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Thread: The first FM

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    Your first FM

    I know the subject was discussed thousands of times, but I feel chatty and nothing else comes to my mind.

    My first FM was 'Monastery of St. Fera' I played it with great excitement, I turned crimson on my cheeks and I was so proud when I finished this FM. It was back in 1999. But then I learnt that actually the very first FM was 'Gathering at the Bar' by Trimfect, is that correct? Was it your first FM? If not, what was your first one you played? Did you like it / hate it?
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    My first FM was the Inverted Manse........
    I'll never forget that intro!

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    Ranstall Keep.

    On Halloween...

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    Yes, the first one made was "Gathering at the Bar" it was made as a test mission to see whether it was worth it for LGS to release DromEd to the public and it succeeded handsomely.

    The first one I played was "Order of the Vine". I liked it a lot but I don't know how much of that was the thrill of it being the first one.

    My favorite one is still "Autumn in lampfire Hills".
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    My first fm was bloodstone prison...... Which is still my favourite.!!

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    My first was bloodstone prison also... I remember that my first FM experience involved wandering around outside climbing rocks and trees for an hour or two just trying to find the way in.. Once I made it in, I was blown away...especially with some of the innovations in it that weren't present in any of the OMs... I also played it with a rather off-the-wall style.. I didn't see some of the dark passages and actually travelled places using rope arrows creatively...heh It definitely got me hooked, though.. I believe I remember thinking right from the start that the FMs I was playing were cooler than the OMs...

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    Hey, thanks everybody for posting. Please folks, let us know what was your very first FM you played.

    I also enjoyed Bloodstone Prison a lot!

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    My very first FM was Christine Schneider's "Visit to Lord Ashtons". I felt I made the right choice picking hers too. I was so impressed with her work that it made me want to play more FMs...and have I ever!

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    I think it was The Library for Thief 1.
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    It was "Breakout" from Belboz

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    Doaal's "Mystery Man" Still one of my favorite missions and I've played about 95% of them so far. I know thief is not really supposed to be about "The Dungeon Boss" but in this mission it made sence, at least to me.

    "The Inverted Manse" warrior mode was similar. A few dungeon bosses, but having to defeat them made perfect sence and completed the story/adventure.

    (Can't remember the second one I played. I think it was Lord Edmund Entertains. Another classic early mission.)

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    It was Gonchong's Docks or All Aboard... a pretty good mission in that time. Then came Escape: The Bear Pits and the Skull of Lysander... ah, those were the days... no darkloader, no thiefloader, no nothing, just manually unzip and play...
    I liked them pretty much, though they seem rather plain now...
    I still like Monastery of St. Fera, played it about 8 times back in 2000.

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    Lord Edmund Entertains. I was told it would be a good choice for my first fan mission, and it was.

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    I bought T2 before TG so I started on those FM's in early 2001. The first one was a highly regarded mission which I nevertheless considered (and still consider) highly overrated hence I won't mention the title. The second one was "Embracing the Enemy" which was a much more positive experience; I replayed it last month with plenty of enjoyment.

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    Preno - I remember these missions, I played them, but never finished them. Docks or All Aboard and especially the Skull of Lysander, I liked that one a lot! The only one I finished was Monastery of St Fera, which was my favourite.

    They were good at that time.

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    hello everybody!

    I just started playing thief a month ago or so and have actually just finished my first I was pretty psyched about seeing this thread (which is also my first post in these forums). It was Hightowne Museum and I thought it was way cool. Granted I don't have a whole heck of alot to judge it against (being my first FM and only having played about 1/3 of the way through Gold and Metal Age), but I found it to be really good, straight forward fun...nice layout and several ways to accomplish the main objective. Just plain, all around good. nice work spitter and thanks.

    Does anyone have ideas for a good next try?....preferably something on the smaller side (dial up on the house line, gonna take KOMAG up on his CD offer) and not one of the legendary missions, all of which I am very eager to play, but want to try some good but less famous FMs first


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    jay - all the contest missions from all three contests so far are quite small and mostly pretty good, so you might check those ones out.

    I honest can't remember my first FM, it was in late summer or fall of 1999, when there were only a dozen or so missions out. I think it was either Circle of Strain or maybe The Docks or Prisoner's Revenge or something. Can't remember. But it was Lord Edmund Entertains that really drew me in and got me excited about FMs from then on. At the time the little intro "movie" was extremely cool and the mission was just well made and highly praised, so I was hyped and not let down
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    Welcome to the forum, jay! You're very lucky to have all these marvellous FMs ahead of you to play plus the rest of Thief!

    As Komag say, the contest missions are small and a lot of them are very good. You could try Blackstone Crypt, The Ties that Bind, Eastwater Bank, Hedgerows and Hammerites, or Turte on it's Back. They're all good.

    Some other good, small missions are Just for Show, Best Defence, Ironman, Garrett to the Rescue, Garrett to the Rescue 2, and Snatch and Grab. There are many more of course, these are just the ones that I thought of first. Enjoy!

    As for my first FM, I'm afraid I can no longer remember! I've been playing them for a very long time and it's just disappeared into the mists of time. The first mission to totally catch me, to the point of replaying it multiple times, was Calendra's Cistern. It was also the mission that made me stop lurking on TTLG and post for help! I HAD to find the Observatory and I couldn't wait for someone else to ask. LOL! They haven't been able to shut me up since.

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    Ahem...(SlyFoxx clears throat and beings to speak)

    An ode to the Goddess of the Fan Missions

    There once was a taffer named walker
    Whose nickname began with the night
    She went taffing The Inverted Manse
    It gave her a terrible fright

    She ran from a haunt and a zombie
    And maybe a demon or two
    She found a room full of doors
    And said "I know just what to do!"

    Rending their heads from their bodies
    Collecting them up in a flash
    She added them to her collection
    Along with considerable cash

    A book she discovered near lava
    Along with with a burrick or two
    She took a close passage to safety
    Survived the Manse, how about you?

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    LOL! That's terrific, SlyFoxx.

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    My first FM was Temple of the Forgers, by James Slade. It had its flaws (what didn't back then), but it also had a lot of creativity and, along with other FM's, extended the Thief experience. Still one of the classics.

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    The Temple of the Forgers was indeed nice; the first mission I played that actually had a movie intro... as far as I know, was the first one to have it (not counting Gathering at the Bar). Lord Edmund Entertains was just a day later (according to the file dates, 1/9/2000) and gets second place.
    Jericho: Yeah, the Monastery (and its sequel, Information) used to be my favourite for a long time... and I have to replay the Skull of Lysander once, because I lost the skull on my way back to starting point... the bad is that I never get down to playing all the old FMs again because there are so many new ones I haven't played yet...
    Nightwalker: Nightwalker asking for advice??? Where was I when this happened?
    Anyway, looking at those missions once again, where have all the old authors gone? Looking at the text files, a lot of the old mission makers just disappeared and noone has heard of the since then... I wonder where have they gone?
    Or maybe they're still here at TTLG under different nicks, I don't know.

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    My first FM was 'The Art Of Thievery'. And it's still one of my favourites. It has a great re-play fun and a small download size.
    "Don't dream it - be it!"

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    Ahhhhhh... I remember my first FM... it was with DLoader... it was.... ahhhh... Buisness At Midnight.... ahhhhh.... I HATED IT!!!!!!!!!! I had fun when I played the 1+ hr(s) missions such as Inverted Manse

    Uhhhh.... Dinksmallwood, what does your name mean??

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    Lord Edmund Entertains! about 3 weeks ago followed the next night by The Crypt.

    Jeez I'm hooked now and there are a lot to go....

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