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Thread: BioShock release date: August 21

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    BioShock release date: August 21

    New update on cultofrapture. I guess it's a good thing that if they weren't going to hit June, they didn't keep up pretenses that they were. I'm not particularly affected by the two month push back, because the timing will be such that I'll have more time in the holidays to get my upgrade rig together, and the game will be out around the time I get back to college.

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    The headline says it all: BioShock's street date is August 21st. That's a Tuesday, for all you who might be planning your "sick" days in advance.

    Let the countdown begin!

    I predict that phrase wearing out it's welcome fairly soon
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    We demand a link! If this is true then damn Irrational games!

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    Maybe I'll find it in my Christmas stocking
    Have they reached content lock?

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    Time to change my vacation schedule.

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    Goddamnit, I was hoping to play BioShock when I was NOT in college or at work (ie over the SUMMER, starting in May/June) over my vacation.


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    noooooooooooooo they cancelled junemas

    Or something like that. I don't really mind, it's two more months to get the game polished. Best of luck to the IG guys, hope it's not two more months of solid crunchy crunch.

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    just in time for my birthday he he he

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    Oh no, i feel dizzy, my stomach feels all funny

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    i never acutally believed that it's going to come out in June.
    i even don't believe in the August Date.
    i think it will be pushed back again to Halloween.

    well, all of that is not so important than the fact that they are WILLING
    to push a release date back to deliver a better gaming experience
    (or whatever their reasons are) and this gives me hope in the publisher
    and devs being extra careful to deliver on their many promises !!!!

    good news indeed

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    I suspect this decision affects 2K's plans for the marketing campaign quite a bit as well. Either they'll spread out the stuff they were planning to release or we'll be getting more features over the coming months.

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    Bit of a shame but heyho. Just means I'll be able to play during a period where I'm not moving house/etc

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    Shit, my girlfriend was going to buy me the game then go on holiday in june.
    So while shes getting all biological with strangers on some island paradise , im stuck with spiderman 3 or something

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    If it means a better game, then I don't mind delays. It's just two months anyways.

    After waiting for Duke Nukem Forever or Daikatana, this seems like nothing.

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    I won't cry about this delay because I believe it's a good thing for a game like this one to be more polished. But it's a little sad... Ken, make my smile back : give us the "hunt ing the big daddy" video now, please !

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    Surprised? I said it back in December that I don't believe they'll make it in 6 months. Nothing worth sweating.

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    Boo! But on the other hand if it avoids DX2-style retardation, yay!

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    I will wait any reasonable length of delay time for this game without complaint.

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    Thank god it's getting pushed back, I was under the impression it was getting hurried, I want a game experience I'll remember forever, and those two months will be as nothing comparitively

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    i hate delays, I truly, absolutely hate them!!

    that said, i think bioshock is a game that should be played in any season but summer or spring. Fall and winter fit the game´s mood much better in my opinion. Not that that makes me any happier about the delay!

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    Damn delays... But if the game will be better, so be it.

    But I don't understand why are some of you saying it was likely to happen. Everything seemed to be going well, even the early E3 demo was looking great. IG should give a reason for this delay.

    Anyway, if they'll release the Big Daddy Huint video today or tomorrow, I'll feel a bit better.

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    IG really don't need to give us any reasons.

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    Two months is nothing! You wouldn't even think about complaining if that were the date they originally set. They can delay it another year for all I care, as long as I get a finished product then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew View Post
    IG really don't need to give us any reasons.
    They don't have to but it would be nice.

    And I've just seen on CVG, the UK release date is August 24.

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