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Thread: Upcoming & Abandoned FMs List

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
    Registered: Nov 2001
    Location: Dragonsreach
    GORT's RotB2 is still noted as unreleased.

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    Registered: Jun 2016
    Location: The Frozen North
    Oh shoot, I changed the name of mine too, sorry I forgot to mention. It is now called Precarious Business. Update whenever you see fit Tannar, I'm in no rush! Thank you.

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    Registered: Apr 2003
    Location: Wales
    I've updated GORT and ObservingEye entries.

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    Registered: Jun 2015
    Location: Germany
    Return to the Lost City (T2) from Intruder is Released.

    You Can Add also from my Stuff:

    Paradox Equation (T2)
    Details: Not Yet
    Current status: 5%
    Estimated release date: Unknown

    Heart of the Gems: Night of the Red Moon (Gold)
    Details: A Rework of Heart of the Gems, that will be also playable on older PCs
    Current status: 35%
    Estimated release date: March 2018

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    Registered: Apr 2016
    FrenchDecay's entry Rotten Sun should be removed since it is already released under the name Breathing Corpses.

    He is now working on a new mission, though he would be able to say more himself

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    Registered: Dec 2013
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    Marblebro is right, I completely forgot to correct my previous entry, sorry.
    Well, I might as well make an entry for my next FM now

    Name : The Secret of Mortality
    S/C : Single mission
    Game : Thief 2 (newdark 1.23)
    Prequel : Iron Heart - Thief 2 (newdark 1.23); Breathing Corpses - Thief 2 (newdark 1.23)
    Status : Not even done with brushes!
    Percentage completed : Roughly 20%
    Comment ?: Trying something a bit different this time, but don't worry this one will still have its share of freaks. Should be a lot shorter than Breathing Corpses and have way less loot. No undead (so far), no robots (so far)
    Contributors this far : marbleman; luckily the same voice actors that already helped with Breathing Corpses

    Some of these may change in the future but I'll make sure to notify any changes this time

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
    Registered: Nov 2001
    Location: Dragonsreach

    A Christmas gift for all you taffers...

    Author: Lady Rowena
    Name: Home Sweet Home
    S/C: Single mission. It is the first mission in what was to be a 3-mission campaign, but the second and third missions are lost. We're very lucky to be getting this one.
    Game: Thief 2 (NewDark 1.25)
    Status: In beta test
    Percentage completed: 99%
    Comments: Since this was to be the first of three, the mission ends unresolved in the middle of a scene which would have been continued at the start of mission 2. Out of respect for her legacy, we are not going to contrive some alternate ending to make the mission stand alone.
    Release Date: Dec 24, 2017

    If anyone out there sees this who has alpha or beta versions of missions 2 or 3, please contact Yandros by email.

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    Registered: Jun 2016
    Location: The Frozen North
    I have released my mission, it can be removed from the upcoming list. Thank you!

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    Registered: Jun 2017
    Location: Germany
    I just saw that the FMs in the front list will be marked as released when they got published.
    It's a bit confusing to have them still in the upcoming list, if they are already released.

    Got confused there for a second. ^^'

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    Registered: May 2009
    Location: Germany
    I glanced through the list in the first post and spotted quite a few missions that should be removed, as they have been released this year or earlier already.

    Author: darthsLair
    Cataclysmic Revelation Campaign (T2)
    - The continuing story of Cataclysmic Revelations: Garrett died discovering his reluctant virtue, but the Builder has plans for him and his brethren. Garrett must now return to earth on a mission to save the Builder's Brethren from the clutches of evil.
    Estimated release date: Unknown
    RELEASED : november 2014 :

    Author: FrenchDecay
    The Rotten Sun (T2)
    RELEASED as 'Breathing Corpses' : april 2017 :

    Author: ObservingEye
    Precarious Business
    Estimated release date: 2017
    Synopsis/Comments: An unknown benefactor has tasked Garrett with breaking into a rival nobles home to clean house and essentially ruin the man due to 'conflicting business interests'.
    RELEASED : december 2017 :

    Author: sNeaksieGarrett
    Monster Arena (subject to change) (T2 v1.18)
    Details: "A multiplayer style FM which is best suited for 2 or more players. Spawn spots available for up to four players. Requires Thief 2 Multiplayer patch from Tos."
    Current status: in progress (in beta)
    Estimated release date: Soon
    RELEASED : july 2013 :

    Author: sNeaksieGarrett
    LOTP Winter (Codename) (T2 NewDark)
    Details: "...a winter-themed version of Life of the Party using the original mission as the base." More info is here.
    Current status: in progress (in beta)
    Estimated release date: Soon
    RELEASED : august 2013 :

    Author: -Terra-
    Five Nights at Dayport (T2)
    Current status: 95%
    Estimated release date: Winter 2017
    RELEASED : november 2017 :

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    Registered: May 2009
    Location: Germany
    And I would like to add a few suggestions:
    when adding a new mission, please add the announcement date both in the authors records, but also at the top of the page ('Recently added:')!
    There are quite a few missions listed, which contain no clue at all how long they have been lingering around already (and are probably dead ?).
    E.g. 'Moreno Tower' by Dale_ seems to have been announced in august 2014. But to find that info, one has to search the entire thread, as it isn't shown in the actual list.

    As far as released missions are concerned (e.g. 'Rebellion of the Builder 2' by GORT or 'Return to the Lost City' by intruder), please remove them from the author,
    or at least remove all irrelevant info. Still having an 'estimated release date' or outdated 'latest news' around makes no sense, clutters the page and confuses me a lot as well.

    Author: intruder
    Return to the Lost City (T2)
    - see this post.
    Current status: Released (june 2017)
    Latest news:
    (7 May 2017)
    (16 Dec 2012)
    (28 May 2012)
    (28 May 2012)
    (28 May 2012)
    Estimated release date: Summer 2013

    Having the list of recent updates at the top is nice, but the term 'recently' seems a bit of a stretch, as the last 'removal' of a mission was in 2014.
    Please add the removal/anncouncement dates here as well for any future updates.
    Sorry for that lenghty rant. Just let me show what I would envision a change to look like (additions highlighted green):
    Recently added:

    2015 - may
    - FM: Falls of Westbree (T2) by neux and gigagooga

    Recently removed:

    2017 - october
    - FM: Rebellion of the Build 2 by GORT - Mission released - Link to forum

    2014 - ?
    - FM: Kingsbridge by Eternauta - Mission released
    - FM: Death's Turbid Veil by nicked - Mission released
    - FM: Endless Rain by skacky - Mission released



    FM in development:

    Falls of Westbree (T2)
    Authors: neux, gigagooga
    Added: may 2015
    Current status: 50%
    Estimated release date: 2018
    Screenshots: yes
    I believe this would help to make this page much more usefull.
    And easier to maintain as well, as the person maintaining that list has a clear idea when it is safe to remove any entries after 3 years or so.

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    Registered: Apr 2003
    Location: Wales
    Appreciate the comments, gnartsch.

    I'd like to just note that there are a few sticky threads started by people who no longer spend much, if any, time here. This means that moderators have to do the updating. At the moment, Nightwalker, Tannar and I are up to our eyes in it and have little available spare time. I know I've fallen behind and my apologies to those whose contributions haven't been added to OPs. In fact, I'm currently a sad failure at most things but I'm hopeful my life will return to some sort of normality in March although I'm also sure I'll get some updating done before then. With luck.

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    Registered: Dec 2007
    Location: Sweden
    An update. My Mortuos Liber Campaign is soon to be released. Its in Beta right now.

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    Registered: Aug 2007
    Location: LosAngeles: Between Amusements
    Not quite abandoned, but way behind schedule, not being currently worked on, and may be abandoned in a year or so ...

    True Dreams and Graduation

    The final two missions in my Prequel campaign. True Dreams is 95% complete and Graduation is maybe 75% complete. I just don't have the time available for the foreseeable.

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    Registered: Jun 2004
    What about a new sticky thread by someone who has some time to update the thread at least once a month while also being perineally here.

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    Registered: Sep 1999
    Location: Texas, hhhwweeee hawww
    Is this thread still a thing? Anyone updating it? I finally have a FM that made it to be eligible to list here, 30%.

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    Registered: Dec 2007
    Location: Sweden
    I wonder. I see now that i forgot to mention that Mortuos Liber Campaign is done for almost a year ago. And that i have another mission in beta testing.

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