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Thread: Freebies for everyone!

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    Current Epic giveaway is Sail Forth, two and a bit days left on that one

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    The new Epic freebie is LOVE.

    LOVE is a reductive precision platformer with a minimalist pixel aesthetic and a focus on challenging the player fairly. Set your own checkpoints at any time to make your way across 16 difficult levels while enjoying a 12-track original soundtrack by James Bennett.
    Claim it before January 25th.

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    The Epic freebie between Jan 25th and Feb 1st is Infinifactory.

    And GOG is offering something called Mordheim: City of the Damned for the next 69 hours from this moment.

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    Epic freebie for this coming week: Doors: Paradox

    Looks like a late '90s puzzle game.

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    It's not. It's very much in the vein of mobile puzzle game series The Room and The House of Da Vinci, the latter of which basically shifts The Room's mechanics wholesale to the old master's house. They work by giving you closed spaces to solve puzzles in, usually by tinkering with increasingly elaborate mechanisms embedded in baroque objects of some sort, a la the room escape genre. The Room literally started with a room, but it got more and more involved as the series went on, taking you through, well, many rooms.

    Doors: Paradox gives you a sort of bite-sized version of that, with small levels divided into themes and less of a continuous set of puzzles feeding into an over-arching goal and more 'here's a small gizmo-based level for you to fuck around in and figure out for a bunch of minutes' instead of multi-layered goals stretching across the entire game. It's a decent mobile time waster when you're on a flight or travelling, same as The Room and THoDV.

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    In my mind I actually had the idea of the line from '90s puzzle games to Flash puzzle games to mobile puzzle games -- and now there's this sub-genre of Steam games shoehorning mobile games into the PC space. So I think I would have gotten there if I had thought through it further.

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    Prime's latest giveaway is Fallout through GOG - it's available until March 6th, so plenty of time to pick it up.

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    Doki Doki is worth playing if you haven't already, but you need to go in blind.

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    Awwww yeah it's a good one this week, folks! Dakar Desert Rally is free on Epic!

    I have played QUITE A BIT of this on PS5 and lemme tell ya it's a rally challenge unlike any other. Also a good game if you just wanna drive around in free roam and search for treasure.

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    Just a note, I was thinking of trying to finish Daggerfall and had bought a few oldies on GOG recently so looked there. Turns out the original Daggerfall is free on Gog, with all the config BS handled for you.

    And they have Daggerfall Unity for free as well, which is the same game but with a ton of community visual enhancements added.

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    Epic Freebie: Super Meat Boy Forever

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