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Thread: Oblivion expansion spotted.

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    My Oblivion has a rumble...

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    How odd. Mine has more of a squork.

    To Nick: Don't you think it's up to the PS3 owners whether or not they want to buy it...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garriath View Post
    Don't you think it's up to the PS3 owners whether or not they want to buy it...?
    I think there will also be a clash between PC users and console players. It was the same with Thief 3 and X-box. Commenting on the problems with the console version is often just a thinly veiled attempt to illustrate the PC's superiority.

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    I do think that some of the things that were criticised about the PC version (texture resolution and interface, for instance) were due to their planning some elements first and foremost for the XBOX360, so that is more or less a valid point. However, if the PS3 is going to get Oblivion, how would that reflect on the PC version?

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    To Nick: Don't you think it's up to the PS3 owners whether or not they want to buy it...?
    yes i do
    but that would be like putting an xbox game on the NES

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    Bump: Knights of the Nine released

    Just a quick post to say that Eurogamer has posted a review of the ''''''expansion'''''...

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    To be fair, the labeling on the package does NOT state the word expansion. I think this term was provided by the content jockeys (gamespot, fileplanet, etc.)

    the game is labled "Oblivion Downloadable Content Collection"

    At 19.99 US its cheaper than downloading and provides a nice DVD stile case to store the contents (rather than a CDR). The thing I hate the most about it is that once you install the plugins, they are instantly added to your journal as new quests. So there will be NO searching for anything.

    Still, its professionally done and I think its worth the money. Also, still no crippeling anti-consumer copy protection/activation/etc.

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    Oblivion expansion confirmed, for at EB Games I saw "The Elder Scrolls IV, Knights of the Nine"

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