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Thread: Kill the guard : Crap Contest mission Dec. 11/06

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    Kill the guard : Crap Contest mission Dec. 11/06

    For once I can say this and not be in trouble.

    This mission really sucked ! Right on par with eating dinner out of a cat box.
    A very very bad bad mission if I can even call it a mission. The author should really be ashamed of him or her self. But this is only about the 6th one I playe...wait...tried to play. Congrats...this one has my vote so far.

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    I guess the author achieved the goal of the contest then, right?

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    Registered: Dec 2001
    Location: Southern Tier NY, USA
    Oh yea....big time. LOL

    Truely terrible. Just terrible.

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    This mission thing is wacky, but I kinda liked it! It gave me a chuckle!

    Talk about Magic Mushrooms!

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    Yeah, I almost want to kill the author after playing this mission, I could not for the life of my kill that guard, the wacky thing.

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    This guard it is necessary to use in mission RotB part 2 by GORT

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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
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    That one was epic !
    I wonder how the author managed to screw the AI movements, freakin horrible...

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    i'm wondering about what kind of drug the author used... thae winner ?

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    Registered: May 2005
    This one is clever: a broken AI which zips all over the place. At around 3 minutes, depending on how many lucky sword hits you get it, it is also one of the shortest missions in the contest.

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