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Thread: The Living City

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    The Living City

    I can't find any posts on this TG FM. Stuck at the bottom of a ladder. How do you get to the other side of the wall?


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    I haven't played this one for many years so I'm a bit foggy on it. Can you please be more specific about what ladder and where it is in the mission?

    Edit: I just replayed it and the only ladder I can find is the one that leads to the church grounds. As far as I know there shouldn't be any way to get into that area except by opening the wall and climbing the ladder. Did you find some way to open the gate into the church grounds?
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    This was an early-era FM, largely/mostly unfinished. That's according to KOMAG's site anyway.
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    Thanks Nightwalker, but I think I'll take Metal Dawn's advice and move on to a better FM. Reminds me of the days when people were churning out DooM levels that sucked harder than Richard Simmons at a sailor's convention.


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    I remember this mission QUITE well...
    Though I did like how the place was being laid out, the only thing 'living' in this city is the bug that makes the AI go bananas whenever you do a damned thing. I wish someone could someday go and 'fix' the old levels made when everyone was still learning Dromed... but that's a stupid dream alrighty, what with the stuff that's being released nowadays -
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    Hey look, there's a mission in this bug!

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    where can i find the hand of glory ?

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    fortuni's walkthrough for this mission (from 1999) says: "In the house at the top of the steps, by the 2 guards, pull the lever under the table to open a secret compartment in the floor."

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