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Thread: Q&A+ Wallpapers

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    Q&A+ Wallpapers

    Whole mess o' stuff today. What beauteous bounty.

    Next in game video in coming weeks!

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    more wallpapers, and higher resolutions, will also be coming.

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    Thanks! It's great that the in-game video is finally being released.

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    Good to see that Bx won't be a 'heavy cut scene type of game'. Here's hoping the exact number of cut scenes is zero.

    To whoever asked 'Will the player feel real-time side effects to plasmids, such as nausea, blindness, even death if overused?': SiN: Episode 1 had the player suffer from Mutagen over-exposure, and believe me, it's a really, really, bad idea.
    Did I say really?

    The number of level loads will be 'like less than 20 minimum'. Pardon?

    The wallpapers are cool. Any change of get a dual screen version of the BD one?

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    I think there's going to be an intro cut scene / video of some sort, but other than that the only cut scene I want there to be is for the ending.

    Any chance we will get 1280x1024 wallpapers?

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    i like the idea of having no intro cutscene, just straight to the plane crash. i think a cut scene of going down in the bathysphere would be okay, and yes one at the end. other than that i wouldn't like cutscenes.
    in the enter rapture section where the camera zooms through the locations, thats exactly the kind of cutscene i dont want to see

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    That was exactly my pet peeve with metroid prime. "Wow, lets go into a cutscene for every new thing in the environment."

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    My question was answered,somewhat vaguely,but still I got a answer all the same !! (DX10)

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