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Thread: Void Bastards

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    Void Bastards

    Jonathan Chey's newest project under the Blue Manchu moniker is a single-player sci-fi FPS with comic-book visuals*, where you play as a crew of escaped prisoners, scavenging supplies from derelict space ships, crafting new tools and weapons, and trying to make it out of the Sargasso Nebula. It seems that whenever you die during a mission, you switch bodies to another of your "endless supply of prisoners, each with their own unique traits. When one dies, another steps forward to carry on the fight. Donít worry though, as any crafting progress youíve made is retained from one to another."

    (*) XIII springs more readily to mind than Freedom Force due to the format, but there are some Freedom Force artists working on this.

    Just announced as "coming soon" on GOG (and hopefully not far away as it's out already on Humble Store and Steam).
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    The best part is that the vast majority of the game was developed in Canberra, Australia by many of the former Irrational devs who also worked in the same location.

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    So far it's an okay game. I expected more randomization, my first playthrough was almost identical to those I've seen on YT. E.g. ship layouts seem to be the same for every ship class, only events and enemy types vary a bit.

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    ...and it's released on GOG now. That was quick.

    Only for Windows and OSX at the moment. Hopefully a Linux version is planned.

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    I'm playing this now too, courtesy of the XBox game pass. The permadeath structure makes it super tense. Feels kinda like Teleglitch or Strafe, but with plenty of clever gameplay twists. The focus on conserving ammo means you also gotta focus a lot on locking doors and opting not to shoot certain enemies if you can easily slip by. I like it!
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    It's not a full permadeath, you keep your predecessors' unlocks and resources, so the death itself isn't that punishing. Even the game jokes about how "clients" are expendable.

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    Indeed, but you still loose enough progress that it's giving me the same fear of dying as most permadeath games.

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    I can't get that ID card! I've gotten to the ship with the part several times now but I keep getting OWNED by all these VOID BASTARDS! >:|

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