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Thread: FM from Christine: Mountain Monastery - 2006-10-05

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    Location: Germany
    check out the statues in the basement and the two dummies in the training room.

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    Sigh... I figured I'd have to go back into the monastery! Thanks, SinisterShadow, I'll check them out.

    Edit, later: Got them; thanks again, SinisterShadow. Finished about 600 loot short, and my pickpocket stat said 5 out of 12 (!) Where were all the other picks, I wonder?

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    Location: France (Saint-Gobain)

    i can´t find the portal

    i love this mission , but that´s natural Christine´s is one of my favourite artists, excellent architecture and textures, impressive decoration,perfect objects and so on, Christine forever!!!

    by the way does anyone knows how to find the portal? i need to destroy it

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardia1 View Post
    i love this mission , but that´s natural Christine´s is one of my favourite artists, excellent architecture and textures, impressive decoration,perfect objects and so on, Christine forever!!!

    by the way does anyone knows how to find the portal? i need to destroy it
    The answer is on page 2 by Nightwalker.
    Christines missions are all fantastic. I loved this one!. Awesome.

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    Location: France (Saint-Gobain)

    thanks Gillie

    found the portal and finished the mission, Christine missions will remain for history

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    Thanks to you all I'm glad that you like the mission

    @ Dafydd - there aren't 12 pickpockets, Dromed de luxe allways add some pickpockets more to the mission.
    Last edited by Christine; 10th Oct 2006 at 06:40. Reason: Spelling - thanks to SinisterShadow ;)

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    This one looks very nice! Good work, Christine!

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    Thank you for this very nice mission, Christine!
    Klein-Lara is happy again , what a nice idea.
    I was very glad that those killer-fish don't attack. Didn't dare to eat the sushi after discovering them.

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    Location: The shadow
    Just played it-thanks Christine!

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    Location: did that shadow move?

    vielen dank wie immer fuer die tollen FM's. Moege es nie zu ende gehen.

    thanks as always for the great FM's. Hope it shall never end.

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    Thank you

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    You were going to throw this one out ! Anything elese you want to throw out I'll put right at the top of my list to play , thanks for an excellent mission .

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    Thank you - Christina

    I love the story - the flowers - and the fish.......

    Nice of you to finish this FM - you have been missed.

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    Awesome mission! Hope you come out with another one soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by She-Thief View Post
    Awesome mission! Hope you come out with another one soon!
    Thank you
    I have no plans for a new Thief II mission, I'm working on a campaign for SystemShock 2

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    Thank you, Christine, for another visual feast. Your attention to details (were those daffodills I saw?) makes any mission of yours far from being "nothing special".
    And those darn cute orange fish!! I found them before I read the note about them. I couldn't figure out why I kept drowning when I still had air.

    Anyway, I loved it. Thanks again.

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    Location: Sculptured highway
    Yea, great mission. Loved the look of things and very atmospheric.

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    Christine scores another nice one.

    Thanks Christine. It took me a little over an hour and I did not even notice it. Can't believe I was 910 loot short of max, but oh well.

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    I just finished this excellent mission. Thanks for everything Christine! I can not wait for your next mission.

    Sting )

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    Just finished on Expert.

    I'm glad you saved and finished this Christine . Just like we're used from you the story, design and atmosphere are excellent. Found all 3 secrets and 3887 loot.
    Another great mission and I hope it won't be your last.

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    Need some helpers Please

    I just got this FM recently and I'm having a bit of a problem figurig some things out. I read where someone didn't have a map..I don't have one either if I'm supposed although I've been through much of the Monastery...the only place I didn't go into was the Chapel..due to a Priest facing outward and the one guard still patroling. Everyone else is sleeping. So where is the meeting place, I have not found such a place?

    I have opened the door to the Crypt...but cannot figure out how to get two skillie guards patroling inside...I have four water arrows but don't see how I'll be able to put out candles in the skulls...if they can even be..not much time as they are fairly quick.

    I saw the hole in the wall with the water inside and a tunnel to swim through, so guess that's the way out to portal, etc. Can't believe with all the looting I've done I'm short..need $2K and I've got $1900+ only???? I found two secrets...the one in Priest room and the one in Training room...I took a quick look at statues in basement but apparently I need to look closer. Got all the obvious things, pub, houses, every room in Cathedral..I suppose Chapel of course has some but just didn't want to mess with Priest. I had a couple of sword fights and had to use all health is full but no more to eat. I'm playing "hard" mode.

    What's with the hammer in the statues hand about? And what am I doing with a Gold Skull, is there a reason for it? I'll have to wait for reply before I can continue so anyone that can offer some pointed answers I'll be very grateful. Thanks
    It's not how you win, it's how you play the game! HAVE FUN!

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    The meeting place objective should have been ticked off before you ever entered the Monastery. There was a dead body you passed in the park-like section between town and the Monastery. Frob the body and the meeting objective will tick off and you'll get new objectives.

    The Crypt I just backstabbed the haunts right at the entrance to the crypt. It's easier than sneaking by them but you can do that do. There are quite a few shadows in there.

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    Location: Bay Area, N. CA
    Thanks Nightie...but you didn't give me anything about the other couple of things I asked about. Could you also tell me about those things too? Yes I saw body but was afraid to go near for fear it was a zombie...LOL You know how I feel about those things So I guess the first thing I'm going to have to do is go all the way back out there and check him out...eeeyaaa!

    Also, shadows...heh not much with all that lighting in there and I assume there is only one way to get to them, down that corridor I was facing with them at the other end. I sure wish there would have been at least one health potion...I tried not to get caught but some were not avoidable, specially the encounters across bridge for example. Tried to BJ both but I couldn't get the second guy before he turned around, etc. That took most of my health and had to use all eatables I had plus others I found inside to get my health back to full. So any misteps will be very damaging as I won't be able to recover, including some bad fishies and swimming not to drown in that quest...and then if I have to kill that Priest in Chapel (which I bet I'll have to end up doing)...don't know how I'm going to survive all that potential damage, etc. OH Boy!! Maybe I can get him from above...I do have the Fire Arrows, but then I'd have to get rid of that guard down there first so he doesn't come after me...can't deal with anymore fighting...just not sure how I'm going to achieve all the rest of this.

    I love Christine's FM's but this one seems a bit harder than any of her others I've played...mainly all the lighting that at times have been difficult to know when you should use a water arrow or not...and those mushrooms were very difficult at times to put out...had to be directly over them and several took more than one click to put out. I had to restart three times before I got a good enough start to continue on right at the beginning. Maybe I'm just getting too slow in my old age or something LOL

    Thanks again but I may be back again if I run into more than I can chew

    OK so far...I found out what hammer did but still only $2900+ out of $5K+? Boy there sure must be a lot in that Chapel? Got the two Haunts, but when I killed the first one another came out there's at least one more inside...hope I pick the right way Lawd I hate Haunts, undeads, etc. Still haven't gotten used to it, hearts beating like a drum! Only new quest added was return...other one already done

    EDIT #2: Mission Completed and oh my was that scarry and first try deadly!!! Ended up w/3182 out of 4037 thought it was $5K but guess I was mistaken in that regard. Kindof figured the way out was a place that I thought had something to do with something but didn't tie it in till I was searching around and then thought about it and that was it Lost about 1/4 or so of health dealing with you know who on second try but finally managed to get it done...whew!!! As much as I enjoy her missions once again...I think one time for that one for me is enough! LOL Just glad I was able to finish without too many more attempts. I've got a couple more dl'd to play yet so here I go again...thank you all
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    I'm not able to download it from thiefmissions. Getting some error.
    The Circle links to thiefmisssions, so I can't download there either. Any other site where this FM is available?

    thanks ........... Caropr

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