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Thread: Engage nerd frenzy: HBO does Ice and fire

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    Thank fuck I made dessert. I ate it after because I was so salty from the disappointment.

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    I thought the finale was alright, though a bit boring towards the end.

    Daenerys died like a character in a stage production though. I nearly laughed at that bit. She died within a second of being stabbed. Not exactly fitting for her character IMO. They could at least could have had her go down in a fight.

    With the "A Song of Ice and Fire" bit, were they poking fun at all the people complaining about the final season?

    Have to say, I was very surprised on who became the new king.

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    I'm about to watched the final episode and I feel like I've already had it spoiled for me because the internet is incapable of shutting the fuck up for even 24 hours.

    I know #1: we should pity Daenerys, for some reason

    and #2: there's a grand council

    So I guess a bunch of the remaining good guys team up and defeat Daenerys and then form a grand council to rule Westeros?

    edit: yeah, pretty much. I don't mind tho. I liked it! Overall I enjoyed this final season, which I'm well aware is the wrong opinion to have on the internet, but whatevs.
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    I uh... Well mixed and shifting emotions.

    Ok, I can live with this start...
    Potential greatness?
    Hmm ... ok well I can live with this at least...
    I guess...
    Well this is kind of stupid...
    I guess I can live with this.
    Some of these last scenes are quite good.
    I mean I guess it's effectively over now.
    And I'll have to live with this.
    You're not making it easy...
    Well now it's just a glorified montage.
    Alright. So it goes.
    Cheers everybody and thanks for the fish.

    This was probably the weakest season all & all, but the actual outcome for most things was more or less fitting and I can't complain. There's this trend of re-cutting these final episodes. I think someone even posted an example in this thread. There's enough material in this season for a really good cut that wraps everything up I think. The story is all there more or less, and like I said, some of the scenes were done very well. I'm thinking if I ever do a marathon re-watch of all of this, I can look forward to it if I knew I could finish off with a good recut of this last season. So that's something.

    Edit: I guess I can venture some opinions.
    Does it make sense to have a king whose own house isn't part of the kingdom? I don't know how that's going to work out. Also Bran has been effectively absent this whole season. For that matter he's still absent even as king. What does he have, like 4 lines as the central character in the whole show now, and even those are still cryptic and I'm not sure particularly practical.... (Also it was suspiciously easy for all the lords to just agree on a king. Couldn't they have just done that from the start & saved everybody a lot of trouble? It's the loyalty of the armies that mattered up unti now, and that was kind of handwaved away here.)

    All that said, I like the idea of each living Stark child getting the ending that basically fits them.

    I liked the treatment of Jamie this season, and his write up in the annals was a nice epitaph for what turned out to be the most compelling character. Tyrion, who had been the most compelling character basically until he joined Dany, was a shadow of what he's been.

    I noticed it ended in the same place that it started, in the grove north of the wall. And of course with Jon, who is the beating heart of the show. I don't think he got exactly the treatment he deserved these last few episodes. But what actually happened for him all seems more or less fitting. It's a weird ending since it's not really clear what anything means now... There's no great existential threat or grand fate... Just lots of snow and time to think left now.
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    One surprising thing is how now slowly stories come out of how many of the actors and actresses were very disappointed with the story arc of their characters. Some of them have even complained with Dave and Dan. Or tried to discuss it. The story we hear from all these people seems to be constant: Dave and Dan listened to them, and then told them politely to fuck off. It seems everybody was aware this season was gonna be one big clusterfuck. Except Dave and Dan themselves.

    Wouldn't it be fun if Disney would tell them: "We've reconsidered, and we don't want to you to do Star Wars any more. Here's some money, and now fuck off". And then they never get another job in the industry anymore. Unlikely to happen, because I am sure there are some greedy bastards somewhere who think those two bastards can make them some money, regardless of the quality of their product.

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    In all fairness, I'm sure if the roles were reversed, it wouldn't be much different. In other words, if the showrunners constantly came up to some of the actors and told them they weren't acting out the script well, I'm sure the actors wouldn't be too pleased. No one wants to be told they aren't doing their job properly.

    Despite what dema said though, I thought the biggest disappointment this season was Jamie. I'm wondering what was the whole point of his "redemption" arc was, something that's been building for several seasons, and then ended with a huge flop. Sure, he killed a few wights, and slept with Brianne (after getting wasted), but so what. It all meant nothing in the end when he went crawling back to Cersei.

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    So you were wondering what the reason was ?
    More people wonder. (Warning: spoilers inside the tweet).

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    Benioff wrote Wolverine Origins and Troy. 'Nuff said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    I liked it! Overall I enjoyed this final season, which I'm well aware is the wrong opinion to have on the internet, but whatevs.
    I did too.

    It was the most GoT ending ever. It disappointed so many people, it did what it did. That was great, just like killing off Ned Stark in the first season was a big shock, and then the Red Wedding and so on.

    Does it matter how many lines a character had???

    Bran is the most powerful person alive at this point, so Sanza being Queen of The North and him not having a house is important exactly how?


    *Not directed at anyone here btw, just my feelings about the general whining all over the internet.

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    There's nothing worse than when people whine about the "whiners." Should everyone just nod their heads in unison and say "great show, brilliant!," no matter what?

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    The whining isn't about the outcomes anyway. It's that the writing turned into schlock and events were rushed so fast that there wasn't any build up to make the pay off feel satisfying.
    The actual outcomes for everything were more or less fine. I was okay with them at least.
    It was their handling that's getting panned... in significant contrast to Ned's death & the Red Wedding, and other things like that in the early seasons which, while shocking, were all masterfully written and handled.

    Oh also, I don't know where you're getting "masturbatory build up" either. I'm not a fan of pointless filler either, which actually this seasons had quite a bit of even with cutting so much out.
    But they pretty much put to bed 2 plot arcs built up over the last 7 seasons in 2 episodes with hardly a breath in between, and then introduced an entirely new plot arc and wrapped it up in the last episode as if it were a season unto itself. That's lame. It's not like it needed mountains of build up, but it needed something more than "Dany hears the bells and suddenly she's a completely different character" or pick any other character that was suddenly a different person out of nowhere or world-changing events consisting of 10,000s of people & 10,000s of miles & a decade of back-story wrapped up in 10 minutes of blurry action that's too dark to see what's happening anyway and maybe a lame dialogue or two that's so hamfisted you could squeeze it and the bacon grease would drip out.

    I mean there's no accounting for taste. People are free to have their own opinions. But the take SE is giving is I think a minority opinion.
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    The ending defied the traditional form of the hero's journey (where they win and all is right with the world, until next time).

    What we got was something closer to reality, that tyrants start as saviors, then become the evil they claim to be fighting, that humanity is seemingly defenseless against crazy people in power and that after the flames die down, we muddle on in the new reality.

    I am glad that a few good characters survived.

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    The first half of that was quite good until it went comedic.

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    I'll give it bonus points for using a Strong Bad reference.

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