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Thread: Better Quality Screenshots & Concept Art

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    Better Quality Screenshots & Concept Art

    Today I was the proud recipient of a ton of BioShock screenshots and concept art. We've seen it all before, but this time it is in a much higher resolution, better quality and comes without pesky watermarks!
    It's fantastic stuff!

    BioShock Concept Art

    I've also added a couple of screenshots and pieces of concept art that I had initially missed.

    And just for you forumers I have the following image in super-high resolution. Just click it to see the full size version. Enjoy!

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    The image of the flooded restroom is waaay oversized on the webpage.

    EDIT: Thanks for the images!

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    Irrational must like you/us.

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    Sadly they were not from Irrational or 2K, but our own forum member, Drat.

    I've made a request to 2K to see if we can get on the PR mailout so that we get screenshots at the same time as other sites so that we don't have to go hunting round other sites for small, overcompressed images covered in watermarks.
    Our site doesn't carry any adverts and I'd like our screenshot/concept art archive to be clean too.

    However if anyone from Irrational is reading and feels like pulling some strings that would be most appreciated

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    Would love to see some more high rez concept art here

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    Yeah, especially those brochures...I hope they get included with the game as a fold out.

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    A brochure with ads from the period, maybe a map of Rapture would so rule . . . .

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    I rarely buy special editions of games etc. (never been a fan of walking round with 'Valve' on my shirt etc) but some kind of 'vistiors guide to rapture' pamphlet in wonderful art deco would be fantastic.

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