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Thread: T2 FM: Willow Island - 5/10/2000

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    T2 FM: Willow Island - 5/10/2000

    There are plenty of willow island help threads around, but nobody ever made an official announcement for this mission on the forums. I guess it just wasn't as common at the time the first wave of fanmissions arrived. Like every fanmission released these days, this deserves one as well. Here it is, beter late then never. It's also more clearer when everything can be found in one thread.

    To those taffers who missed it back in 2000 and haven't played it yet, this is an old classic that's every thief fan should have played.

    Made by Gonchong, it's one of the best he made.
    Hammerites, Mechanists, Pagans, escaping an island, a mine, it includes a lot of things that make it fun.

    Grab it from
    Thiefmissions :
    The Circle:
    The Keep:


    Earlier threads:
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    For questions search these first before posting here.

    I'm surprised how few reactions this mission received. Even now, when most of the difficulties have been described before, it really deserves some comments from people who played it.

    In my opinion, an official announcement thread on the forums should be made for more missions that haven't got one in the past.

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    I played it a long time ago!
    I will try again!

    Gloria Creep
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    Strange i thought i had played most if not all of the early FMs, will try it sometime. Thanks for the heads up.

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    Good to see this is still remembered

    You won't find this or other old FM's in this forum because they existed before the FM forum was created. The older missions had threads in the Editors Guild (archived version). Here is a link to the original thread

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    Of course, the old forums.
    Thanks for the link Gonchong
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    I remember playing this yeeeeeeeeeeeears ago. It was very fun if I recall correctly, although I do remember some dodgy-looking hedgerows!

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    Riding that Cart was lots of fun. I was amazed that it also span around to face the right direction too. Clever stuff!

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    What I remember of this mission was the cool way it was broken into "chapters", with titlecards for each chapter and a cool little musical riff. I thought it was a nice idea that I don't think I've seen used in any other FM.

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    You realize, this mission is celebrating (yesterday)it's 6th Birthday, right? HAPPY B-DAY, WILLOW!

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    my favorite part was the
    life support machine

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    This was one of the first fanmissions released for Thief 2.
    Now that I played it again I can say it's still a very fun fanmission.
    Admitted, I found it no longer as impressive as it was when I first played it (flawed graphics for example).
    But even these days, when fanmissions have made a big jump forward, it can compete very well with today's standards.
    It shows that this is a classic and not to be missed by anyone who enjoyes Thief 2.

    The strongest point of Willow Island to me is the way how to the story progresses.
    The Acts messages, that appear when you enter a new part of the mission, is very special and never seen in any other mission.
    Compliments for those , it feels like playing a campaign. And the soundtrack that can be heard when the next act is started, adds a lot to the atmosphere and feel of the mission.

    Another thing I like are the three religions (Hammers, Pagans and Mechanists) living on the island, every one having their own environment, architecture and stories.
    It's interesting to read about how the hammers and mechanists deal with eachother, the pagans are caught between them, and how some of them escaped imprisonment.
    Freeing the pagan girl, and leading her back to the others, was fun. Pity that it didn't resulted in a bonus objective .

    Other things worth mentioning are the car ride through the mine, some original items (hammer lockpick, message from bottle), and the detailled instruction how to Hammer your opponent .

    Gonchong, of all the missions you made this is one of my favorites. Willow Island is second, after Ill Repute
    It's great to see that you're still around after so many years.

    Difficulty: Expert
    Time Taken: 1 hr 23 min 19 sec
    Loot found: 6736 out of 6916
    Secrets found: 3 out of 3

    I've read that Willow Island is part of a series. Hammerhead was the first part, Willow Island the second, and I believe the turtle on it's Back is the last, right?
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    That's the order they were released... Kind of ends on a cliffhanger, though, doesn't it?

    While Willow Island is quite good, my favorite Gonchong FM has to be Of Ill Repute. I mean, come on ... what's not to love about it?

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    I didn't knew Gonchong made Ill Repute. In that case I have to change what I wrote earlier

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    The first in the series was "The Docks" (T1/T2), though there isn't much link plotwise. The docks had references to "Shunned" also. In fact they all reference each other a little.

    More recently, I co-built "Down among dead men" in T2X, as well as the aforementioned "Ill Repute".
    "Special Vintage" (T3) was slipped out under the radar as well, though this was more of a T3 editing test than anything.

    I'm currently working on Half Life 2 stuff.

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    What a great little mission to replay while waiting for some new FM's. If you haven't played it you really should!
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    Funny you should mention that. I just replayed this mission 2 days ago and was thinking the same thing.

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    Deffinately worth playing if you haven't. This was one of my favs back in the day, been awhile but I think I'd still enjoy it. I still remeber the mine car ride.

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    LOOKING for?

    Hammer lockpick...Never mind, I found it.
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    I havent played this before and I see if has fog - so i can try oput ati tray tools fog fix on my GTX280

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    Just completed this on expert, very fun mission, loved the mining carts!
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    Does anyone have the secret list?
    I got only 2 (both in hammers building.

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    I remember discovering a secret by jumping to the other mine rails over the lava, but nothing more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PotatoGuy View Post
    I remember discovering a secret by jumping to the other mine rails over the lava, but nothing more.
    Ok, probably this is my missing secret. I thought of that, but was afraid of crushing. I tried to jump on to the rails in the room with the lil' bot, but just managed to get killed by the mining carts, so I gave up trying to jump where the secret seems to be.

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    Safe combination?

    Found it thanks!

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    Does anyone have a loot list for this, I just finished this mission with all the secrets but I was missing some loot here are my totals:
    Total:6636 out of 6916

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