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Thread: Green Emperor Way Where Tower Meets Midday Sun

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    Green Emperor Way Where Tower Meets Midday Sun

    I've spent many-a-hour trying to figure out this quest. After delivering Martin to a safe santuary and figuring out the clues in those books, we find that the clue read "Emporor Way Where Tower Meets Midday Sun" Well, I've wandered around the tower endless times at noon (btw, isn't fun when your a vampire) eyes peeled for anything and haven't found anything that got me anywhere. What do I do? I really don't want to be stuck on this quest forever.

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    Confused me, too.

    Turns out it's the small domed tomb that you get an activate symbol on, but can't activate.

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    You're looking for the Tomb of Prince Camarril. Not hard to find - your compass should point to it. Examine it carefully at noon.

    You'll see a map appearing on it

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    The White Gold Tower's shadow at noon points to the tomb.

    Edit: I can't remember if the tower actually casts a shadow, but the tomb is where the shadow ought to be even if no shadow is actually rendered.

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    It's not the shadow you should be looking at, it's the sun. Go out to the outer edge of the yard and walk around the edge, looking at the tower. If the time is 12 or around it, the sun should be directly above the tower while you are standing in fromt of the tomb. Then just poke the tomb at the right time.

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