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Thread: You hear the gasp of death

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    You hear the gasp of death

    I got that message just after I dismounted Blossom (who was at or near full health) on the road not much NE of Chorrol. The road guards had just killed a couple of bandits/outlaws which is nothing unusual (I was about to loot the bodies ).

    Is this some kind of special event (I couldn't find anything with google or searching these forums)?

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    Nothing I know of, I would guess it would be part of one of the plugins you have activated.

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    I noticed that when I killed a Necromancer with the Silgrad Tower mod, I also "hear the gasp of death" There were lots of zombies in that place...

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    Hey, I know this thread is over 3 years old, but it was the first search result on google, so maybe someone else will find this and find my answer useful...

    "You hear the gasp of death" is a message that is displayed for certain types of NPCs added by Martigen's Monster Mod. "Bad" NPCs have a chance to feign death, and this message is related to that. I'm not sure if it's displayed when the NPC fakes his death, or when he dies for real, though. I think it shows if he's faked his death already, and then dies for real.

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