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Thread: Terra Nova Broken CD, NO

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    Terra Nova Broken CD, NO

    Hey guys, first time poster but long time player of Terra Nova...*I get shivers saying it hehe*..So heres my story

    "gar, I need more space on my harddrive" I said to myself..I should'nt have deleted TerraNova, but I did knowing that I could reinstall it at a later date. I carefully put the TN cd in its cover and placed it on the PC table and walked out, came back an hour later and the cd was its in case, broken, under the chair leg!!!!!I am furious at my darn sister!. GR so bad, She crushed my life

    What I am asking is what was that site where you can download it but only if you have purchased the original CD??..Cos I remembered being linked to a site where u could download it....I just want my baby back

    Thanks guys, Sah'Rhyce

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    You can find it here :

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    The Brain

    Thank you so very much, you're a king!!!

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