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Thread: Plot device or glitch?

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    Plot device or glitch?

    I keep getting this message when playing that I have stolen from the Thieve's Guild and must go and see some bloke who's name escapes me. Immediatley after I get an almost identical message regarding the Mage's Guild. I'm sure I've pinched nothing from either. If I go back to an earlier save it disappears for a while to turn up again days later. Is it a plot device? If so it's one of the most annoying I've come across.

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    I think its a glitch, because i have never encountered this before, having completed all guilds, on diffrient characters, but also on a single one (he is level 35... uhm sorry, i just cant help mentioning it ), and i quess that there arent any real plotlines outside the guilds

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    It's a glitch. I've seen one or two mods over at PlanetElderscrolls that attempt to fix it, but that won't help if you're playing on a 360.

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    I should have mentioned that I'm playing on PC. I'll grab the mod and see if that helps. Thanks!

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