This new thread is a continuation of an older one, and was created to signify how far this mod has developed in concept since then. So without further ado, I give you Keepers: The Project!


Concept: 35% Complete
Quests: 5% Complete
Design: 0% Complete
Lore: 0% Complete
Politics: 0% Complete


Combining two classics in one, great mod!

Thief fans rejoice! The Keepers will now be a playable faction in the Oblivion universe for you to join and rise through the ranks of. Become part of the true underbelly of Cyrodiil; manipulate and shape events to come as you battle to fulfil the Prophecies of the Glyphs! But don't think finding the Keepers will be an easy task; oh no - you're going to face challenges you never thought were possible - and that's just to prove you're worthy of the title "Initiate"!

Remember that feeling you got when you found out who the Hag was, or what Karras was planning for the people of the City? Prepare for a relapse!

Keepers: The Project will feature a fully developed and original plot, drawn from inspiration given by the Thief series. Expect to be betrayed, exploited and manipulated as you make your way through a dark and troubled faction involving all the powers of Nirn and beyond! Not only that, but the twists will keep you guessing until the end (assuming you survive that long)!

Did someone say... dynamic?

That's right! Although it is early in its conceptual planning phase - we are hoping to develop a dynamic ranking system that makes it the player's responsibility to prove they deserve a promotion. Forget the old "go here-do that-I like you now-get promotion" style - you have to earn your rank by playing Keeper politics! Help someone out - maybe by completing a favour for them or by simply talking to them - and they may like you more, but someone else may like you less... Of course, unless that person is an Elder they can't vote for you at the Council anyway, so it really doesn't... Council? As in, a Keeper Council?

That's right! Partake in more than just quest-grabbing at the Keeper Council!

We hope to implement a fully operational, animated and scripted Keeper Council. Go before them to plead your case for promotion - but watch out - you'll need to have enough votes to pass, and you may even need to complete a test or two - maybe a recital? Or maybe you need to display your Glyph prowess? You'll have to play to find out! One last thing; if you manage to annoy enough Elders you might even find yourself expelled from the order, so don't take these meetings lightly! Once you obtain the rank of Elder, you may find yourself a regular at the Council meetings - voting on where to take the faction next!

Explore the dark corridors of the Keeper Compound and beyond!

Once you have a attained a certain rank, you can expect to be granted the freedom to explore the areas of the Keeper Compound. Head on over to the training yard for some hard-earned skill points, or whet your childhood book-worm by reading the volumes of lore contained within the hallowed corridors (lore is very important to us and we hope to expand on both games while respecting the rules of each). Not only is this an effective time-killer until your next mission and way to find people who may need your help - you may also stumble on some of the more... "sensitive" issues of the Keepers - something that may, perhaps, give you leverage at the next Council?

Use all-new items, spells and weapons and command the volatile Glyphs with your powerful mage!

What would a faction mod be without the added items? Nothing! That's what! Expect a new set of Keeper-centric weapons, items, armours, books and spells to be within your grasp! Not only that, but we intend to include all-new Glyph activated abilities! Research powerful new spells, learn to read forbidden texts and even create your own Glyph!


We need you (yes, we know they are ambitious goals, but we... really like Thief and... really like Elder Scrolls and we are dedicated)! Now that we have a growing concept for the mod, we primarily need people who have skills in:


Of course, anyone is welcome! Quest-creators, level-designers, writers and artists are all highly appreciated and valued members! If you are interested in bringing this wonderful mod to life, please visit our forums at:


You will see the Common Library - you are welcome to come in and have a look around. But if you want to read in-depth about our plans for Keepers: The Project and/or contribute, you will need a forum account. Obviously - it's free and totally non-commital. Otherwise, we are happy to answer any questions you have right here on the Elder Scrolls forums! We need your input! Please help!

May the Glyphs guide you all...