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Thread: Freebies for everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowcat View Post

    A nice Flash game. Slightly like Portal.

    So how do I get the second highest point/capsule/whatever on level 5b?

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    That game was the motherfucking cat's ass. The best part? No stupid cake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    So how do I get the second highest point/capsule/whatever on level 5b?
    You need to let the ball gather plenty of momentum before sending it in. i.e. Don't touch anything for a while after you start the level.

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    Location: East Achewood, CA is hosting an indie gaming competition. Theme: Procedural Generation:

    The theme of this competition was Procedural Generation, a concept that has been employed in video games before, but which still has a lot of unexplored potential. The focus for this competition was on creating games that provide a new experience for the player every time he or she plays. This was our biggest turnout yet with a whopping 61 entries! Please VOTE!
    One randomly picked from the front page:

    Hello !

    I would like to enter this competition, I hope it's open to anybody.

    I started to make a "procedural" tower defense game.
    At the beginning, the game asks you to drag & drop any file in it, and then generates the level and the enemies from the file's content.

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    This is quite possibly the most epic version of Pong out there. (Note that only Pong Solo is freeware; you'll have to pay up for Pong Project, which offers multiplayer and a few other things.)

    It may not sound that impressive, but watch this video and you'll soon understand.

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    Holy cow, that looks awesome!

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    I still think Plasma Pong wins for best pong spin-off.

    (it gets a lot crazier on the higher levels)

    It also has a sandbox feature where you can just play with the plasma, which is a whole fun thing in itself.
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    Yeah, I like to let it run like a screensaver when I'm listening to a podcast or certain music, it's quite soothing.

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    Awesome flight game, aeronauts.

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    I second that. Great fun.

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    Isn't it, though? Very high quality, extremely fun, rewarding as Hell, and surprisingly professional for an indie game.

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    Ben There, Dan That

    If you love Lucasarts adventures, you would be crazy to ignore Ben There, Dan That!.

    Seriously, just download it and start playing it right now.

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    Genuinely funny. Just when I was thinking there isn't enough good banter in games these days.

    I played this today - Psychosomnium.
    Short, stylish, surreal. Mario + Knytt + a little IWBTG.
    Generally speaking this guy makes pretty cool little vignettes.

    Edit: BTW, Don't miss looking at his other games (Clean Asia is his biggest release so far).
    haha, bite sized moral tale: SpaceFuck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gunsmoke View Post

    Awesome flight game, aeronauts.
    I just got to play this, and I'm really impressed. The controls are very responsive and it's just a much better flight sim than Flysis/Air Rivals/whatever the hell it's called now.

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    I don´t know which ones of these do qualify as really new.

    This one for sure doesn´t but I haven´t seen it mentioned in this thread: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

    There´s been a thread about this one: Babylon 5 on a modified Freespace 2 engine: The Babylon Project

    For those with PhysX-Cards: CellFactor: Revolution and Warmonger basically PhysX tech demos masquerading as games.

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    Ben There, Dan That is so good but I'm stuck at the church where you have to light some candles according to the Bible verses. I'm clueless as to how the verses tell me anything. Can anyone help?


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    There's not really a trick to it.

    Verses with a fire burning = light the associated candle.
    Verses with the wind blowing = blow on the associated candle.

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    Final Ninja (Flash game)

    Was over at a friends place last night and we found this game surfing around on random and ended up playing it for hours. Quite possibly the best Flash game I've played so far. Technically, it's impressive as hell. How they made the camosuit effects or the physics of the rope with just Actionscript I have no idea. The graphics are top-notch as well. And, of course, the gameplay is great.

    edit: alright I beat all 20 levels of Final Ninja. I'm a bad enough dude. Final score: 2318 no biggie YOU BETTER ALL BE PLAYING THIS SHIT

    The stealth aspects of the game are there from the beginning, about half way through you might notice that hiding helps getting past certain enemies and by the final 3 levels stelthing like MASTER NINJA is a must.

    Float like a butterfly/sting like a killer bee
    your hands can't hit/what your eyes can't see
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    I've been playing a lot of Toribash recently, which is good fun. It's a turn-based fighting game. Online multiplayer is good fun. Be sure to check out the Replays menu!!

    Found via Top 100 Indie Games

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    That "Top 100" list left off one of the best parts IMO about their #2 game, Deadly Rooms of Death, which is that the Freeware version ("Architect Ed.") has 100s of fan made holds. You could play this game forever and it never gets old.

    And as the site says, "The best puzzle series of all time", although it's as much a dungeon-crawl as a puzzle game.

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    From the looks of it, the Quest for Glory 2 VGA remake will be released tomorrow.

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    Madagascar o9 o9

    I did manage to wipe everyone out but only because I started in Madagascar. The Iggles parasite spread to every country in the world unnoticed, due to having no symptoms, before being upgraded into a horrific, deadly plague.

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    Pandemic is a bit simplistic in the gameplay aspect but is worth a try.

    Wohooo! Red Alert!!!

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