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Thread: Wow! Just... wow!

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    Wow! Just... wow!

    (Maybe you're already aware of this subject; maybe you are all playing Oblivion and don't even care, but I think this is quite a wonderful achievement, so I'm posting it here).

    So. I was bored the other day and started browsing the Morrowind forums over the ElderScrolls site (yeah, yeah, I know; I've already said I was bored, 'kay?). Soon I spotted a thread by the funny title "Would you like an Engine Update for Morrowind?". Yeah, right, that's very likely to happen, was my first thought, but I started to read it. Nothing terribly interesting, as I had expected: lots of wishful thinking that will never happen.

    But the fifth post had a link to something very intriguing called Timeslip's Infinite View Distance. I clicked the link and... well, the first thing I saw was the downloadable trailer. The 'Official Extended Trailer' weigths some 80+ MBs, so before I started the download I tried to find out what this mod (or program) was about. There are some links to pictures showcasing the program in action, so I open the first one and...

    WOW... just wow...

    After admiring the image in complete awe, I promptly downloaded the trailer. The tagline of this project says: 'See Morrowind like it's never been seen before'... and they're damn right!

    By now I'm starting to sound as if I'm trying to sell something to you, so I will end this post with three pictures and the link to the trailer, so you can judge all by yourselves:

    And the high quality version of the trailer.

    Isn't it amazing?

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    That last pic looks really strange. I presume there are a couple of other mods running too. Unless Solstheim looks that strange (particularly towards the east) and the Bitter Coast seems to have flooded.

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    That picture is correct, though the angle is... unflattering. Also, I suspect the Bittercoast looks flooded because a large part of that area is water. Land is so scarce that at a distance you can't even see the tiny islands, even if there are so many.

    That looks fantastic though. If I still played Morrowind, I'd download it. How does it do performance wise?

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    Sweet jebus! that would just about melt my computer i think.
    Btw, anyone know how to adjust the clipping distance on the xbox version?

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    You don't. If you want to mod anything in a game, don't buy the console version.

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