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Thread: Oblivion Guides

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    Oblivion Guides

    Guides as posted by forum goers:

    Deadric Shrine Locations and Offerings | Tells you where to find every Daedric Shrine and the offering needed to summon the Daedric Prince or Princess.

    Sigil Stone Powers | Useful for seeing the different effects given by sigil stones.

    House Buying Guide | Gives the price of houses and who you can buy them from.
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    PlanetElderScrolls/IGN/Gamespy have built a very complete guide at Currently covers main quests, all guild quests, brotherhood quests, daedra quests, and a few other things - think it will eventually be expanded to everything.

    Gamespot also has Part 1 of their guide out, covering the main quests and all the game mechanics.

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    For whatever reason the page Aerothorn gave the link to doesn't work for me. I get a page with the right-side navigator that ends in

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    However, I found what is probably the same comprehensive guide here.

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    Or use our very own house buying guide:

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