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Thread: Freebies for everyone!

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    Registered: Sep 2004
    Location: Spain
    Vigil: My mistake. I didn't read thoroughly the specifications for Exult, and thought it was a proper remake. I've changed my original post accordingly. I was also misguided by the title of this thread.

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    Warning Forever (and several other shooters by the same author)

    No Newgrounds? That site has hundreds of Flash games.

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    Location: Tacoma, Washington

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    Warning Forever is in already, Newgrounds added. Link for Gunbound please.

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    Location: Right over here, actually.

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    Irrational Games
    Registered: May 2006

    Another site

    An excellent flash-game review site that has many links to some classics, and usually a new game every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dj_ivocha - tons of Apple II and Apple IIgs games, playable online . Though for now only Internet Explorer is supported, and you have to activate ActiveX. Lots of Sierra classics there as well, which also have better sound than the DOS versions (At least Space Quest 1 does - I just checked).
    You've ruined my life. I pretty much spent the entire memorial day weekend on that site, re-living my childhood.

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    Japanese blog with addictive browser games (bar on the right). Including the original 'Falling Sand game'

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOutrider
    I've added Tribes; T2 indeed is free for download, but if you don't have a key, you're screwed. Gamespy aren't giving out any keys anymore, and without one, you can't play.
    Thats what you think

    I think some servers ran this for a while when the auth servers went down. I dont know if they are still doing it, but it requires you know the IP for the server you want to join and have a join ip script. It was mainly for if the auth servers went down or if sierra discontinued the auth server and we were SOL. I doubt too many servers are running this now though.

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    Little Fighter 2; excellent freeware multiplayer fighting game with hotseat and (limited) Internet support.

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    Hardwar is a good Space sim game like Elite and Freespace, but I can't find the download link for you guys, all I could get was this.

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    It ain't legal freeware, as the page explicitly makes clear. Abandonware doesn't count otherwise we'll be here forever.

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    El Pato
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    Location: Under your fingernails.

    Thanks, y'all!!!

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    Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
    Those servers hosting Frespace are ALWAYS out of bandwidth!

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    General freeware games site I prefer, with apparently frequent updates:

    Lots and lots of retro remakes:

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    Three remakes of Paradroid:


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    You missed a recent one:

    In fact, Ovine's site should probably be in the Remakes - General section at the start of this thread. They've re-made a bunch of excellent games (Imogen, Cholo, and XOR are particular favourites of mine) and are generally a class act.

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    Tons more free games here...

    Edit: Oops, there's already a link to the above site at planetfreeplay, sorry!
    Last edited by sluggs; 19th Aug 2006 at 15:07.

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    I just realized something...

    This thread needs more Scorched3D.

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    El Pato
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    Location: Under your fingernails.

    The thread needs more love!

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    The best & fastest "falling sand"-type game available : Burning Sand.

    And, while I'm at it, I mentioned it on the temp forums but I can't believe I forgot to talk about it here before : Orbiter, a realistic and beautiful space sim.

    EDIT : and on request from MrDuck, some apocalypse sand love
    Last edited by Briareos H; 20th Aug 2006 at 05:48.

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    Location: Vantaa, Finland

    A free game recreating the Light-Cycle scene from TRON, how effin' awesome is THAT?

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    El Pato
    Registered: Jul 2000
    Location: Under your fingernails.

    The more the merrier, keep up with the great work, guys!

    Briareos H. - <3

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    Marathon, Marathon 2urandal and Marathon Infinity for free, compatable with both PC and Mac.

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