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Thread: Freebies for everyone!

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    Thanks Bently, but as they're not all freeware I don't think it'll be accepted.

    Edit: by the way, that Mechwarrior soundtrack link seems to have died; now it redirects you from a parked domain to a wargaming sales site.

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    Okay then, I'll kick that from the list.

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    Glest - free and open source 3D RTS with cross-platform multiplayer support.

    Current multiplayer client is here.

    Mac client.

    Grab the excellent MegaPack with new factions here.

    Maps and custom tilesets are here.

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    Ooh, that looks good. I am so going to try that out!

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    Smayds has released a 'Special Edition' of Veck whilst finishing up work on the rather groovy-looking sequel.

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    The Fancy Pants Adventure

    It's a Flash game, but a funky one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowcat View Post
    Smayds has released a 'Special Edition' of Veck whilst finishing up work on the rather groovy-looking sequel.
    This is still great fun, but it seems a bit harder now. Especially when you get the two-directional fire: the red arrows are a bit too tough to beat then, and they have a certain chance of spawning. That chance would even out to a balance, but the player is actively disrupting that by easily killing everything that's not a red arrow. You end up having to dodge like ten of them at the same time until they die of old age. :/
    This gets even worse the second time around, when even more of them spawn.
    Anyway, I managed to get a higher score than in the previous version (and I feel a sudden urge to brag): 31537449

    I can't wait to see how Veck 2 will play (though I'm not too wild about the YOU CAMP YOU DIE jostling of the player's ship)

    Oh yeah, was anyone else disappointed after it went from OH MY GOD I'M EJALCULATING 100000000000000 BULLETS PER SECOND to pyew-pyew-pyew again?
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    Clonk is a game-or, rather, game series-that gets mentioned a lot in the Cortex Command forums. How should I describe's a sort of 2D real-time strategy game with platforming elements and a robust terrain and object physics system, and that description probably doesn't do it justice. Note that while the latest iteration, Clonk Endeavour, is only shareware, they have a "Clonk Classics" section with all the past iterations for free! Unfortunately, some of these releases may only be in Deutsch, but you can't beat the price of free.

    Another game I'd look into if I had a dual-analog gamepad for my PC(don't have a USB gamepad excluding my Xbox pads, no converter for aforementioned Xbox pads, and no Bluetooth adapter to use my Wiimote)is Mu-cade. Take Geometry Wars or Mutant Storm, and add a physics bent to it. Shots now push things around, not kill whatever they hit. The playfield is limited, so you have to avoid falling off while shooting all those hostiles off. Another interesting aspect is that your ship grows a tail, which gives you some extra mass to prevent being pushed around so much. You can drop this tail to achieve a temporary weapon upgrade, which lasts longer as the tail gets longer. You'll also sometimes need to drop the tail if enough of it dangles over the edge and starts dragging the "head" of the ship down with it.

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    Typhoon 2001 just got updated. Clonk sounds awesome! Definitely going to try that out.

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    Babo Violent 2

    I've just been playing Babo Violent 2. Great fun. Top-down deathmatch and CTF fun.

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    I've scummed some 'new' free games off of a good SomethingAwful thread that deserve a mention:

    Survival Crisis Z - This is the kind of game that makes me mad that I hadn't discovered it when it originally came out. This is a 2.5D, isometric and sprite-based open-ended shooter/trader, featuring a looted, violent, zombie-wasted landscape. Think the city of Malton, real time, with warring gangs and plenty of zombie murder. About as open-ended as Grand Theft Auto, but sadly with no central plot (that I can determine yet). Best part: the developer knows how to exploit old tech style graphics for some sweet atmosphere. The sprite animations allow for dozens of on-screen enemies, and the 3d walls sway dreamily as you move around. And always the thud, thud, of a mildly panicked heartbeat. Also, I don't think I've ever loved a game menu as much as this one's. It's like something left over from the Dharma Project.

    Transcendence - I'd originally panned this game as being a stiff and needlessly complicated Asteroids/Maelstrom clone, until someone described it as 'Nethack in space.' That got my attention. While the gameplay is nowhere as deep as Nethack, the game does have you trading, shooting, even a kind of praying, on your way through progressively deeper space systems/dungeons, drawing closer to the center of the galaxy. A bit stiffly animated and static-feeling, but it has attractive screenshots, and is pretty fun. Have some OCRemix in the background while you play.

    Grid Wars - Apparently a complete rip of Geometry Wars, only free, and with added gameplay. I don't so much go for frenetic action anymore, but it's pretty fun, and does what it does very well. This guy seems to really, really like it.

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    Gamma Bros A great free retro-style shooter!

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    less game, more "strange symbolic flash puzzle" ... but pretty

    The Oculus

    As mysterious as it sounds.
    It took me a while to even figure out there were actual puzzles I was supposed to be solving!
    One thing, though: gorgeous atmosphere.

    Can you figure out the ultimate meaning of the oculus??

    Edit: I found a wiki page that helps if you get really lost here. After reading a bit: part of an alternate reality game, I gather... I found it off Stumble originally, so didn't know what it was. Not sure if I'm disappointed or it makes it more interesting. Depends on how well they pull it off, I guess. Interesting if you're in the mood for that kind of thing.

    Later: ok, ARG for ABC Family's show Fallen... Well, at least that explains why it's so polished. Still pretty cool. But I think I liked it more when I still thought it was indie. This does mean, though, that it won't make much sense unless you watch the show.
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    Link please

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    Sorry. It must have gotten deleted during my edit.
    It's back now.

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    Mouse gameplay reminiscent of a few DS titles (and Wii, surely). Hopefully not choke full of japanofaggotery.

    which i am quite fond of at times tbh

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    I found this blog entry:

    100 of the best legal full version games you can download online

    Some of them have already been posted here, but others haven't.

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    This site is filled with old 8-bit nintendo games you can play online. God i love SMB3
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    Wiki has a list of open source games.

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    Arcade puzzle awesomeness. Like N, but completely different.

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    I came across this game the other day, and it looks pretty good. Unfortunately, it crashes for me; most likely because I'm trying to run it on Win2k, when the requirements are WinXP or Vista.

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    Death Worm
    A fun little game where you play as something that looks like one of those worms from Tremors. Dive up from the ground and snatch people and wildlife and even birds and planes.
    If you dive up underneath a rock, you'll throw it, and it can kill other things. This goes for vehicles too.

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    Eh... I was just coming to post that. I wonder if Jeshibu and I share a secret, that we both, perhaps, browse the same shameful image board.

    This Deathworm game is very much a 'just one more go' kind of game. I recommend it.

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