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Thread: Let's Play Trespasser! [56k gets caught by raptors]

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    Let's Play Trespasser! [56k gets caught by raptors]

    So yeah, this game may have horrible issues, but fuck that. I love SA's Let's Play threads and figured I'd try and pull something like this here. With a game that has nigh-infinite potential for hilarity.

    Trespasser was a very, very ambitious game for its day, and forced many computers back then to their knees. First off, the levels are huge. Then there's the physics environments - two words: seesaw puzzles. Hello, Half-Life 2. Next thing is, this game has realtime bumpmapped water. You know, not unlike the one in Morrowind, only not quite as reflective. On top of that, there's ragdolls, and, as far as I know (this may be bullshit, but I'm fairly sure I read it on one of the major TP community sites), the animation system goes beyond even the modern skeletal animation and basically uses AI-controlled ragdolls for its animations.

    All of this in 1998. Nine goddamned years ago.

    I've only played a bit of this game so far, and thought it was both utterly awesome and hilarious at the same time. So, to kick this whole thing off, I present you... Let's Play Trespasser, Episode 1!

    Right after the ad break.
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    So Trespasser is a Jurassic Park licensed game. You all know what that means. T-Rexes, HELL YES.

    In Trespasser, you play a wholesome young woman called Anne who--oh hi

    Introducing the health meter. No, seriously. Always gotta keep an eye on that health meter, guys (note: this line never works in bars)

    Also, upon arrival here, Anne mumbles to herself "A foundation, maybe..." Yeah. That makes sense, what with the crates and barrels everywhere, even ON TOP OF THESE PILLARS.

    SUPER HAPPY YOUTUBE FUN TIME: In spite of what we've seen so far, Anne also has a hand, which can be controlled by moving the mouse while holding one of three (!) different modifiers. It is also a Stretchy Bendy Hand Of Doom. You'll see.


    yes sir

    SUPER HAPPY YOUTUBE FUN TIME: The 2x4 in action.
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    But wait... wasn't there...

    Well, shit.

    As it turns out, trying to violently lift the thing in the air with one hand might not have been such a good idea either. If you grab it just right, it's actually quite possible to have both ends of the girder permanently off the ground - however, the thing is still excessively cumbersome and too heavy to swing.


    Which puts us at the first point of decision making. Master ChiAnne can carry up to two weapons at the same time, but no additional ammo - and we now have a grand choice of:

    A shotgun (eight shots), a pistol (eight shots), two revolvers (six each, more than enough to kill anything that moves), and the glorious 2x4 and baseball bat. For the sake of my sanity, I don't plan on backtracking every time I run out of ammo, so I'm leaving the choice of what firepower to pack up to you. Two weapons, giving a maximum of sixteen bullets.

    I'm actually not quite sure whether the baseball bat counts as a weapon or as a game object - the 2x4 is an object. The difference is that Anne can stow one weapon away at her belt or back, which doesn't work with game objects. As such, taking the 2x4 along would mean having to drop it every time the need for the alternate weapon arises. On the other hand, that might be quicker than holstering the regular weapon and unholstering the other one.

    [edit] Also, I should note that even if a gun is empty you can still swing it about and use it as an improvised club, so it's not quite "empty clip, throw away". [/edit]

    Your pick.

    BONUS: You could've just taken your foot off the plank, girl.
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    you forgot realtime (per-texel) shadows and specular highlights, and not only the water was bump mapped, models were(/could be) too.

    Definately was ahead of its time.

    Despite the flaws and missed design goals, it's one of my favorite games.

    yeah, I'm a weirdo

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    I remember playing the demo years ago. IIRC, you play a female character with huge boobies and a tattoo!
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    Make no mistake: Trespasser, in spite of being horribly broken, glitchy, not nearly what it was originally intended to become, and having mind-bogglingly silly controls, is a brilliant game. There is one major fan patch that fixes most of the utterly horrible bugs (not nearly all of them, and much of the glitchiness remains, but it makes it a lot more bearable - and actually it's the only way I can play this game on my computer; the regular fully patched retail version just crashes).

    The sound engine as well as AI behavior extraordinarily good and complex, and just about everything else about it was revolutionary in its day and is sometimes considered revolutionary in newer games. I would take another more obvious swipe at Half-Life 2 here, but I really need to get my ass into bed so I can brave the British weather and drag myself to work tomorrow morning for one last time this week.

    Plus I think everyone's getting tired of me hating on HL2's critical reception

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    Trespasser is awesome. Sure there are lots of bugs and general weirdness to contend with, but the developers set their sights so damned high that the end result was really impressive, even as a 'failure'.

    Give it a proper chance, and you'll be amazed.

    TresCom is the impressively-active home for all modern Trespasser developments, and the various contributors have worked some absolute miracles with the game (for which the source code was never made available, remember). A direct link to ATX is particularly in order.
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    I remember picking up this game from some computer store shelf back when it was new...I hadn't really heard any of the hype, but for some weird-ass reason it caught my interest. I don't hate it, but I don't love it to the degree that I do other games like System Shock 2 and Star Control 2/UQM.

    Nostalgia aside, this game was indeed well ahead of its time technically. A few highlights:

    -This game had fairly realistic physics long before anyone heard of Half-Life 2. However, unlike that game, there was no Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator or other similar device to show off the physics in a rather fun way.

    -The animation system is heavily inverse kinematics-based. As a result, animations don't look canned, but the dinos move as if they were drunk. I'm sure that this type of animation with a little refinement would improve the graphical quality of a game far more than things like normal mapping and HDR would IMO. (Let's face it, even titles like Crysis that are known for their graphics have characters that don't quite move convincingly. Major immersion breaker if you ask me.)

    -There's a "Real-Time Foley" system that makes the sounds of two colliding objects on-the-fly based on speed, mass, and other factors. I don't think any other game engine can boast such a feature.

    There's probably more to it than that, but those are the major features. It's a shame that the engine is a buggy, unoptimized mess, though; I hear that hardware 3D acceleration was tacked-on and prevented the bump-mapping from working properly. Also, on a AXP 1800+ machine with 512 MB of DDR-266 and a 9600 XT, I can't set the LoD too far with the ATX-patched version of the game without getting slideshow framerates. Not good considering that I've played better-looking games(well, except for animation)that ran faster!

    Another complaint is how Anne can't point a gun fairly straight when moving her arm. The two-handed weapons like rifles and shotguns, I can understand, but a small revolver? I don't think her hand should be lagging that much.

    Overall, though, it's an interesting enough experience that I don't see myself giving up the CD anytime soon. (Now if I just had my System Shock 2 and Magic Carpet 2 CDs with me as well...but that's not on-topic...)

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    I get the feeling that taking the baseball bat would be akin to suicide... not unless it has its own attack animation, rather than having to swing it physically?

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    It does. If you're carrying anything that's not a loaded gun, you can just swing it by pressing the fire key unless it's too heavy and cumbersome to do so. I believe that different objects even do different amounts of damage that way, although I may be mistaken. However, you can basically use anything that isn't excessively big or heavy as a weapon, either by swinging or throwing it.

    And suicidal behavior is what this is all about.

    Let me reiterate:
    A shotgun (eight shots), a pistol (eight shots), two revolvers (six each, more than enough to kill anything that moves), and the glorious 2x4 and baseball bat. For the sake of my sanity, I don't plan on backtracking every time I run out of ammo, so I'm leaving the choice of what firepower to pack up to you.
    Suggest two weapons to take, and I'll take them. IF I end up in a situation that I don't feel I can do with my current weaponry, I can still backtrack (not beyond the first level border though) and grab some more firepower. Or just run like the sissy girl I am and hope I come across some other dinos that the raptors will consider more tasty than me

    (update to come some time tonight after work or tomorrow if I take a long time to play for an update)

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    I would never consider entering a jungle without a revolver and a baseball bat.

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    As for the "Real-time-foley", well, it depends on what the other factors are.

    DX:IW, TDS and HL2/Source do that to a degree, by having big look-up tables of "This material plays this sound when ______", then mixing the two together on impact and adjusting the relative volumes and things, so the wooden crates scrape down the concrete wall and sound kind of like scraping a wooden crate down a concrete wall.

    But a revolver and a baseball bat is very "me". I'd rather a more modern pistol and a crowbar, but it's in the right direction.

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    This thread is funny.. I never knew so much about Trespasser.

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    The first raptor you meet I demand that you make a YouTube video of your attempt to whack it to death with either the bat or the 2x4. Hilarity shall ensue.

    Also, why are you thumbnailing all your images? They're within forum regulations, and you did post the 56k warning.

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    outrider take both revolvers


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    "About half a clip left..."

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    Okay, two votes for revolver/baseball bat combo so far, and one for dual revolvers. Any others? I'll continue play once I've recovered from the DIY store run, so you still have half an hour to an hour or so.

    As for the thumbnailing, no particular reason really, just did it out of a bizarre urge to be reasonable. Will switch to fullsize for the next post.

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    Concerning weapons, if you ever find a dart rifle with a red dot sight that is colored red, TAKE IT! You probably won't have many shots, but it'll kill anything in one hit. Even a T-Rex. I'm not kidding on that last bit, either, as I've tried just that.

    The white version of the rifle fires tranq darts rather than poison ones, so it just immobilizes the target temporarily. However, that could be enough to get away from a T-Rex or make killing multiple raptors easier. (There's also a blocky-looking tranq pistol that can be found once you get to the village/city/whatever you want to call it that does the same thing in a smaller package.)

    There's also a special revolver in Hammond's building in the village/city/whatever that is reported to pack a surprising punch. I haven't tried it out myself.

    Other than those, I'd suggest carrying weapons with lots of ammo(usually the rifles). They'll probably last you longer if you're a good shot.

    And speaking of bludgeoning raptors, I remember killing some fairly easily with a few whacks to the head with a shotgun barrel and other objects. Takes a bit of practice, though, and you better hope the bastard doesn't knock the thing out of Anne's drunken hand...The best area to go for is probably the mouth, as the collision detection will go haywire and an enormous amount of blood will spout from the raptor's maw, signifying MASSIVE DAMAGE.

    Oh, and you can also use guns as melee weapons too by holding down the fire button when you run out of ammo, if you're wondering how I beat raptors with shotguns.

    (I should probably re-install this game right now.)

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    Episode II: End of the Tutorial

    Okay, I went with the vote and grabbed the baseball bat and one revolver. However I had to find out at the end of the tutorial level that weapons apparently don't carry over between levels, which is a bit shit, but oh well it's too late now.

    One of the more awesome parts about Trespasser's Silly Rubber Arm is that you can do this

    Okay, so after taking a bit of shooting practice with the weapons I didn't take...

    I holstered the revolver and stomped off into the jungle, ready to beat the shit out of some dinosaurs.

    Soon afterwards, there is a SHOCKING MOMENT OF REVELATION as Anne realises where she is. Not caring much because the plane is in a thousand pieces anyway, I wander on, to find...


    However, these are very resilient, spoiling my plans to beat the shit out of them. As a matter of fact, they don't even react to my clobbering away at their shins. Shooting them at least makes them chase me around a bit, but they seem to be completely harmless (and also reluctant to step on me).

    Either way, do you remember when you saw Jurassic Park in the theater back then and those things appeared as the first dinosaurs and it was totally awesome? Yeah, this is a bit like that, only the dinosaurs move a bit more awkwardly.

    I wander on, over a hill, laugh at some more of Anne's incessant emo monologues, when suddenly




    Well that was a bit of an anticlimax. Wuss.

    One of the many times I did this the raptor actually killed itself by biting into my bat. I didn't even swing it, but the raptor jumped at me, slammed its face into the top of the baseball bat because I was holding it in an inconvenient position, and just fell dead to the ground.

    Onward and upward I go, crossing OBLIGATORY PHYSICS OBSTACLE, only to find...

    (to be continued)
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    Also note the same raptor I just killed hiding behind the bush, because I actually played this part about fifteen times to get videos and screenshots.

    AAAAAND on the note of videos, have some footage of my epic battles against the game's two first enemies. As you may be able to see from the video, the movement AI is a bit clumsy, so the raptors in particular lack any kind of coordinated limb movements - or any ability to not fall over anything in their path or even their own legs for that matter, which is actually kind of cute. "Daddy, can I have a clumsy raptor?"

    Also, do note that if a carnivorous dinosaur kills you (or other dinosaurs), it will stick around the corpse and start feeding on it. Which is pretty fucking awesome for a 1998 game.

    Either way, beyond batting the shit out of two raptors for fifteen times, there's not much else to be done than walk up to the unfinished monorail station and use the monorail track to hop over the IMPASSABLE WALL at the end of the tutorial level. No going back from here. Also loss of all currently carried weapons However, there's a pistol conveniently placed in a small cabinet right next to the new level's start, and iron bars all over the place, so I'm unlikely to run out of stuff to beat small packs of clumsy raptors with.

    Actually, wait, let me stop for a little Wii Sports Golf on the way.

    In other news, my mouse seems to be dying (the left button keeps "sticking"), so unless I can fix this I probably won't be able to sanely update until I get a new one. Will give a status update on this later tonight, or tomorrow some time.

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    Wait a second, are those scales actually glinting?

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    Yes, they are. Bumpmapping (realtime on water surfaces), specular highlights, soft realtime shadows, ragdolls, generally very fancy physics. In 1998. Welcome to Trespasser.

    Now imagine what would have happened if the game hadn't been rushed out the door to coincide with the Lost World launch, but properly polished. And then weep.

    Also, the ATX fan patch sort of fixes the 3D acceleration to the point where most graphics features work even with it enabled (particularly, the bumpmapping works on most surfaces with it).

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    That's what I call BODY AWARENESS, years before the term was actually invented.

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    I can't believe it took me this long to catch on to the OP picture...

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    Are you haunted by John Hammond's ghost or are those godly voices supposed to come out of speakers in the park?

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