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Thread: If at First (One new screenshot)

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    If at First (One new screenshot)

    Iíve occasionally hinted that my first mission in the works, but my references to it so far have never been much more than vague whispers. I was keeping it under wraps to prevent people from waiting for a mission that may never be finished, but I grow more confident as construction progresses. In any case, Iím going to pull back the veil of secrecy a little bit and release a few screenshots. Iíd be happy to hear (read, rather) what you think of them!

    The mission, If at First, is set in the early days of The Dark Project, so I intended my architectural style to emulate the jagged, sooty, ďRussian GhettoĒ appearance of the original City. I thought the clean, colorful, Victorian presentation of The City in T2 was a step in the wrong direction, so I turned back to how I thought The City should have looked. The ragged skylines and looming smokestacks of the Rustmonkey cutscenes were my inspiration. In my interpretation, The City was dark, crumbling, and hostile. Massive wealth lounged amongst incredible poverty, and (if you permit me to get a tad melodramatic, here) ashes drifted on a furnace-seared wind. Needless to say, I never thought The City should be a nice place.

    Can you tell Iím obsessed with Vigilís textures? If it werenít for his stuff, these pictures would frankly look like crap. Thanks a million for the work you do, Vigil. I appreciate it very much.

    I should mention that If at First will not be entirely a "city mission." Most of the gameplay takes place in (surprise, surprise) a manorhouse.
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    Thanks for the screens , they look good . I look forward to playing .

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    It's ugly! But in a lovely, industrial fashion. The orange sky is a great touch and I'm admiring the elevation thing going on. Very impressive!

    You might want to tone the gamma down slightly on the screenshots, they're a tad bright.

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    I love what you've got going on there, I'm also a massive TDP-style fan and don't care much for victorian. Good luck with the rest.

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    I love those screenies. An old Industrial type place, alot like in EraserHead. Brilliant stuff!

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    I LOVE the look of the city in those screenshots!

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    Very nice, a great use of great textures. It is hard to trap that hostile feel of a city, and you seem to be doing it proficiently. Although I'm with TF on the Victorian thing, I'm really looking foward to this. Good luck with your progress.

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    Man. Enviroment can be what determines the difference between a good FM, and a great FM.

    Just looking at that makes me wonder what could be furmenting on the city streets at noon, and rotting in the back alley at night...

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    Nice screens! While I actually enjoyed the victorian setting of Thief 2, in my opinion both styles were unique and neither should be forgotten. Good luck!

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    Wow! Those screen shots make me think of New York, Amsterdam, Des Moines, Paris, Seoul, Los Angeles, parts of Dublin, and East Germany right after they tore the wall down. So I think you met your goal on creating the right atmosphere.


    P.S. This is not intended as a hit on any of those places, it's just the atmosphere they had at the time I visited them.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Those are some great shots! I love the gritty feel to them. Only thing I'd point out is that R Soul's fabulous hi-res turbine model looks bit out of place in the dirty surroundings.

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    Thanks for the kind responses! I have a few more shots to release yet, and more are sure to come later on as construction progresses.

    You have a point, Yandros. I must adjust that.

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    Those pictures look great. I love creeping around in the slums of the city. (not RL of course) I too am working on a manor but it's too soon to release any pics.

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    Absolutely bee-u-tiful! Makes me want to dive in!

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    officially registering my enthusiasm: woohoo!

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    This looks fantastic! Things to keep our spirits up! Right now, I'm having a long dark teatime of the soul and I need something to look forward to...

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    awesome! Nothing like a good grimy city mission lol

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    I like very much. I want to play now. Hope there are rope arrows.

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    Two more shots

    I'll finish off this first preview release with two interior shots from the mission:

    That's all for now, but I plan to update this thread periodically with new images as construction continues.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    That pub looks amazing!

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    It certainly does Yandros. I love it! My only gripe i have is with the huge painting, it's spoiling it. Needs halving in size IMO.

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    Wow- this looks very good. If this helps to inspire you to get it done as fast as possible, I'm glad to help. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

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    You really know how to tease a gal, don't you Spiders?! GREAT screenies! I absolutely love the interior/exteriors! Can't hardly wait!

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    I'm not sure if I'll include the tavern in the final release; I went on a bit of an architectural rampage with it and it pushes the engine to the max.

    Note to DromEders: The many bottles on the shelves (they're mostly bottle5 models) really strain the engine, so if any fellow editors wish to help out, I'd very much appreciate a simple bottle10 (or 20!) object! That just might save the tavern!

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