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Thread: Upcoming & Abandoned FMs List

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    "hunting treasure"

    my mission has reached 80 % of progress, hopefully should be finished by the next month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phantom
    - 1 project moved from the abandoned to upcoming FM list: Thief 2 Gold
    Hmm, is this in reference to the one mission that Bulgarian Taffer is working on?

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    Yes, Thief 2 Gold was put back up because of this.
    Even though BT stated it will become a seperate mission, I consider it the campaign that is being worked on once again.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    If so, he's only using it as a base, he's not trying to create a real T2G mission that would fit into the storyline. You might want to make that distinction, Phantom.

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    Hmm, you're right Russ.
    I don't want to let everyone think Gold is still alive. Guess it's going back to the dump next update

    Bulgarian_Taffer, if you read this, I'm happy to put your name in the list instead.

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    Hi Pedro,

    Hunting Treasure? Cool! I can hardly wait!

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    My upcoming first

    I'm working on a T2 mission "Stealing Faith" (I think.. I keep changing the title). It's a City/Hammerite mish with some focus on the elusive Smith-in-Exile (still wondering btw if anyone else wrote a mission like this.. I have fears about accidental plagiarism

    Percent done? Pfft.. I have no idea. It's my first. But I'm near complete with the total 'world-building' whatnot and have yet to add objectives, EAX, fluff, etc. I'm guessing ready for beta test in 2-3 mos if work continues to be slow. Dromed has stolen my life!
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    Update of the Upcoming missions list

    - 2 authors added: cardia1 (Hunting Treasure), pukey brunster (Stealing Faith)
    - 1 author removed: redleaf (Hammer Girls' Dress Party)
    - changed the name of MH.TheFreak into PsymH
    - filled in the definitive name for PsymH's FM in development: The Mirror of the Return
    - new screenshots for the missions of the authors: darthsLair, Moghedian, nicked, PsymH, R Soul, Sensut, Yandros
    - latest news about the missions of the authors: Alexius & Team, And, Catman, gaetane, kfort, Moghedian, nicked, PsymH, R Soul, Sensut, Shadowspawn, theImmortalThief, Yandros
    - filled in the Current status for the missions of the authors: Catman, PsymH
    - updated the Current status for the missions of the authors: Alexius & Team, gaetane, Moghedian, theImmortalThief, Yandros
    - filled in an Estimated release date for the missions of the authors: Alexius & Team, Catman
    - new details about the missions of the author: PsymH
    - moved the Thread Rules and Regulations, and Q&A lists to a seperate post
    - 1 project moved to the List of Abandoned Fanmissions: Thief II Gold

    - color code change for the mission of the author: And (green into orange)
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    Rules & Regulations

    1. Open for all Thief games
    Everyone working on one or more Fan mission projects for Thief - wether it's Thief TDP/Gold, Thief 2 or Thief Deadly Shadows - can get them listed in the upcoming FMs list under certain conditions (see under 3) and to a certain amount (see under 2). This also includes (belated) contest entries in the works. Browse down for more information.
    Regarding Dark Mod FMs I refer to the thread TDM Upcoming Fan Missions by nbohr1more

    2. A maximum on projects listed
    From February 2013 there's a limited number of projects each author can get listed under his/her name.
    - a cap of 2 applies in case of independent projects;
    - a cap of 3 applies when one of the projects is a team project/collaboration.

    For authors who, at the moment this rule went into effect, are already in the list with more projects than the above limit, the above won't apply until some projects are removed - due to release or another reason - and they fit the maximum above.

    3. How to get your FM project listed
    The following stipulations have to be taken into account to get your upcoming project listed:

    I: An author has to request his project to be added. Announcing it anywhere on the forum isn't sufficient, as authors might - for whatever reason - prefer not to be officially mentioned here.
    Either a) drop me a PM, in which you state you like to see it added to the list, or b) post a reply in this thread.
    In both cases make sure the info mentioned below is included.

    II: It has to be at least 25% complete as a whole. For campaigns this means 25% over all missions or, if only the first mission in the campaign is to be listed, 25% of the first mission.

    The 25% rule doesn't aply, however, for those projects that are
    a) part of a series (sequel or prequel) or
    b) a remake by the author who made it.
    For the a or b categories the first paragraph doesn't apply and those can be added at any stage of development.

    III: The following information about the project has to be shared, either by Private Message, Visitors Message or reply in the thread:
    a) the projects' name or working title (if already known);
    b) wether the project consists of a single mission or a campaign of multiple missions;
    c) for which Thief game it's going to be;
    d) the name(s) of the mission(s) you released earlier;
    e) the mission's current status (in progress, on hold etc) and;
    f) the estimated percentage of your mission currently completed.

    Additional information - like links to screenshots (also see 4), the type of mission, links to forum posts with newsvalue, an estimated release date, etc - is optional but nevertheless welcome to get a broader/closer picture of your work. Browse the other entries to see what authors have made public.

    4. Screenshots
    Posting progress screenshots of your project is allowed, as long as the pics embed in your post are no wider than 800 pixels (in accordance with the TTLG Posting Guidelines). In terms of overview however, and for the purpose of responses/feedback by other forum members, it is recommended to create a seperate thread and refer to that thread by just posting it's link here.
    An alternative to posting pics is to send me the link(s) of any screenshots you might have, after which I will directly add them to your profile in the list.

    5. Reporting updates
    Once your FM is listed, you can edit what is wrote down at any time by I) posting a message in this thread or II) sending me an update through Private Messaging, and include whatever you want to add, remove, update or change. I'll implement the requested changes as soon as possible.

    6. Frequent updates
    Be sure to post news on the forums once every 15 months, else your mission will be removed as upcoming due to inactivity. Once 12 months have passed without any public news whatsoever or it has remained silent for 12 months since the placement of your FM in the list, you'll receive a reminder to do so (but only once for each FM).

    7. Reasons for removal
    A FM will be removed from the list when one or more of the following situations occur:
    - it is considered dead/abandoned by the author;
    - the author requests the removal of his/her FM for whatever reason given;
    - there hasn't been any public news concerning the FM for a period of 15 months;
    - it is released to the community and ready for download.

    8. Recommendations for FM authors
    To make better use of this thread and to improve the communication between forum members, the following actions are recommended:

    - Insert a working Email Address and Activate the option 'Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages' under respectively Edit Email & Password and General Settings.
    This way you don't have to logg in at TTLG to find out if someone contacted you.

    - Subscribe to the Upcoming & abandoned FMs list and receive regular updates by email of new posts in the thread.
    Once logged in, click Thread Tools (situated in the upper right corner of the thread).
    From now on the thread can also easily be found by clicking on Quick Links > Subscribed Threads. See the top of the forum.

    - Pressing Control + F while viewing the list allows fast searching for any keywords.
    Alternately, use 'Search Thread'.

    9. Backups
    This should be common knowledge for most dromeders, but if not: be sure to make regular external backups of the FM you work on (CD,USB). Don't let you lose your work and motivation because of PC problems.

    10. Adopting a mission
    Currently not working on a mission? Then consider adopting someone else's abandoned project.
    Go to the abandoned FM list for more information.

    11. Questions?
    If you have questions that the above points don't answer then go to the Q&A section or drop me a PM.
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    Q & A

    Answers to any questions you might have regarding the upcoming and/or abandoned missions list.

    PS: If you a question that isn't answered below, drop me a PM.

    - I need help with the mission i'm working on. Where can I find it?

    Depending on what help you're in need of, here are some directions:
    DromEd or T3Editor related questions - The Editor's Guild Forum or Thief III Editor's Guild forum.
    Mission testers - Mission testing forum
    Voice actors, custom resources, artist offerings - Guide to Custom Resources for dromEd
    Thief technical problems - Technical & Troubleshooting Arena

    - This thread dissapeared off the forum's first page. How can I find it?

    The easiest way is to subscribe to the thread. Once logged in click Thread Tools, located in the upper-right corner of the thread, next click 'Subscribe to this thread' and then 'Add Subscription'. From now on the thread is listed in your User CP, under List Subscriptions.

    Alternatively, use Advanced Search and type 'Upcoming' or 'Abandoned' under Keyword(s), select 'Search Titles Only' below and press 'Search Now'.

    - I can't find information or a certain mission in the thread. What can I do?

    The names of authors in the upcoming and abandoned lists are arranged alphabetically, so those are easy to find.
    A certain mission can be easily find by pressing Ctrl + F.
    For searching info in the whole thread click the 'Search this Thread' option, visible at the upper right corner of the thread (once logged in).

    - Why are some authors situated at the top of the list and others at the bottom?

    The list is alphabetically arranged by author. Authors with a nickname starting with A are on top, authors beginning with Z are at the bottom.

    - what do the colors green, orange and red, for each author's release date mean?

    It indicates the likelyhood the mission will be released, based on several sources.

    Behind the line 'Estimated release date' of each fanmission in the upcoming list, you can see the expected release (sometimes a date, mostly 'unknown') in the colour green, orange or red. Green means a big chance of getting released, red a small change.

    Green: Large (Seems pretty certain)
    Orange: Average (It might be released eventually, but don't wait for it)
    Red: Small (Highly unlikely)

    The following factors can be of influence to the color given to a FM:
    - the frequency of news updates given by an author;
    - the number of missed deadlines for the mission;
    - the number of missions an author is working on;
    - any earlier abandoned missions by an author;
    - the time a mission is in development;
    - the fact wether or not it's a debut mission;
    - the number of times an author logs in on TTLG.

    These and other factors combined determine the color that is given to a specific FM.

    - an author with many released missions, who visits the forums frequently and spontaneously gives updates of his work = given a green color.
    - an author who has a FM in progress, but often fails to reach deadlines, never released a mission before and is working on it for a long time = given an orange color.
    - an author released several missions earlier, but hasn't posted news for over a year = given an red color.

    NOTE: missions that are given a red indication means that they'll be removed in the next few months, unless the author posts a public news update (see points 7 and 8 in the Rules & Regulations above)

    I'm interested to hear what people think of this. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a PM.

    - I know of a mission in development that's not in the upcoming list. Why's that?

    There can be several reasons.
    a) the mission hasn't reached 50% 25% completion yet
    b) the author never announced it in this thread or shared the necessary info through private channels
    c) it was mentioned, but removed because of no public news update for over a year 15 months
    d) it was removed on request of the author.

    - Regarding the abandoned missions. Any chance they'll ever be released?

    Some authors declared their missions dead. As for the authors: no way to tell. They are either unreachable, or haven't been around here for ages. You are of course welcome to try and find out more.
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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Phantom, you have DCE listed as on hold but it is in fact active. I'm dividing my time between it and Rose Cottage. Also, in other news, john9818a got Seven Shades of Mercury (Hammerite Imperium #1) almost all the way to Beta 3 and handed it to me last week. I have a little more to finish up and then it will finally begin what should be the final round of beta testing, so let's all hope for a release in early May.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    Phantom, you have DCE listed as on hold but it is in fact active. I'm dividing my time between it and Rose Cottage. Also, in other news, john9818a got Seven Shades of Mercury (Hammerite Imperium #1) almost all the way to Beta 3 and handed it to me last week. I have a little more to finish up and then it will finally begin what should be the final round of beta testing, so let's all hope for a release in early May.
    Three exciting fan missions mentioned in one post!

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    And very much looking forward to all three

    Thanks for telling me, russ! All fixed now.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Thanks, and thanks again for this thread which we all find so valuable!

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    Hi Phantom. I made a webpage to host previews of my FM:

    I intend to keep it updated so that any screens or youboobs that get posted in a thread will also go on my site.

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    Very usefull R! I'll definetely keep an eye on that page.

    I really like the scenery, and the new techniques you're implementing .

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    Ottoj55's mission Evil Never Dies was moved to the abandoned list a few months ago, but the reason was never made public.
    Here's the message I received from Jason.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ottoj55
    the development on evil never dies has kind of stalled, focusing on work was tough, and in the last year i've done several contest missions. in the end the contest missions have take up so much time and used some ideas that were developed for evil never dies. its almost like it was a testing lab for new plans. beyond that i released nearly all its custom objects, the texture come from my collection of goodies that are constantly being used, the only thing i'm really losing is a pretty large bit of brushwork i'm unhappy with. i'd like to complete the story i was planning, but for that to happen at this point i'd have to start basically from scratch and smaller.

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    Sad to hear that, but not much of a surprise to most of us probably. I'd rather see a new contest mission from Otto once or twice a year than wait a long time and maybe never see this or anything else.

    Interestingly, Polygon's two small missions (Ack! and Sinful Opportunities) were also testing grounds for ideas he was refining for DCE at the time.

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    Winchester Mystery house

    It isn't in the works yet, but a may-soon-to-be project I've concocted and am heading may or may not go underway into development. A mission intro I've written for just in case: Click Here

    This might not completely be adherent to this topics meta-topic requirements, but I thought I'd bring it up.

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    Ermana's upcoming mission Veranda will soon be removed.
    Her project isn't abandoned though, so expect it back into the list at a later time .
    This is the message I recieved from her:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ermana
    Hey, I think that you should remove Veranda from your list for some time. Because I found some things I can not fix and easiest answer for it would be redone first small mission, making it clean and nice. So I do nothing and still can not remove it from my computer or from my head.
    And thanks for remembering my mission

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    Dark is the Lair T2 FM is 91% complete as of 9/21/10

    Hi Phantom,

    I just completed another 572 Terrain Brushes, to add another whopping area, and so I am just updating progress. No known release date as yet.
    The mission is proceeding well thanks to dromed custom menus. So nice! Still a Pooty Tat! Nice Dromy!
    Making progress, but slowly. Only 2% progress as of 9/10/09 Had to take a break, and help out a few taffers with their missions...ah!!a nice break from the little monster called DromZilla

    edit:7/16/09 Just completed another 864 terrain brushes, another huge area.
    3500 terrain brushes now. seventy two percent complete. The remaining percentage is sound, ect. still a ways from being beta tested. Working on Symbolism versus readables, and maps. There will be a series of maps based on symbols. Lots of ingame voicing by spooks
    edit:9/10/09 Just had to eliminate the 864 terrain brushes, as it was too big for DromZilla to handle Oh well

    Dromy almost turned on me, bit me a few times, and then started purring again This always seems to happen near the end of completion
    edit:10/22/09 I made a 1 percent improvement, after having to scrap almost a thousand brushes. It was too large to Pathfind, so I am adding no more terrain, and am concentrating on Room Brushing, ect. It is a slow process Very slow with alot of technical problems now, but Murphy's Law is still in effect. Release date unknown. Eventually:laff

    update for 2010: Making good progress. Added 161 new textures. Custom Ambient music. miss.file getting huge. It might top 80 megs zipped when released. 90 percent complete. Yet to add custom AI, Readables, Symbols for Clues. Intricate mapping system for game play.
    Murphy's Law will probably come to pass when I am just about ready for beta testing. Drommy(Dr.Jekyl) becomes Dromzilla (Mr. Hyde)

    Update: 2/11/10 Making some progress, but as it is a huge map, it will take a few more months possibly to iron out details. Such as, Texture alignment, RoomBrush adjustments, Water Flow adjustments. Setting lighting. Murphy's Law is active as usual, and if it can happen, it does with Dromed. We have tamed it a bit, but it still rules! Patience is certainly a good virture!

    I am going to shoot for May as beta testing should start. This one will be in beta, I am sure for 30-45 days, maybe longer, so July 2010 maybe. I am a backup freak, so if I lose a computer, no big deal, but now it is the size of the map that bothers me. Taking great care to manage limits.

    Update progress: September 21,2010---Slow progress, but shooting for January Release 2011.
    After completing Jason's Summer Contest, and cleaning up some RL issues, work on DITL is now in progress. 91 percent complete.
    Last edited by darthsLair; 21st Sep 2010 at 12:56. Reason: to add info and update on progress 9/21/2010

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    I suppose Disorientation is fairly close to being finished - it will probably enter beta testing in a few weeks. Probably.

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    Melan - let me know if you want a testing forum when you're mission is done, just like your classic experience contest mission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dussander View Post
    Melan - let me know if you want a testing forum when you're mission is done, just like your classic experience contest mission.
    I plan to. Still some way off, though.

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    As discussed over in this thread I've decided that I can't fit everything I want to do in Shadowed Mayfield to a single mission (primarily for resource limit reasons).

    So, I'm splitting it into two: the first part is Shadowed Mayfield, the second part is going to be a resurrection and retooling of the Legacy of Va-Toran, as it actually fits where I wanted to go very nicely. Because they'll be so closely linked, releasing them separately is not currently planned.

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