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Thread: Whats your favourite T2 Fan missions of all Time

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    Whats your favourite T2 Fan missions of all Time

    Hi Community,

    I am new to this Forum but i am playing Fan missions for many years now. I played a lot but Maybe i missed some awesome fan missions. So whats your favourite Fan missions of all time ?

    For me its

    My most favourite: Impious pilgrimage by Random Taffer

    Other favourites: Keeper of infinity Bad venture by Soul tear, Morbid Curiosity by Puckey, First map of death Cold embrace by Yandros,

    the Patriot Campaign was a masterpiece too.

    The creativity in this community is insane. There are so many Masterpieces. Thanks to all Map creators !!!!!

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    Absolute favorite: Rebellion of the Builder 1. Especially Mission 1.

    Other favorites:

    1. Patriot. Especially Mission 2 and 7.
    2. Three Crowns.
    3. Seven Shades of Mercury.

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    order without meaning:

    ~The Great Tree (Komag)
    ~Horns of Canzo: A long way up (sterlino)
    ~The Seven Sisters (Lady Rowena)
    ~Return to the Lost City (intruder)
    ~Keeper Investigations (intruder)
    ~Trail of Blood 2 (intruder)
    ~The Lost City (Anom)
    ~The Builders Paradise (Children of Endeavour)
    ~Godbreaker (Random_Taffer)
    ~Feast of Pilgrims (Ramdom_Taffer & Marbleman)
    ~Whispers in the Desert (Nick Dablin)
    ~Death's Turbid Veil (Nick Dablin)
    ~Sturmdrang Peak (Nick Dablin)
    ~Morbid Curiosity (Pukey Brunster)

    [Note: There are so many more masterpieces that I forgot mentioning. I've lost track of my ratings, after I was forced to reinstall Windows. So I'm only sure about ~ 100/876 T2 FMs, the rest I have to replay to give them a rating. There are surely many more 5/5 stars left that I haven't rated yet.]
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    I'd give campaigns like Thief 2X, Breaking the Stone, or The Black Frog a look if you haven't already. Compulsory Egress for a standalone. A couple of recent contest missions, namely Into the Odd and Feast of Pilgrims.

    But my absolute favorite missions are actually for Thief Gold: Endless Rain and Lost Among the Forsaken are probably tied for that spot, and the first map of The Widow's Ire (Valley of the Burned I belief) is also up there. (I've only played the original, not the Gems of Provenance Campaign update, yet.)

    I've only been playing Thief since the early 2010s or so and am kind of picky in weird ways about FMs. There's some missions I just can't get into (not naming any names, though).

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    In no particular order, the following FMs/campaigns really left their mark on me:

    Ominous Bequest/Broken Triad
    The Seven Sisters
    Rowena's Curse
    Unholy Vivid Innocence and Insanity's Crescendo
    Death's Turbid Veil
    Temple of the Tides
    Sepulchre of the Sinstral (not for T2)
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    Iīm new to the forum aswell and have played about 100 fanmissions so far. My favourites are:

    -Garrettīs young years (by far my favourite FM until now)
    -Līarsene 1-4 by Gaetane
    -The Lord Ashton series by Christine
    -The Lady Lotti series by Christine
    -Deathīs cold embrace by Yandros
    -Keeper investigations by intruder
    -The sister by Beltzer
    -Lord Beltzer by Beltzer ()
    -Lord Baffortīs secret by darthsLair
    -Deathīs turbid veil by Nicked

    And actually the last lighthouse keeper by Eternauta but I couldnīt finish it cause of a bug.

    Edit: Feast of Pilgrims by Random_Taffer & marbleman definitely has to be included here, itīs now under my top 3!
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    Not counting some recent good ones that are still fresh in my mind, here are some old favorites

    Calendra's Legacy
    Ominous Bequest
    Rowena's Curse
    A Thief's Holiday (2004)

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    These are my favorite missions:

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    I'll remember for ever Equilibrium by SilentSleep (Best/Horror/Keepers/Puzzle/Artifact)

    Here's my others favorites FM that hasn't been quoted yet :
    - Zealot's Hollow by Xorak (Best/Hard/City/Thieves/Undead)
    - King's Story by Zontik (Best/Castle/Fortress/Daylight/Hardest/Puzzle/Mountains)
    - The Sun Within and The Sun Without by Qolelis (Atypical/Cavern/Puzzle/Sci-Fi/Space/Temple)
    - Fables of the Penitent Thief by Sliptip and Digital Nightfall (Atypical/Castle/Fortress/City/Daylight/Humour/Mystery/Puzzle)

    The Dark Mod :
    - A House of Locked Secrets by Gelo "Moonbo" Fleisher (Best/Long/Church/Catacombs/Cavern/Undead
    - Requiem by Gelo "Moonbo" Fleisher (Best/Long/Church/Catacombs/Cavern/Undead)

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    Many of my favourites have all ready been listed in above replies, so I'm listing my Old School favourite FM's:

    1. The Art of Thievery, by Richard Cull

    2. Lord Alan's Factory, by Lord Alan

    3. A Smuggler's Request, by Richard Cull

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