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Thread: Spell levels

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    Spell levels

    Is there somewhere either in-game or on the 'net that tells you what spells are what level? I have a thief character, but I thought it might be interesting to have a coupe of spells too, and as he has high intelligence, I picked conjuration. I got trained to 15, and bought summer lesser bonehead, but I have only a 4% chance of it working. Is there a lower level spell I can get that will work more reliably?

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    Are you sure you posted this in the right forum? What game are you talking about?

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    Must be an Elder Scrolls question....

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    Nah, he has actually somewhat described my FM.

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    Then you can surely tell us what a summer lesser bonehead is, rite?

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    No, hense the 'somewhat'.

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    Sounds like a Morrowind question.

    Try Summon Ancestral Ghost.
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    Oops, sorry. Should have been in Morrowind Hints and spoilers.

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    If you cast Summon Bonehead I appear.

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    And also, you REALLY can't expect to summon anything good with only 15 conjuration right? Meh, you could always try making a spell that shortens the time you summon my older brother Mark- I mean, bonehead.

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