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Thread: A speed bug?

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    A speed bug?

    Hi all,

    after buying a new computer and a little bit of tweaking, I finally managed to get Oblivion to run smoothly. So far I'm really, really loving it.

    There's one thing bothering me, though: my character runs very fast. I'm at level 3 now and I run probably a bit faster than horses (at least faster than the first horse you get after escorting the heir to Weynon Priory). In character creation I picked the Steed "horoscope" which gives you +20 speed, but should I really be running this fast? If I remember correctly, my speed stat is 65 at the moment.

    Am I encountering a bug or not?
    I have applied some mods (no more psychic guards, merchants buy stolen goods, Improved UI etc.) but none of them should affect my speed. I'm not as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog or anything, but it's just bothering me.

    - Lassi

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    Na no bug (or atleast probably not), you are really fast in Oblivion, it is a bit silly really, not sure if there are any mods to slow you down. You can always just emcumber yourself.

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    I just assumed the horses were too slow, not that I was too fast.

    As far as encumbering yourself, does this really slow you down? Aside from being too encumbered to move I haven't noticed a marked difference in my mobility due to the amount I'm carrying.

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    I don't really think encumbering yourself affects your speed. When you top your carry limit you can't move, but that's the only effect I've noticed. Or maybe I've just always been near my carry limit and haven't had the chance to try moving with empty pockets...

    My earlier character seemed to move a bit slower.. then again, maybe it's just that the whole game stuttered and was slower and my character wasn't as athletic as my current one.

    Well, if this is normal then I have no problems with it.

    Thank you for your answers.

    - Lassi

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    Wearing armor, particularly heavy armor, slows the character down. I don't know if that's a result of encumberance or just a by-product of wearing armor. That's why increasing your level in a given armor is a bonus: your encumberance lessens and your character begins to move faster.

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