell.

    And maybe if the player has his weapon drawn when he wakes up, the guy will attack.
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    frenzy spell -- you can cast it on someone in town and they will go out trying to kill all the other npc's

    bigger dremora -- makes the dremora more imposing by making them i think 1.5 times larger

    juvenile mod -- adds a conversation tree that says "show me your tits"

    life 1.2c -- this apparently adds a lot of npcs in the towns of chorral and anvil... not sure what they do though

    better grass textures - makes the grass textures have less patterns on them

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    LOD Normal Map Replacement

    This improves the looks of shadows on distant land. I had it crap out when i used a save where i stood outside dating before the installation of the mod, so better go inside, save, then install. Somewhat minute, only noticeable in areas with wide view but should come with zero performance loss (does for me). Wish i had this and the other LOD mods installed when i first left the sewers. "Whu? Operation Flashpoint?"

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    Peeperstorm: Does your mod...
    I have yet to see a torch "lying around" in Oblivion that I didn't put there myself. They all seem to be in containers and inventories, so it's a moot question.

    It would be cool if you could set fire to stuff. Unfortunately, no.

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    It would be interesting if there was a mod that allows ai to pickpocket you and if you notice them doing it, you can attack them without guards having a problem with that.

    I wonder if a mod could be created to give ai more radiant ai abilities - just for the fun of seeing random destructive and stupid things happen!

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    Can someone explain what the extension .omod is on some of these files such as the color map? Is it not possible to use .esm anymore ?

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    Don't worry about it. Some mods, such as the map, simply add new textures. There's no need to make an esp file (I think it's impossible to do anyway.) Just follow the instructions included with the mods.

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    To use .omod files you need the Mod manager

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