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Thread: The Assasin at Sir Ganrish House

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    Black Rat

    The Assasin at Sir Ganrish House

    Fanmission "The Assasin at Sir Ganrish House" on

    Can anyone send me a walkthrough or at least give me a hint how to start.

    I climbed the ladder up, but cannot get through the windows. And the many guards are very tough to get to the entrance.

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    Skeptic Intruder

    Don't go through the windows, rope arrow up to the balcony.

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    Black Rat

    I tried to shoot on the balcony, but a wooden pice on the wall is right for the row arrow.

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    Black Rat

    Now I'm stuck again.
    I have seen the room with the dining table on ground floor and the balcanoy with the power-machine in the far east. How to find cell No.3?

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    Black Rat

    I found by myself: A door in the hall with the dining tables, that can be opened with the golden key.

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