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Thread: All Dark Messiah videos

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    Thanks Tony. I'm going to sticky this page and hopefully we can all add links to any additional media for Dark Messiah.

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    There is a new one, the Assassin video, now at the bottom of the first post.

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    Just watched the mage video.

    This is a totally minor gripe in the grand scheme of things, but it would be nice if the player character's hands didn't disappear off the screen when you change spells. You can kinda explain it for the other classes as you're changing physical weapons (although with the body awareness, it's a shame that you don't see yourself actually un/sheathing those weapons IMO -- I know it would be slower, but I think it would also be more immersive), but with the mage it just looks a bit weird. The hands disappear off screen and pop back up wearing a different effect based on the spell you just selected. It would just look really slick if there was a smooth animation between the two states. The way it is, it looks like the mage can only cast a spell with his hands by his side or something, which kinda goes against the gesturing that fantasy worlds typically require of their sorcerers.

    That aside, it's looking fun :)

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    I agree with you shadowcat, though it's such a small thing. I remember really liking how in Hexen 2 the mage changes spells by flipping the pages in his spellbook.

    The assassin video looks hot! I didn't think I'd particularly like to play as one, but the video has certainly changed my mind. I love the brutality of all the combat, seems far more realistic than other first-person melee games.

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    You're right. They don't quite have a "full body" system as they claim. No hands are seen when climbing ropes and pulling levers. Still, this did not ruin immersion for me in Thief and it didn't in Arx Fatalis. It would be a nice thing to have but I'm not going to cry about it.

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    Woohoo! Multiplayer footage! It looks good; perhaps a little heavy on the magic, but then that is to be expected in any game where players are given the option of being a mage.

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    With 12 differents spells, this will lead to an incredible amount of animations to have all the possibility of combinaisons... That's the main raison of this choice...
    As for Body awareness during rope's climbing or ladder... well, hands and body are there... it's just than in the video, the player don't look at them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blutch
    With 12 differents spells, this will lead to an incredible amount of animations to have all the possibility of combinaisons... That's the main raison of this choice...
    Understood. I certainly would not expect customised hand-made animation for every possible combination. I was thinking more of some kind of automated blending if it were possible. Even just a basic On and Off animation for each spell using a standard neutral start/end position would be cool. Instead of dropping off screen the hands would just drop to the neutral position as the previous visual effect faded away, and then move into the new position as the new effect faded in. The fade-away for each spell could probably just be the fade-in played in reverse, so it could maybe be achieved with just 12 animations.

    I'm not expecting this to happen of course, but please feel free to at least consider it :)

    Nice to hear from you in any case, and best of luck with the game!!

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    Aye, thank you for informing us hopeless addicts of your progress!

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