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Thread: Request for a Betatester

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    Request for a Betatester

    Lord Alan's newest mission, Lord Alan's Factory, is now in betatesting. It is a large factory that could be confusing for some players so he is endeavouring to make one difficulty setting that will include enough guidance to make it easier for people who usually play on Normal or who tend to get lost in large FMs.

    He requires one more tester for this easier difficulty setting and it must be someone who has played a reasonable number of FMs but usually plays on Normal, not Hard or Expert. You choose to do this NOT because you like to kill but because you find that setting suits them better as far as difficulty goes.

    You need to have enough time available to play through the mission in a reasonable time and be willing to take detailed notes and provide lots of feedback. You'll also need a fairly fast internet connection as the mission file is large.

    Anyone who fits these qualifications and who is interested in trying out betatesting can PM me. Please include your email address. The first qualified applicant will be accepted, so it's a first come first served situation. Thanks!

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    Registered: May 2000
    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    Position is filled!

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