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Thread: Engage nerd frenzy: HBO does Ice and fire

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    Ahahahah you crotchety bastards are still some of my favorite internet people don't ever change <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renzatic View Post
    Shut up, 2-bars. Katanas ain't shit compared to my big ass highlander style broadsword.
    Ohgod I actually have two of them because just having one pisses off the person you are poking with it. I need to nerd rehab.

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    That's what I'm saying, Tocky. Friends with all their fingers ain't friends.

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    Society 4 Creative Anachronism 4 life.

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    Super-nerdy but I have a script-link for the pilot, if anyone's keen to see it let me know.

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    Is it going to watchable on the internet / UK when its released? I'd pay small money (<2) to watch the episode, but if I can't get it legally I guess I'll torrent it / wait for the DVD.

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    (This post contains semi-spoilers)

    First 14 minutes are online. Caution: it paused to re-buffer about every 20-30 seconds when I watched it, so do not attempt to watch unless you are possessed of superhuman patience. Even better, it doesn't continue to download in the background if you pause it, so you will need to be forgiving of incredibly bad website architecture as well. Oh, and you should have your hand on the volume control because the sound designer apparently just learned about DYNAMIC RANGE ZOMG111 and just had to share his newfound knowledge with the world.


    On to the content:
    • the wall looked more like a glacial formation than the handiwork of man, but it was pretty imposing
    • the watch dudes weren't as scummy or arrogant as I remember
    • the cinematographer really went with the gray and dreary 'dark age of grimdark' theme
    • Sean Bean is not aging well
    • the greatsword of House Stark looks like something from a jrpg

    That's really all there was to the clip. If you're a fan of the series you'll probably squee at its fidelity to the material but what I saw felt uninspired and listless.
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    You mean this wall?

    I'm not a fan of the whole 'watch the first lil bit' gimmick, I've been re-reading the books and I just know that HBO won't fuck this up. I'd rather wait and catch something as a whole, but nice preview. I don't like all the changes they made from the book adaption but so far it seems promising out of the rest of the tv offerings and repeats.

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    Good write-up in the NYTimes today.

    One week to premier. Catch the fever.

    Edit: quotes

    Though the writers were initially put off by the heft of the novels (which run about 800 pages each), they were won over by characters like Eddard Stark, a lord torn between loyalty to his family and his loutish king, and Tyrion Lannister, a high-born dwarf with a fondness for brothels.

    Mr. Benioff, who described himself as a lapsed fantasy reader, said he had become tired of a field crowded with J. R. R. Tolkien rip-offs. “Whenever you have the epic conflict of good and evil,” he said, “it becomes the most predictable story line ever, because we all know who’s going to win.”

    But Mr. Martin’s novels, he said, were “adult fantasy, and not in the ‘Heavy Metal,’ giant-breasted Valkyrie way.”

    Mr. Weiss added: “Nobody’s doing something because they’re evil or they’re good. Everybody’s doing something because they’re following their own very realistic and complex self-interests.”

    Recognizing that the novels couldn’t be condensed into films, Mr. Benioff and Mr. Weiss sought to adapt them as a television series for HBO, but had to pass several trials along the way. The first was winning over Mr. Martin in a lunchtime meeting that was mostly collegial, but where Mr. Weiss and Mr. Benioff were quizzed about the parents of Jon Snow, a “Game of Thrones” character of mysterious lineage. (“We had a whole conversation about it,” Mr. Benioff said, “and George was pleased that we got the answer right.”)

    The network’s new management was also uncertain about “Game of Thrones.” “The books had what I’ll call fantasy elements,” Michael Lombardo, HBO’s president for programming, said. “I will tell you that my initial predisposition was, ‘Uhhhh, is that really HBO?’ Whatever that means.”

    But Mr. Lombardo said his doubts were dispelled by Mr. Benioff and Mr. Weiss’s pilot script. “The story was so captivating,” he said. “I couldn’t wait for the second episode.”
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    On the not so good side:

    Quote Originally Posted by NYTimes
    Mr. Benioff broadly acknowledged that “there were a number of things” in the pilot episode “that were going to be unintentionally confusing to an audience,” but declined to discuss why some key roles were recast before the reshoots.
    And from an ordinary TV viewer:

    Quote Originally Posted by in the link
    ...while the series does have lots of grownup drama, much of it lurid and some very sinister – incest and a plot to kill a small child among them – the entire project has a heart of geek that never lets the rest of us in...

    I haven’t read the novels, so I can definitively say this: don’t let anyone tell you the series isn’t confusing. It takes a couple of episodes before you can begin to sort out who’s who, never mind why they’re waving swords at each other.
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    The Alchemist
    PREMIERS TONIGHT. I watched some of the trailers and it looks hella well done.

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    I did not realise this was apparently filmed in Northern Ireland!

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    Here we go!

    Edit: Pretty badass. Captured everything as I remember it.
    Art direction is fantastic.
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    AV Club review - mostly positive, though a bit of a feeling that non-readers may be lost in the wave of characters, and some reservations about the amount of female nudity which was always going to be an issue because
    a) lol, fat beared man writes semi-fantasy what's going to happen
    b) it's HBO, boobs are mandatory for all new series to get viewers (apparently)

    I'm thinking I'll hold off until the season has run its course.

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    I read it and still had trouble keeping up just because it has to condense quite a bit into the time. That said, I found they did a really good job of condensing the right stuff and capturing entire scenes and dynamics with the right dialog and transitions. But it's good they played it 2 times... It helps a *lot* to re-watch an episode to pick up the little dialog pieces after you know the general trend.

    And just structurally speaking, they do give enough info that even if you knew nothing, you'd get that there's the fat king and these three families around, each with their own general thread, and then the mini-threads internally by its members that aren't too bad because they just connect to their general thread. So once you know the family & the general threads, the mini-threads fall into place and you have the skeleton of the whole thing. In that respect, it's like Twin Peaks, or maybe The Wire... If you keep rewatching them, you pick up on what's going on because it's written for all the pieces to fit together into the big dynamics, which is all you really need. So that's why I think it's going to work on the whole as a good show. But even if you don't want to put in that kind of investment, it *looks* good, and it's written to be entertaining just scene to scene as it is without knowing all the threads. (In that way it's like The Wire).

    As for the tits, yeah, I'm a big fan but still they were getting gratuitous, which works against the need to re-watch it ... It's just that much longer you have to keep your nephew from running in, or more fluff you have to sit through again to get back to the quotes you want to pick up for the story. But it's a mature fantasy that doesn't pull punches, so ... it does help set the tone it's going for and like you say, you can hardly say it's not par for the course.
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    Thanks to one of HBO's "free trials" I watched it, and am ambivalent about it. If you're just interested in the "what happens and who gets hosed because of it" core of the story then they did a good job. OTOH they've condensed things way too much for my taste, and you hardly get any sense at all of the characters involved. Quick, broad strokes rather than careful detailing. Although they did manage to portray Tyrion fairly well.

    Other thoughts:
    • I really like the opening credits.
    • The actress playing Daenerys sucks. It's not Sofia Coppola levels of badness, she's just wooden. Pretty though.
    • The guys from the Night's Watch are way too well groomed and hygienic.
    • I absolutely hate the fact that I need to keep riding the volume control. Otherwise I either end up being blasted or not understanding what's being said. The British accents aren't helping any there either. If I hadn't read the books already I'd think that Arya's name was "Eyuh".
    • Dragon eggs have scales! Laying them must hurt like a bitch.

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    Ahhh. At last an epic hack n slasher done on a proper budget. So far nothing to rolleyes at (which always takes me out of any series) and lots to like. So far - I like.

    Peeper - the Daenerys character seems somewhat... tortured and she appeared perpetually terrified to me so unless the character in the book is vastly different I thought she did a good job. Yes, she's pretty, but she's also kind of freaky and not in a freak-like-me way.

    I look forward to the next one.

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    Having cut out cable to opt instead for Internet TV and streaming Hulu and Netflix content, I was hoping to buy the episode on iTunes and watch it via Apple TV. Alas, I don't see it in iTunes. Anyone know if this series will hit iTunes anytime soon? I thought they generally released them just after they aired.
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    I hear you can sometimes find tv shows on the internets. At least that's what Shug thinks and he's totally legit.

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    That's how I found Gilligan's Island.

    True story.

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    Man, if we could watch tv shows off the internet, I could get on my computer and watch tv all day long! All I'd need is an electric outlet and a wireless signal and BAM ... t.v. at any time of the day. That'd really be something.

    OTOH they've condensed things way too much for my taste, and you hardly get any sense at all of the characters involved. Quick, broad strokes rather than careful detailing.
    That's hard to reconcile with the biggest criticism being too many strands as it is, though.

    I thought they went an okay way with it, given that I don't know they could have made it into a show at all without cutting that much. And even if you question how much they condensed, I think one has to admit they picked the right material to really crystallize it.

    Also even cutting as much as they did they only got 80 pages into an 800 page book that was mostly exposition. If they lingered more on each scene, it'd take foreeeever to get on with it. That isn't to say I don't sympathize with your point, since I'd liked to have seen them linger on a lot of the scenes too, but I see it as the nature of the beast they're taming, and they're doing it as well as I could hope for.

    The actress playing Daenerys sucks. It's not Sofia Coppola levels of badness, she's just wooden. Pretty though.
    In the book she's practically in shell-shock through all of that, so I think they captured what they were going for, like it's all going on around her and she's just observing it, spaced out.

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    I want to read the books (never have, but I've heard a lot about'em), but so far, I loved the pilot.

    Also, for those peeps wanting to see series/movies free and online I have a nice page, it's in Spanish (the menus and such), but the content itself is in English (dunno if it's against the forum's rules, so PM for the link).

    Also....that probably cut your mom's tits from here thru the weekend....shit.

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    Managed to catch the first episode... in terms of plot and story, it is fun to watch. The sex is stupid, however. It has the same feel of a boob cruise where they want to rub it in your face. Don't get me wrong... that can be good when that is what you are going for.

    The books have the sex, sure, but the first episode seem to emphasize sex over substance... very annoying. I'm trying to hook my wife into this... she hasn't read the books as I have, and she thought the sex was mostly obnoxious and distracting. The only real scene that needed to be in there was the most shocking one, of course, at the end.

    How does the second episode stack up to the first?

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    The second episode is less well contained but then it's not an introduction so that's fine. It has some slightly odd focus that for the sake of the show I hope makes sense later on. The webs are being further spun and some petty power play is coming out. I can see that there are a lot of unlikeable characters already and lots that will do unreasonable/bastard things in order to appease others/keep face.

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    I haven't read the books or anything by Martin and quite liked the first 2 episodes. A bit weak in places, like the whole laughable Dothraki storyline (so far), but still entertaining. I take it this will be much more about politics than standard fantasy stuff, right?

    Now if only they made The Malazan Book of the Fallen as well. That would be something!

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