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Thread: Free all prisoners in "Craigsleft"

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    Free all prisoners in "Craigsleft"


    Just because someone mentioned Craigsleft in another topic.

    What happens when you free all prisoners in Craigsleft? Did someone tried this?

    Will the mission fail? Or do these figures just disappear?

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    I actually did that when I played this game for the very first time. It's really not hard to do it as levers controlling cells aren't labeled. Consequences of this were prisoners running to stairs leading to mine and Hammerites spotting them and launching alarm. So it was harder to sneak and also noisy because of alarm. But mission continued normally as there is no objective that prevents any alarm.

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    Ah, okay.

    I always thought that this will mess things up when you do something unintended.

    I don't remember where it was but in Thief 1 or 2 when you accomplished objective 3 before 2 the mission can't be finished.

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    i freed everyone but that spy hammer who will attack you if you free him,i left him to rot

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    Just as said, the mission can be played normally after freeing the prisoners and setting off the alarm.
    Be careful about that incarcerated priest in the cell opposing cutty - if he murders him, the mission is lost.

    When you free the prisoners, the fun part begins. They all seem to have just one health point, so most of them will be brutally murdered by the hammers on their way through the factory district into the mines. There will be corpses everywhere. In some replays I murder the whole hammer staff before releasing the prisoners, just to murder them afterwards too.
    If you are patient, you can also lure zombies into the prison, so they will do the dirty work for you
    Just be careful, the hammerites will easily finish off the zombies.
    Both ways are fun.

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    You seem to be interested in the same things I like to try!

    When I did a run of Cragscleft where I knocked out all the guards, I then released the prisoners. As mentioned, they run all the way down to the stairs at the mine entrance, and would normally be caught and cause an alarm. But since all the guards were gone, all the prisoners crowded into the space right behind the stairwell. They kept up their running motion straight at the wall (or straight at the crowd, since most of them couldn't reach the wall). They don't go into the mine. The only thing I didn't check was if running past a downed guard counted as a body discovery; they did not say anything when they did, and don't react to the player either.

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    In-fight ist possible but seems to be hard to do in Thief 2. Mission "Eavesdropping".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominique View Post


    Might want to look at that again there chief.

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    Who is this Craig prisoner that suddenly left?

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    Hi Klatremus,

    I don't know. But I remember that the freed prisoners did disappear suddenly.

    Ok guys and girls, I have switched my virtual keyboard from German to English.

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