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Thread: Long load times.

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    Registered: Sep 2003

    Long load times.

    Picked up the game.So far with the vid specks picked by the program it is choppy in some areas.The sound is rather choppy during these times as well.And I have experienced long load times.

    amd athlon 64 3200+ 1 gb of ram
    geforce 6600

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    Mucho trouble with this game after reading the forums at Ubisoft.I'd wait for a patch before getting it.Sound stutters and painfully long load times.

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    Yup, patch is certainly needed, although I doubt it'll do anything about the loading. Got the same specs and had to battle sleep during the loads (plus the game crashed from time to time). 2 gigs of RAM or more help immensely in this case.
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    I read somewhere that turning texture detail from high to medium can cut loading times immensely.

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    It's incredibly RAM hungry. Back when the demo was released I had 1GB of RAM and suffered some fairly long load times. Recently I invested in more RAM, so that I have 3GB and the load times are pretty insignificant.

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    I almost picked this up today.

    I'm kind of worried though. I have an Athlon 2700+ with a gig of ram and an x700 pro.

    The demo plays OK, however I've had to turn all the advanced settings down to low in order to get decent FPS. Although the character movement is weird in this game, the way you sway while walking etc, so maybe I could turn stuff back up once I get used to it.

    Anyhoo, I've heard performance is worse in the retail game and if that's the case I'm not sure if I should get it. Or at least until they patch it for performance optimization if that's something they'll do.

    To people that have played it, is performance really worse in the retail version of the game?
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    I can't help much because both the demo and the full game run really well for me. I have a 3700+, 2 gigs RAM and a 7800GT and it's very smooth, though I haven't checked with Fraps.

    On a couple of other issues, Arkane is working on a patch to help with performance. They've been active on the Ubisoft forums, so I'm sure they're working hard to improve things.

    And there's an option to disable headbob if you don't like it.

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    I have an Athlon 64 X2 4200, 2GB of RAM and a 7950 GX2. Everything maxed out and it's all nice and smooth.

    Load times nothing to worry about.

    As for bugs I've completed the game and only had two problems:

    I backstabbed a guy, but instead of dying and falling to the ground, he fell up into the air and hovered before eventually getting up and attacking me again, only this time he appeared to be using some kind of god mode, as I was unable to interact with him. Actually, I'm not even sure his attacks were having any effect on me either. Reload.

    I shot another guard with an arrow for a one hit kill, but instead of being impaled on the wall like the last guy, the arrow began flying around the room in random directions, with the body rotating violently around it. Crazy.

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    Boy, that was quick. How many hours does it take to complete the game?

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    I bought it Friday afternoon and completed it Saturday night. I couldn't say exactly how many hours I put in, maybe around 10 to 15.

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    i didn't keep count either but it felt like more than 10 or 15 to me. Felt like a pretty long game.

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    I would say that 10 hours seems to be the average time for a tllg's guy... or girl
    I recommend to play on the hard difficulty directly... which is, in my mind, far to easy... or wait for a futur patch, which will add an hardcore difficuly setting. If we can convince our publisher...

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    I can't believe people have beaten it already! Why such a rush?

    I am barely in the beginning and just made it to Menilig's house. I have been playing off and on since Saturday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blutch View Post
    I would say that 10 hours seems to be the average time for a tllg's guy... or girl
    I recommend to play on the hard difficulty directly... which is, in my mind, far to easy... or wait for a futur patch, which will add an hardcore difficuly setting. If we can convince our publisher...
    Hahahahahah. You obviously haven't seen me try to fight, Blutch. I'm glad you had a normal setting.

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    The game was running fine after defragging my drive and toning down some settings,now where I need to guard the gang plank to the ship the game is freezing.

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    If you reduce the graphics settings, it become less choppy, and load times dont take so long. The only problem I have is the game hanging on a automatic game save, after playing for a couple of hours, usually a pain cos I've just killed a room full of creatures, decided to sneak up on a creature ahead to stick a couple of daggers into its neck, game hangs on auto save.

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    I was fighting with a sword in one of the ship corridors and got full adrenaline.Charged the first guy and missed and hit the second guy.The first guy is thrashing me with his sword while I"m waiting to kick the sword out of the shishkabob soldier.Then the game locked up.

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    An anti-climatic end to your story there.

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    Win Registry Problem

    Can anybody please send me the windows registry entry for Dark Messiah?
    I'm playing the game but it keeps crashing in a particular area. I decided I should apply v.1.02 patch. But it tells me your game is not installed. I figured something must be wrong with my registry. So pls pls pls send your entry so I can fix this problem.

    Thanks in advance

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