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Thread: System Shock 2 (NewDark 2.48) Mapping

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    System Shock 2 (NewDark 2.48) Mapping

    Hello folks.

    According to this topic on TTLG, I was able to acquire the "service release" of the unpublished game source code. Among that, there are .h/.cpp files for System Shock (note sure if 1 or 2). Also, there's a debug version of DromEd with debug symbols. Now.. making use of the combination of these files, I was able to map the symbolic names of structures, functions, etc. in the latest NewDark binary for SS2. Things kinda look like this:

    I've mapped over 1K symbols so far and will continue doing so till I'm happy with a large amount of symbolic names. This will be a done only on the 2.48 ss2.exe, as everything you see in the above was identified and mapped manually. If there would be an update in the future, that's that. You will have to base any research/reverse-engineering work off this one executable.

    Having said that:

    1) Would there be an issue sharing the x64dbg database with the community?
    2) Would there be an issue sharing the ss2.exe (the NewDark 2.48 version) with the community?
    3) Would there be an issue sharing the leaked DromEd.exe with debug symbols (dbgdrom.exe + dbgdrom.pdb)?

    I learned a lot from all of the above and wanted to share my findings with the people here.

    Best regards,

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    How is this useful?

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