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Thread: Your Name Part Deux !!! (Read the 1st post.)

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    How much accounts does have right now?
    I've managed to setup a pretty handy mail server with NextCloud + Postfix + Dovecot, it's not that expensive, so if this is some manageable amount of accounts, I could help - including with the actual server, it's setup etc.
    Migration is another story though, but we could at least migrate accounts themselves without their actual data (and make users migrate data manually).

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    I suppose everyone got the CortexReaver email about the accounts being deleted on June 20th. A question though : How much would it cost to switch the email domain for Trioptimum to a paid one? Would everyone chipping in a few bucks be sufficient to keep it alive?

    Edit : $12/user/month according to :

    F that!!

    Though, apparently there’s a way to keep the free accounts on the Triptimum domain provided CortexReaver can switch it to this plan before the end of June. See this :
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    I've been reading about migration between google accounts. Seems the only thing that's not migratable is google play. I will have to buy aaaaaall apps again. And only if I could -- the payment is postponed in russia.

    I'd pay for g-suite, but it's not possible as well -- paypal doesn't work anymore, and russian banking system was cut from the world.

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