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Thread: Thief 2 FM: Lovely Night (6/2006) discussion

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    Thief 2 FM: Lovely Night (6/2006) discussion

    Hello all, I originally created this for contest 4 I believe but I had to move and lost internet so I couldn't enter. It is a small mission and not awesome or anything - just a small quaint mission where I played around with things. However, I need ONE person to come forward and offer to beta it because I need to know if other computers will see it like mine (see, it is Dedx and that is installed on mine so it naturally sees everything - I need to know what is missing and if the zip structure is right. The first person to offer will be the beta tester - I only need one. Thanks all!

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    Figuring out what you used from DEDx and what files to include in the mission ZIP isn't that difficult - I'll be happy to do that for you. Just email me the ZIP.

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    Ah yes...That was my problem for Ottoj55's Novice contest. Now I always add the files I need to the zip AS I build. It makes for much easier packaging in the end. Poor old Evendale...
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    Hey man, I'll do the same for Evendale while I'm at it. Is the version at Thiefmissions still the one to use?

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    Lovely little mission and it would be even lovelier if I could find the key to the roof top door(which I'm assuming is the way out)

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    Check the bathroom carefully.

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    dml to fix some issues: Secret count, objects

    DML1//Lovely Night//Secret Count//UN//miss20.mis.dml
    -ObjProp 803 "PhysType"
    +ObjProp 803 "PhysType"
    "Type" None
    "# Submodels" 0
    -ObjProp 803 "Position"
    +ObjProp 803 "Position"
     "Location" 492.38,542.58,482.74
     "Heading" 0
     "Bank" 0
    -ObjProp 105 "PhysType"
    +ObjProp 105 "PhysType"
    "Type" None
    "# Submodels" 0
    -ObjProp 105 "Position"
    +ObjProp 105 "Position"
     "Location" 506.42,463.31,484.19
     "Heading" 0
     "Pitch" c485
    -ObjProp 17 "DarkStat"  
    -ObjProp 200 "DarkStat"
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