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Thread: The Assasin at Sir Ganrish House

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    Black Rat

    The Assasin at Sir Ganrish House

    Fanmission "The Assasin at Sir Ganrish House" on

    Can anyone send me a walkthrough or at least give me a hint how to start.

    I climbed the ladder up, but cannot get through the windows. And the many guards are very tough to get to the entrance.

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    Skeptic Intruder

    Don't go through the windows, rope arrow up to the balcony.

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    Black Rat

    I tried to shoot on the balcony, but a wooden pice on the wall is right for the row arrow.

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    Black Rat

    Now I'm stuck again.
    I have seen the room with the dining table on ground floor and the balcanoy with the power-machine in the far east. How to find cell No.3?

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    Black Rat

    I found by myself: A door in the hall with the dining tables, that can be opened with the golden key.

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    Registered: May 2005
    Finished on Easy in 25 minutes. Blackjacked every guard and servant, killed the thief in the prison area, and was slightly short of the loot goal at the end. Searching through the now empty mansion for a second time was a bit exhausting. Eventually I found the door to the attic that can be unlocked with the red key. Around a third of the loot in the mission is up there. This pushed me over the goal and I ended with 1105 of 1255 .

    The Assasin [sic] at Lord Ganrish appears to be one of the least discussed fan missions for Thief: The Dark Project: A search for threads with the keyword "Ganrish" in the title brought up only two threads and a total of eight posts. I can understand why that is: It is one of many less than stellar mansion burglaries. The rooms, while relatively believable, are mostly square and symmetrical. There is your standard assortment of reading rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchen areas. If you played hundreds of fan missions, you have seen this a hundred of times. There are no surprises and no puzzles. The difficulty level is so low most players will be able to finish it without needing assistance. There is just not much to discuss here.

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