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Thread: FU 95 and sourcecode

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    FU 95 and sourcecode

    Dear all,
    I was wondering if anybody knows what has happend with the source code to Flight Unlimited 95 (or the DOS version). Since the company is no longer with us (unfortunately) and the game is old and unsupported in terms of updates. Maybe it could be released in some kind of GPL license.

    I have no idear what I am asking according to rights manegement etc etc. so please don't flame me. I just think (as a software developer) it could be intersting to look at. Maybe we even could make small additions. For instance I sure would like to know how far off the aerobatic box I am :-)

    Thanks for your time.

    Best regards

    PS I have had the funniest weekend in a long time after I got FU95 to work on my current WinXP computer.

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    Looking Glass' assets were sold off after the collapse. If the sourcecode still exists, it's collecting dust on some forgotten harddrive buried in the backroom of some random office building somewhere in Massachusetts.

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    That is really sad if it is the case... but I would'nt be surprised if you are correct.

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